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  1. 1. fugister Ab : 6s4taa/Aprtt zotz ' 654744/Aprit 2Ol7 dsataa/Sprit 2073 ?dx ' ryfh or*r,i rd €e,cdg mr6o:eerccocer FACULTY OF COMMERCE Ifie Senatu of tfu, llruioersity of rvrafa fiereby ffinLes kaootn tfiat uaais, A. fins 6een a[mitte[ to tfu Degree of tsacfiet* of Contmerce, fu finairug 6eeru certifie[ 6y doty appointe[ eryaminers to 6e quatifte[ to receioe tfii same, an[ fiorin7 6eeru 6y tfiim pfaced oftu, passing tfu prwci6e[ erytminations, iru tfu Third. Cfass in (Partt - Engfisfi, in tfu Third C[ass in tParttt - Mo[ern Language ( nindl ) an[in tfu rn*a Cfass in lPart III - (witfi Toxoltiom Law and, Accounts as Optioruaf Subject) at tfu. Eaaminations fie[din Apri| 2072 , Aprtt 2077 dmd. Aprit 20 1 3 respectioefy. ..,,-. .'. Qiaenuru[er tfu of tfu'UnioersiLty 'Unioersity Ruifdings llftiruoanantfiapuram foforcfi 03, 2074 0 31718I
  2. 2. Q=o8 N.SUNILKUMAR Additionai Secretary to !9yc^rlr ment & Authetrtication Officer - " c"nerrt?i;;;ti;" Deot' Govt' of Kerala Certificate Atrtncrriication Cerrtrc Tlriruv ananthaPu ram Jjr 245^ i 9 :eutirt TIo No. Oate 1trq rrcrr * eEqzqqr qEqzsc 5frq7qq1 FIIIFI frrQ+ qflt The Slgnatur of Secretary/Addtlonal . {t.{l.(t. EqFr,/cr.v. oMslrr .llriar q{r<rq, -r{ FrE<fr ,ebaty of Extam.l Arfsart lralr, O-ff{ H
  3. 3. r-0$-3279-47620 lD No. A13T03EOO6 Register No. 1 18990116 $,ertrhrate The Kerala State Rural Women's Electronics Industrial Co-operatiue Federation Ltd. hereby makes it knoun that Uuais A has been au,,arded the Profess ional D ip hma in Cornp uterised Finan cia I Acco unting he/she, hauing been cerffied b d"b appointed examiners to be quaffied to receiue the same, and hauing been by them placed in the Second Clas at the examinarion held in February 2014 Giuen under the seal of the Federation RUTRtrNIX Sasthamangakm P.O Th iruu an an tb ap ur am - 1 0 Kerak, India. Dated: 24-May-2014 C*? P T Thomas Managing Director ilt ilril]flilItll| lil ililil ll]!
  4. 4. 1301516 JlFl 161 7 438437 GOVERNMENT OF KERALA BOARD OF HIGHER SECONDARY EXAMINATION HIGHER SECONDARY E,XAMINATION (CLAS S XI) No. HSE B 51 44Lg SCORE SHEET This is to certify that Mr/Ms UVAIS'A FIRST YEAR IIIGIIER SECONDARY EXAMINATION ( held in MARCH 2009 The Scores obtained by the candidate are shown below: COMI{ERCE appeared for the GROUP) SECRETARY Board of Higher Secondary Examinations, Government of Kerala. SUBJECTS SCORES CE TE TOTAL Score Obtained Max Score scote Obtained Max Score Obtaincd Score Obtained in Words Max PART I IiNCLISH 20 20 4t 80 61 SIX ONE 100 PART II HINDI l9 20 44 80 63 SIX THREE 100 PART III (Optionals) BUSINESS STUDIES WITH FUNCTIONAL MANAGEMENT 20 20 55 80 75 SEVEN FIVE 100 ACCOTINTANCY WITH COMPUTER ACCOUNTING 20 20 4l 60 6l SIX ONE 80 ECONOMICS 20 20 36 80 56 FIVE SIX t00 COMPUTER APPLICATION 19 20 3s 60 54 FIVB FOUR 80 CE - Contin luation; TE - Terminal Evaluation
  5. 5. No H 17664C GENERAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE (Issued under the Authority of the Government of Kerala) Name of School OUR LADY OF MERCY H S, PUTHUCURICHY P O Admission No. 5599 GOVERNMENT OF KERALA SECONDARY SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION Name: UVAIS.A Register Number z S217SG Month & Year : MAR6H 2oo3No. of Chances : 1 This is to certify that the candidate herein has appeared for the SSLC Examination and secured the following Grades 1. Name 2. Name in Regional Language 3. Sex 4. Date of Birth (in frgures) (in words) 5. Religion and Caste (as per the Admission Register of the School) 6. Place of Birth 7. Nationality 8. Name of Father 9. Name of Mother 10. Name of Guardian lL. Home Address (as specified in the Admission Register of the School at the time of Admission) 12. Identifrcation Marks (D (ii) UVAIS.A o.r;ooorm). "6y MALE 13t0211993 THIRTEENTH FEBRUARY NINETEEN NINETY THREE ISLAM, MUSLIM CHANNANKARA INDIAN ABDUL AZEEZ SHAFEELA ABDUL AZEEZ FATHIMA MANZIL, CHANNANKARA.P.O, THIRTIVANANTHAPURAM. GRADE RANGE A+ 907o md above Outstaoding L SOVo -89?o Excellent B+ 7O7a -197o Very Good (i) Grades are onnine-point scale B 6OVo -69Vo Good C+ 5OVo - 597o AboveAverage C 4OEo -19qo Averagc D+ 3OVo - 397o Maginal D 2O?o -297o Needlmprovement E Below2Olo Needlmprovement A BLACKMOLE ON THE RIGHT EYE. (ii) Minimum Eligibility for higher study is D+ Grade for each Paper Eligible for Higher Studies A Bngish., B+ B Plus :' Hindt B B Only c+ Physics B Chemistfy C+, B.iology B+ B Plus Mathematies: C+ lnformatlon Technology A+ A Plus Don't laminate or put in plastic cover ' n.x. stvANKUrrY i Board of Public Examinations, Kerala

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