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Service tax registration


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Procedure for Registering under Service Tax

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Service tax registration

  1. 1. VISIT WWW.ACES.GOV.IN Select
  2. 2. For Existing Users: Logon by giving required User Name & Password.For New Users: Select
  3. 3. Fill the required information then click on submit button.Give Valid Email ID.
  4. 4. After Clicking on Submit button the following screen will be displayed
  5. 5. Logon by received User ID & Password then the given screen willappear. It is mandatory to change the Password, so change thepassword according to your convenience.
  6. 6. • Select REG Menu.•Then Select Fill ST-1 from drop down list.
  7. 7. Select the Constitution accordingly.
  8. 8. Select the Nature of Registration.1. Single Premises2. Centralised Registration (more than one Premises/offices)
  9. 9. Click on the icon. It will give the list of taxable services(Select theservices provided by the applicant).
  10. 10. After filing the required details click on the NEXT button, the followingscreen will appear. Fill the required details then select the Save &Continue button.
  11. 11. • If all the information is true then Click on the Submit button.• If you want to modify any information then Click on the Modifybutton.
  12. 12. Submit the required documents along with the copy of filed ST-1 withinthe period of 15days from the date of filing of ST-1.
  13. 13. For Acknowledgement Receipt:1. Select REG.2. Then select Print Acknowledgement receipt.3. Take a Print of Acknowledgement Receipt and submit it along with the above mentioned documents to SERVICE TAX OFFICE.