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  1. 1. Personality Development Batch:- J-3 Session:- 2012-13 (Indore) Submitted To: Submitted By: Mrs. Unnati sharma Utsav Shivhare
  2. 2. Acknowledgement I am very thanks Frankfinn Institute & very grateful for the strong support and guidance provided to me by my Personality Development teacher Mrs. UNNATI SHARMA Who helped me in preparing this assignment I am very thankful to her for the same.
  3. 3. Content Unit :- 1 Pass task LO 1 :Pass task LO 2 :Pass task LO 3 :Pass task LO 4 :Merit LO1 :Merit LO2 :Merit LO3 :Merit LO 4 :- 1 ,2 ,3 1, 2 1 1, 2 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 1, 3 2, 3
  4. 4. Unit 3 :Pass LO1 Merit LO1 Merit LO2 :- 1, 2 :- 1 :- 1
  5. 5. Unit -1 Pass Grade
  6. 6. Q. Define Personality OR Analyze Owns Personality OR Change in personality.(LO1, P1)  Personality is the sum total of our outer personality and inner quality . While outer personality helps us to be accepted , liked and loved , inner qualities or traits make long lasting impressions and relationships helping us succeed and grow throughout our lives. . .
  7. 7. Q. Define SWOT OR Make your own SWOT OR How you will convert Weakness into Strength. (LO1,P2)  SWOT analysis is a tragic planning method used to evaluate the Strength , Weakness, Opportunity , Threats. Strength Weakness 1. Hardworking Communication skills 2. Regular General awareness 3. Discipline Positive attitude
  8. 8. Q. Which factor is important for development of one’s personality ? Justify by giving Example OR Define Perception , Emotional Intelligence and its impact in one’s Personal and Professional Life.(LO1,P3)  Perception : Perception is an intellectual process where an individual organizes and interprets his sensory impression to give meaning to the environment. Emotional Intelligence :Emotional Intelligence is a combination of inter-personal intelligence and intrapersonal intelligence. Impacts in one’s Personal and Professional life: 1) Personal life :a) Perception :-
  9. 9. i) Past experience and expectation play an influencing role on perception like once bitten twice shy. ii) If a student get continuous lower marks in exam then due to his positive perception he/she can get higher marks. iii) When Indian cricket fans watches cricket then his negative perception is that sachin will make century in every match then due to his positive perception he/she can control his emotions.
  10. 10. b) Emotional intelligence :i) Getting bad result in exam he/she get does not frustrating or angry. ii) Due to family disputes the person getting angry whole day so due to this his other work get not spoil. iii) Due to fail in interview person getting feel nervous so that he/she does not get angry.
  11. 11. Professional life: Perception :-Some person doesn’t take risk in business they think that he will get loss so that they do not get increase his business. Due to negative perception but he/she can change by positive perception. Emotional intelligence : i) If a person get angry in his office to the behavior of clients then he get frustrating or getting angry due to emotional intelligence he/she can overcome on it. ii) Due to late delivery of goods getting frustration any person can overcome on it due to emotional intelligence. iii) Due to any reason, scolding to the boss or senior ,any person getting angry he/ she can calm by adopting emotional intelligence.
  12. 12. Q. Why do you think that Time has to Managed? OR Talk About your daily Routine & make a Daily half Hour Time Log Sheet.(LO2,P1)  Daily routine :- I wake up at 7:00 clock then getting fresh n up at 7:30 . Taking tea then doing exercise for 1 hour at 9:00. After that take breakfast and then read newspaper at 10:00.Then I go to bath . After that I watch TV for sometime and then having lunch at 11:00.Then at 11:30 study for some time . At 12:30 get ready to class . Then I come at 5:30. And taking rest till 6:00.Then taking dinner at 6:00 after that I watches TV for some time then I study till 8:30. After that I watch TV at 10:00 and then go to bed.
  13. 13. Log table 7:00 7:00 - 7:30 7:30 - 8:00 8:00 - 9:00 9:00 - 10:00 10:00 - 10:15 10:15 - 11:00 11:00 - 11:30 11:30 - 12:30 12:30 - 12:45 12:45 4:30 - Wake up Fresh n up Tea Exercise News paper Breakfast Take bath Lunch Study Get ready Go to class Class over
  14. 14. 4:30 - 5:15 5:15 - 5:30 5:30 - 6:00 6:00 - 6:30 6:30 - 7:00 7:00 - 9:00 9:00 - 10:00 10:00 - Gossip Go to home Rest or TV Dinner TV Study or Reading TV Sleep
  15. 15. Q. What are the Time wasters and how to overcome them ? (LO2, P2)  The work which is not important or useful is time wasters i.e. 1) Mobile phones , Gadgets 2) Social networking sites. 3) Gossip 4) Hangout with friends To overcome the situation I will do following : 1) Using time management grid 2) Do it now 3) Set goals and achieve goals
  16. 16. Leadership(LO3) • Life Sketch :- William Henry Bill Gates was born on 28 October 1955 in America. His father, William H.Gates is a Seattle attorney. His mother Mary Gates was a School teacher , University of Washington and chairwoman of Unite way international. Gates has one elder sister and one younger sister . When he was in eight grade he took an interest in programming the General Electric system in Basic. He wrote his first computer programmed on his machine an implementation of tic-tac-toe that allowed users to play games against the computer . Gates graduated from Lakeside school in 1973. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and enrolled at Harvard College in 1973.While at Harvard , he met Steve Ballmer, who later succeeded Gates as CEO of Microsoft.
  17. 17. • Achievements :  Outstanding achievement in Game design.  Launching Windows 95.  Becoming the richest man in the world in the age of 39 .He stayed at no. richest person until 2007.  Gates wrote “The Road Ahead” in 1975 . Published in more than 20 countries and the book sold more than 4 lakh copies in china alone.  In 1975, Gates had begun Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen.  In 1999 Gates wrote ”Business @T he speed of Thought” the book is available in 25 language and is available in more than 60 countries.
  18. 18. • Qualities :  Positive Attitude  Hard worker  Discipline  Good management skills  Knowledge  Communication skills
  19. 19. • Qualities in me :  Discipline  Management skills  Hard worker • Lack of Qualities :  General Awareness  Positive attitude  Communication skills
  20. 20. • How I can develop qualities :  General Awareness : I can improve my general awareness by reading news paper and getting knowledge through internet.  Positive attitude : To respond the situation or to understand the situation I can get positive attitude.  Communication skills : To improve communication skills I will command on verbal communication, body language, written communication “Nothing is impossible” if You have will.
  21. 21. Q. What do you understand by open self personality?(P1,LO4)  When a person knows ones own personality and is willing to share ideas , thoughts , feelings and values with others, that person is called ‘‘OPEN SELF’’ personality. To having open self personality one can make long relation and good relation because he shares he thoughts , feelings , ideas so that another person getting understand him.
  22. 22. Q. Define the Term Transactional Analysis and what sort of Ego state you mostly operate justify by giving examples. (P2,LO4)  “Transactional Analysis is a model of personality and the dynamics and the dynamics of ‘self’ and its relationship with others.” I have Adult ego state because I understand the situation and understand is it need to speak between elders .
  23. 23. Unit :- 1 MERIT
  24. 24. Q. Observe well assimilated Personality in the movie by giving example from movie.(LO1,M1)  As far as my opinion the “Kernel of army” is well assimilate . He always appreciate “Paan singh tomar” who plays understanding and he had observed the ability of Paan singh. He send to Paan singh in physical armytraining and in international athletic competition .He is also good army officer .He is rational , because he send the solders in the battle but he did not allow Paan singh and he send him into athletes. And after become dacoit of paan Singh he goes to advise him to surrender himself.
  25. 25. Q . What are the negative and positive Conditioning you observe on the movie.(LO1,M2)  In the movie I observed that the villagers has negative conditioning is that if any man in his village facing injustice then he will become dacoit .Many dacoits is made in his village. But the positive conditioning I observed in Paan singh tomar towards his goal .He did not give up and ran in 5000m track and won that was his dream.
  26. 26. Q. Which character in the movie you observed that needs improvement in his/her personality and how one can develop the same?(LO1,M3)  According to me, the “Bhawar singh” in the movie who is the cousin of paan singh tomar needs to improvement in his also short tempered so I think he should analysis our self and also control on his emotions and also required to change his attitude. He is very aggressive and always get ready to fight. To overcome on this he should respond the situation and understand the feelings of some one.
  27. 27. Q. Talk about the GOAL ACHIEVING SKILLS you observed in the movie.(LO2,M1)  Self-awareness: Actively identifies own needs, attitudes, feelings, strengths, and weaknesses which is in paan singh tomar . He knows is strengths and weakness. • Time management: Paan singh tomar has good time management . He wake up early in the morning and jogging and work out daily .Then he does his daily routine work on time .
  28. 28. • Positive Attitude and Self Motivation: Consistently self motivates and positively engaged . He always used to think positive and motivated our self in the race and towards its goals. • Active listening: Regularly gives undivided attention to the speaker, Utilizes appropriate body language. Q. Talk about the better Time Manager in the movie .What sort of Time Management Skills he/she was opting. (LO2,M1)  Actually, the Paan singh tomar movie is based on Indian army in which paan singh tomar is army soldier. So there is great management of time. All soldiers are wake up early
  29. 29. and running 2-3 hour after that all work out and taking lunch in time . And then all are do his daily work . So that his daily routine is fixed. Time management skills he was opting are: 1) Discipline : All soldier of navy as well as paan singh has well discipline. 2) Likes and dislikes : Paan singh tomar is very hard worker and he does not think about his like. He only think about which is good for him. 3) Do it now : He does not keep things pending.
  30. 30. Q. Talk about your own experience in which you behave as a Good Time/Goal manager or you were not able to do so. (LO2,M3)  When I was in 12th standard then my final exam time table is announced before one month in which there is no leave in between paper and I had not prepared due to some reason so I was in big trouble then I made time table according to subjects and syllabus , in which I also wrote daily routine on the sheet and I followed it one month and then I got better marks that I was not expected. Q. Discuss Leadership Qualities in the Movie ?(LO3,M1)  1) Setting Objective :- In that movie paan singh tomar is set there object of run in international athletics
  31. 31. competition. 2) Organizing and planning : He planned, how he will win race in the movie and he worked hard to achieve success. 3) Decision making : The kernel in that movie has also leadership quality he take decision quickly when he decided that he will send paan singh in the battle rather he send in the athletic. 4) Integrity and honesty : The kernal is very fair and and just honest leader. He was fair to every soldier of navy and always appreciate others. 5) Empathy : Kernel has quality of empathy. He understand the paan singh tomar and other soldiers.
  32. 32. 6) Motivating skills : Kernel has also quality of motivational skills. He motivated paan singh and also other soldiers. Q. During your class activity do you find any leader , what sort of Leadership Qualities you observed?(LO3,M3)  No , I do not find leader but I find some leadership qualities are : 1) Setting objective : I observed that almost student set their object .They fixed their object that what they want to do. 2) Organizing and planning : Some student is planning their goal by making or changing their schedule . 3) Motivating skills : They are motivated others students when some task is given by faculty and also encourage.
  33. 33. Q. What sort of Ego states you observed in the movie? (LO4,M1)  I observed child ego state and adult ego state in Paan Singh Tomar in the movie. when he recruit in army then he behave as a child ego state. He talk to the senior as a childish manner. After some time when he retired then he behaves adult ego state. He understand the situation and then think on it that what should he do. Q. Whom do you think have open self personality in the movie? Talk about his/her open self qualities.(LO4,M3)  As for me, Paan singh tomar has open self personality because he share his thoughts ,feelings and perception to others. He is very fond of eating that shown in the movie
  34. 34. And he is extrovert in nature he never feels shy to speak anyone. He is great athletic, hard worker , honest and good shooter that are known every one.
  35. 35. Unit :- 3 Pass Grade
  36. 36. Q. Talk about the Experience of the Field activity. (LO1,P1)  Introduction :- When we had given task then we made list of visiting hotels and care concern and decided that we start from fast food shop to three star hotel in which Johny Hot Dog , Lemon Tree , Hotel Ginger, Apna Avenew and then deaf and dumb school.
  37. 37. Johny hot dog :When we went at johny hot dog then we met at owner of that shop and asked how you manage when crowd is increased then he said I have been working for 20 years so I have habit to manage. • hhh I am standing first from right
  38. 38. Apna avenew :- • Uiuo Our second destination was Apna Avenew where we went and took appointment to met with manager. .And then we met to the manager at given time and greets him asked : I am standing first from right
  39. 39. i) What kind of personality they required in hotel?  He said, we want the which has good communication skills. ii) Then we asked do you give training to freshers?  He said, No we recruit which have atleast 2 year experience.
  40. 40. Lemon tree & Ginger :- • I we went to lemon tree were we met to the manager .when we met manager we asked : I am standing first from left
  41. 41. 1) Why you took name lemon tree ?  He said , because we want some unique name and lemon shows refreshing so that we select lemon tree. He also said we have pony tail which is our identity of lemon tree. 2) What is the duty timing of your?  He said, In this industry there is no time fixed some time we have to do over time work. .
  42. 42. Ginger hotel : After that we went to ‘GINGER HOTEL’. Situated at A.B Road. Where we met Manager of the hotel we asked Questions related to salary and different section in hospitality sector. The manger told that ginger is budgetary hotel located in all cities of INDIA . Famous for good servicing in hospitality sector and he told that we give salary as per market value. I am standing second from right to left.
  43. 43. Deaf and dumb school : At the end we went to Deaf and Dumb School where we got heart touching experience where we met the Principal of that school Mr. Nitindra Badjatiya .who visited us whole school and explain by teachers that how they teach students. after that we took drawings by the students and distributes candies. I am standing third from left to right.
  44. 44. • Conclusion : It was great experience. We learnt that what type personality required , what they deal with customer, how many department and we asked many questions. , I have get good experience related to our profession. This experience is was very useful for us in that profession.
  45. 45. Q. Give extempore presentation o moral values . It can be from panchtantra story, movies or any personal experience of an individual.(LO2,P2)  Wilma Rudolph was born into a poor family in Tennessee. At age four, she had double pneumonia with scarlet fever and she had also left leg paralyzed with polio. She had to wear a brace and the doctor said she would never put her foot on the earth. But her mother encouraged her ,she told Wilma that with God-given ability, persistence and faith she could do anything she wanted. Wilma said, "I want to be the fastest woman on the track on this earth." At the age of nine, against the advice of the doctors, she removed the brace and took first step and the doctor had said she never
  46. 46. last and then she tried several times. And the day came when she was at Olympics and she was matched against a woman named Jutta Heine which has never been beaten and then wilma ran like machine and won gold medal. It became history that paralytic woman became fastest woman on this earth at the 1960 Olympics. Moral :- Where there’s a will there’s way.
  47. 47. Unit :-3 MERIT
  48. 48. Q. What are the barriers to effective Communication ?How can you remove the same?(LO1,M1)  Personal barriers :- Personal barriers include moods , prejudices communicating with non-decision makers , differing IQs and EQs.  Physical barrier :- Physical barrier include faulty equipment , doors ,partitions , distance and all physical blocks to communication.  Semantic barrier :Semantic barrier are language barriers. Even communicators use the same basic language ,they must carefully consider the IQ levels of all involved in the communication process to ensure successful communication.
  49. 49. Q. Talk about the moral values which the learner has adapted from their parents and how it is going to help them in future.(LO2,M1)  Moral values which the learner has adapted from their parents are : 1) Importance of time : Time is very precious thing of life. Every parents says that this time is never come again which very important for every children to understand the value of time. If we understand the value of time then it helps in future because if some one do not understand the value of time then when he works in company he will always getting late and waste time by doing useless work
  50. 50. which is not useful in his profession. 2) Make good friends : It is very important to make good friends in life which is often said by parents and it is also said that “The person is known by the company he keeps”. If we make good friend so that we learn new things and get good habits which will help in future to get success in life. 3) Do hard work towards goal :- We should hard worker towards our goal if we want achieve some thing in life this should understand the learner. If some one do hard work towards his goal then he/she will definitely success in his life.