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Travel quiz finals

  1. 1. TRAVEL QUIZ – OASIS2011A quiz by Utsab Saha and Srisha Haridas ( AndMayank Kowshik…maybe…who knows?)
  3. 3. Rules 6 Covers of Lonely Planet Guide Books. Simply identify the country. Every correct answer fetches +5 and a plus +10 bonus for getting all correct. Answers to be written down.
  4. 4. And Now… The Answers
  5. 5. The Answers Ireland Mongolia Kenya Antarctica Germany Nepal
  6. 6. Twelve questions - Clockwise
  7. 7. 1. Bite Sized Piety Perform a tawaf which consists of circling the Kaaba seven times in an anticlockwise direction. Perform a saI which means rapidly walking seven times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah. This is a re-enactment of Hajars frantic search for water. Perform a halq or taqsir, meaning a cutting of the hair. A taqsir is a partial shortening of the hair, whereas a halq is a complete shave of the head, except for women, as they cut a little amount of hair instead. ID this subset of the Haj, often referred to as the mini-Haj as it can be done at anytime of the year.
  8. 8. Answer Umrah
  9. 9. 2. The “X” was an open raft made of lightweight, traditional South American materials and named after the Inca sun god used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl to demonstrate the possibility of travel between South American natives and Polynesia in Pre- Columbian times. Travelling nearly 4000 miles in 101 days in 1947 the voyage was also chronicled in an Academy Award Winning Documentary by the same name.
  10. 10. Answer
  11. 11. 3. Darwin, Minnesota is the home of a X by Francis A. Johnson. It is 4 meters (12 ft) in diameter and weighs 4,900 kg (10,400 lbs). He started his obsession in March 1950 and worked four hours every day for 23 weeks. It is currently housed in a specially made gazebo across from the town park on Main Street, and the town celebrates "_____ ____ Day" the second Saturday in August every year. Identify this quintessential landmark for any cross country American family road-trip.
  12. 12. Answer Worlds Biggest Ball of Twine!
  13. 13. 4. This website maintains a Top 25 list, the top ten of which are mentioned here. Either name website/what the list is about. 1. Iain Jackson ( Scotland UK) - 663 2. Paul Tanner (UK) - 541 3. Judith Tanner (UK) - 436 4. Els Slots (The Netherlands) - 432 5. Mikko (Finland) - 422 6. Lorenzo Mejino (Spain) - 414 7. Thomas Buechler (Switzerland) - 414 8. Werner Huber (Austria) - 384 9. Szucs Tamas (Hungary) - 367 10. Jorge Sanchez (Spain) - 345
  14. 14. Answer Most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited.
  15. 15. 5. In which country would you find this monastery, also called The Tiger’s Nest.
  16. 16. Answer Bhutan. The image is of the Taktsang Palphug Monastery.
  17. 17. 6. A loan word from the French, X in the Arabic language generally refers to a headland formed at lands end, which describes a most remote geographical border of a mainland by a water line. In Lebanon and Egypt, the word typically describes a waterfront promenade usually paralleled by a main road, such as the renowned X Beirut. In Cairo, the X runs alongside the River Nile. Luxor, Aswan, Maadi, and Cairo all have such Xs. In the Gulf States, the X often runs along the coast.
  18. 18. Answer Corniche
  19. 19. 7. In which city would you find this structure; part of a colonial citadel, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, though it might be known to you in a completely different context. (Image on next slide)
  20. 20. Question (contd.)
  21. 21. Answer Hanoi. (the image is of the Flag Tower of Hanoi)
  22. 22. 8. This is Andrew Stewarts assessment of Pausanius: “A careful, pedestrian writer, he is interested not only in the grandiose or the exquisite but in unusual sights and obscure ritual. He is occasionally careless, or makes unwarranted inferences, and his guides or even his own notes sometimes mislead him; yet his honesty is unquestionable, and his value without par.” What is Pausanius generally credited with doing?
  23. 23. Answer Pausanius‟ Description of Greece is recongised as the worlds oldest surviving Guidebook.
  24. 24. 9. The napkins given on this airline have the following image, as its initial business plan was written thus on the back of a whiskey- stained cocktail napkin. Identify airline
  25. 25. Answer Southwest Airlines
  26. 26. 10. Ravana, after he had performed a penance, received the atmalinga from Shiva, who instructed him that the atmalinga should not be placed on the ground as it would establish itself where placed on earth. On his way back to Lanka, when Ravana stopped for his evening prayers at X, Ganesha appeared in the disguise of a Brahmin boy and told Ravana that he will hold the atmalinga until Ravana finished his prayers. As soon as he received the atmalinga, Ganesha promptly put it down to prevent Ravana from getting a weapon as powerful as the atmalinga. Identify the place X which has a famous temple of Ganesha. (image on next slide)
  27. 27. Question(contd.)
  28. 28. Answer Gokarna
  29. 29. 11. Identify railway and country. 5 extra points for giving the origin of its name.
  30. 30. Answer The Ghan, Australia. It was originally the Afghan and the name honours Afghan camel drivers who arrived in Australia in the late 19th century to help find a way to reach the countrys unexplored interior.
  31. 31. 12. This plan, by French architect Charles Ribart, consisted of three levels, to be built in the shape of an elephant(image on next slide), with entry via a spiral staircase in the underbelly. The building was to have a form of air conditioning, and furniture that folded into the walls. A drainage system was to be incorporated into the elephants trunk. This was to be constructed at the site of which present day famous monument?
  32. 32. Question(contd)
  33. 33. Answer Arc de Triomphe
  34. 34. WHAT GOES AROUND/COMES AROUND12 Questions on Infinite Bounce. +10 For acorrect.
  35. 35. Question 1 This dish was invented in the British restaurant The Hungry Monk. Below is the original recipe as it first appeared in „The Deeper Secrets of the Hungry Monk‟ in 1974:Recipe (to serve 8-10 people)  12 ounces uncooked shortcrust pastry  1.5 tins condensed milk (13.5 ounces each)  1.5 pounds firm bananas  375ml of double cream  Half a teaspoon powdered instant coffee  1 dessertspoon caster sugar  A little freshly ground coffee
  36. 36. Answer Bannofie pie
  37. 37. Question 2 The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa, located in a lava field, and is one of the most visited attractions in this country. The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and bathing in this spa is reputed to help some people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis. Just name country.
  38. 38. Answer Iceland
  39. 39. Question 3 If you were visiting the following places, among others, what form of tourism would you be involved in?
  40. 40. Question(contd.)
  41. 41. Answer Dark tourism. Clockwise from top left: Bran Castle, Poienari, Vlad Tepes‟ castle, Chernobyl, Aushwitz, Hiroshima
  42. 42. Question 4 This name for a body of water is Goidelic in origin and is applied to most lakes in Scotland and to many sea inlets in the west and north of Scotland. It could also be called a firth, fjord, estuary, strait or bay. The most famous one of these is associated with a criptid. nuff said.
  43. 43. Answer Loch
  44. 44. Question 5 Magnetic hills are places alleged to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill and force passing aircraft to increase their altitude in order to escape magnetic interference. However this is completely false. These places have no magnetic interference whatsoever and it is merely an optical illusion. For example, a slight downhill slope can appear to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating the optical illusion that water flows uphill or a car left out of gear will roll uphill. Where would you find India‟s most famous magnetic hill?
  45. 45. Answer Leh, Ladakh
  46. 46. Question 6 This 1143.61-metre-long tunnel, which passes through fissured sandstone, has a tragic story associated with its construction. Barog, who was in charge of this tunnel, committed the mistake of digging the tunnel from both ends of the hill. Both ends of the tunnel could not meet due to wrong alignment. It is said that the British authorities fined Barog Re 1 for wasting government money in the tunnel. The British engineer could not digest this humiliation and during a walk along with his pet dog, shot himself in sheer desperation. On which line would you find this tunnel?
  47. 47. Answer Shimla Kalka line
  48. 48. Question 7 Back during the Gold Rush of1849, the American pioneers who travelled overland west towards California, in search of wealth, were met with this unforgiving desert. They gave its shimmering landmarks telling names: Starvation canyon, Hell‟s gate, Funeral Mountains, Coffin‟s peak. What name is this place given, despite the fact that only one 49er died here?
  49. 49. Answer Death Valley
  50. 50. Question 8 A 34,658 ha site, between the foothills of the _______ Volcano and the deep valley of the Rio Grande River was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The listed property includes fields of a certain plant, distilleries and factories (both active and not), tabernas (distilleries that were illegal under Spanish rule), towns and Teuchitlan archaeological sites. Name this site and the plant in question.
  51. 51. Answer Tequila, blue ajave
  52. 52. Question 9 A hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland. What name, inspired by European mythology is given to this hoodoo in the Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah?
  53. 53. Question contd…
  54. 54. Answer Thor‟s Hammer
  55. 55. Question 10 On an inspection tour to Semarang in 1814, he was informed about a big monument deep in a jungle near the village of Bumisegoro. He was not able to make the discovery himself and sent H.C. Cornelius, a Dutch engineer, to investigate. What resulted was the discovery of the Borobudur temple, which was buried and lost under vegetation. Which British statesman thus sparked worlwide knowledge of the existence of this temple?
  56. 56. Answer Sir Stamford Raffles
  57. 57. Question 11 This house, on the west bank of the Mississippi river in Missouri, was the childhood home of a famous personality. Today it is an active museum. Identify its famous resident.
  58. 58. Question(contd.)
  59. 59. Answer Mark Twain
  60. 60. Question 12 Péter Guzli took the photo on November 28, 1997, and was also responsible for the initial edit. He edited the image for a few friends, not realizing it would spread so quickly across the Internet. He first provided the original undoctored photo and several other photos from the same series as proof to a Hungarian newspaper. Who is Péter Guzli?
  61. 61. Answer Tourist Guy