New spring 2012 student teacher professional development


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  • Educator Career Fair Prep workshop
  • New spring 2012 student teacher professional development

    1. 1. Lamarita N. Vicenti, M.A., GCDFCollege of Education and Human Development Career Counselor University Career Center
    2. 2. Objectives● Overview of University Career Center services RowdyJobs Finding your teaching jobs Your Tool Kit Resume writing Reference page Portfolio How to Navigate a Career Fair Plan B Polishing your Interview Skills
    3. 3. ● Individual career advising and career planning● Resume and cover letter assistance● Interview preparation (mock interviews/perfect interview)● Setting effective job search strategies and networking● On-line job and event listings through RowdyJobs● Career fairs and various career-related workshops● Career assessments
    4. 4. Finding Your Teaching Job:Some questions to consider:● What kinds of schools would you consider (public, private, charter, urban, alternative, etc.)?● What are your strengths?● What are the areas for growth?● How far are you willing to travel? Relocate?● What is your philosophy of education and what is a good fit?
    5. 5. Your Toolkit!● Resume● Cover Letter● Applications● References ( b/t 4-5)● Recommendation Letters (at least 3)● Portfolio?● Career Center support● Network: family, friends, friends of friends, associates, instructors, colleagues, teachers, classmates, etc.
    6. 6. The average interview lasts about one hour. How long is theaverage resume review by an employer? A. 2 – 3 minutes B. 20 seconds or less B. 20 seconds or less C. 1 – 2 minutes D. As long as it takes
    7. 7. ● Please do not use “I” on a resume● Your resume should not exceed 2 pages● Keep it professional: Please use a traditional font size and type● Use nice resume paper!● Incorporate key words & specialized language● Check: Formatting, alignment, punctuation, acronyms, verb tenses● Proofread! Use PC/manual spelling and grammar check + have someone else proofread!
    8. 8. Resume Development● What unique qualities / experiences can I bring?● What are recruiters looking for in a resume?● How can I stand out? *Resume Sample*
    9. 9. Start cultivating your references early on in your collegecareer!You should have 3-5 good references (can also providerecommendation letters for you)Preferred References: Cooperating Teacher University Supervisor Principal of a school Other teachers/faculty that have seen you teach A parent of a student you have worked with Others that have seen you teach/train
    10. 10. ● What are portfolios?● Electronic (LiveText) and Hard Copy versions● May include links to lesson plans, reflections, personal web site, video, etc.● If included, explain all photos● How do you use portfolios to market yourself ?● Do people read portfolios?● Principals/ HR reps. may or may not look at them
    11. 11. Career Fair Layout
    12. 12. How to Navigate a Career Fair:● Be prepared! Career fairs are like screening interviews● Research a few preferred districts if possible● Have a game plan! Plan on visiting a # of districts● Wear professional attire! Suits preferred.● Have a 30 second commercial/elevator pitch for yourself● Learn the art of networking! Career fairs are NOT just aboutgetting a job-get contacts!●Have several copies of polished resume● Practice marketing yourself
    13. 13. Spring 2012 Educator Career FairThursday, April 5th, 8:30 – 11:30 Convocation Center8:30 am - 10:00 am - Browsing for UTSA Student Teachersand alumni ONLY10:00 am - 11:30 am - Browsing opens to non-UTSAteachers1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - INTERVIEWS BY APPOINTMENTONLY
    14. 14. Plan BHave I created a plan “B”?● Substitute Teaching● After-school programs● Tutoring● Volunteering: non-profits, church, child’s school, PTA/PTO● Attend local, regional, national conferences● Professional Development – Region 20, University, TRC● Look into private/charter schools● Consider Teaching English Abroad● Do I have a NETWORK? Am I staying connected in the field?
    15. 15. SAVE THE DATERegister with the RowdyJobs Friday, February 3rd, 5:00pmUpload Resume to RowdyJobs Friday, February 24th, 5:00pmSpring 2012 Interview Prep for Thursday, March 22nd,Educators 5:00-6:30, TBDComplete School District Applications Friday, March 30th
    16. 16. Polishing your Interview Skills● Research, Research, Research!● Invest in a Power Suit!● Practice, Practice, Practice!
    17. 17. Good Luck with Student Teaching! Thank you! Lamarita N. Vicenti, M.A., GCDF Career Counselor II UTSA – University Career Center