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How to make money with mobile apps,

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  1. 1. It’s Just the beginning of the Gold Rush
  2. 2. Mobile app revenue projected to explode by 2016 Forecast: 100 billion mobile app downloads in 2013 Video Is The Fastest Growing Mobile Application: 2/3rds of All Mobile Data In 2015 Market For Mobile Health Apps Projected To Quadruple To $400 Million By 2016
  3. 3. 1. To establish as legal tender. 2. To coin (money). 3. To convert (government debt) from securities into currency that can be used to purchase goods and services.
  4. 4. Key Metrics New Users, Active Users, Retention:
  5. 5. What Do My Users Want? Magic Simplicity Unique Engaging Experience The WOW Factor
  6. 6. Discovery
  7. 7. Mobile Ad Growth
  8. 8. How to Monetize? – A Million Dollar Question to make Your first Billion Dollar
  9. 9. Content. This category is probably most familiar to everyone. When it comes to content, people are willing to pay for ebooks, music, and movies. In addition to purchasing, a lot of content can be rented temporarily, like streaming a movie. Spotify Netflix Amazon ebooks
  10. 10. Consumable apps. These are apps that are used and then finished. An example is a game with a fixed set of levels, once each level has been completed the game is “done” and has been consumed. Temple Run Angry Birds Talking Tom Subway Surfer
  11. 11. Apps as a Service. Just like software as a service there are apps that provide a service. Sparrow was a great example of this type of good, it was a service that the user used as an app on their phone. Things is another example. Things Mint Sparrow
  12. 12. Additional in-app items or functions. In many apps one of the new revenue drivers is to provide additional functionality, game pieces, or features for a fee. An example of this is the additional brushes you can buy in Paper’s app. Draw something Paper
  13. 13. Here are some of the common monetization strategies: •Free app with advertisements or sponsorship •Free app with in-app purchases for one-time items/functions •Free app with in-app recurring subscription •Paid apps (and there are all sorts of hybrids of this model, like a free “lite” app that entices users to upgrade to the paid version, or a paid version without advertisements, etc.)
  14. 14. Why people agonize over buying apps •Buyer’s remorse. •Lack of information. •Apps aren’t refundable. •Discovery. •Price. •Form factor. •Ratings. •Friction.
  15. 15. Applying this to App Marketing •People don’t like buying software from websites, they want to buy •software and products from people. •Software has an ongoing tax with maintenance, so price apps to account •for ongoing maintenance and improvements. •Create a high quality app. •Have a presence outside of the app store. •Drive ratings and reviews for your app. •Remove friction. •Pick an appealing price point. •Leverage promotions. •Create a marketing message that brings perspective.
  16. 16.  Know Your presence  Know your users  Know where you stand  Know when did u make it to the top  Know what user wants  Knowing is everything
  17. 17. Video
  18. 18. We speak your Language
  19. 19. Websites/Tools/APIs Need to visit on daily basis App Store Top Charts Google Play Top Charts Amazon App Store Smart TV Apps Wearable Devices Health Monitors Google Analytics Flurry AppAnnie Gartner/Nielson Localization
  20. 20. Source Great old
  21. 21. Contact us Gmail: utpalbetai Yahoo: utpalbetai Skype: utpalbetai Facebook: utpalbetai Twitter: utpalbetai
  22. 22. Now its your turn
  23. 23. Do you know what he wants?