Mauritius - List of ITES BPO Companies


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Mauritius - List of ITES BPO Companies

  1. 1. Board of Investment LIST OF OPERATIONAL ITES-BPO COMPANIES AS AT JULY 2009 Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Business Process Outsourcing prepress activities such as typesetting, graphic design, and Victoria House, 7 & 8th Floor, Corner Diadeis (ex. AIS & Cataland Mr O. Lew Kew Lin 1 1996 France BPO electronic page make up. Barracks & St Louis St, Port-Louis 2116360 2104842 Ltd) (Director) Provision of data entry and data mining activities Business Process Outsourcing services related to pre-press Mr J. Marc Santucci 2 Evolution Pre-Press Ltee 1998 France BPO 125, Menagerie Street, Cassis 2119015 2106671 services, image scanning and (Managing Director) electronic processing Data Processing and book Block 5 Informatics Park, La Tour 3 SMTD LTD 2000 Reunion BPO Corinne Franchette 234 1806 keeping services Koenig, Pte Aux Sables Provision of web solution for 4 Exportal Ltd 2001 MRU BPO Mr. Bernard Cayeux Royal Road, Grand Bay 263 0110 tourism industry Mrs Josie Lapierre (Head BPO Center lead) Accenture Building, Royal Road Cassis Mr. Olivier Hecq BPO/Backoffice operations and (BPO) 2032600 / 402 2086782 / 5 Accenture Mauritius Ltd 2001 France BPO (Director – Mauritius IT software development Cybertower 1, 11th Floor 1500 / 402 1685 402 1600 Delivery Centre) Mrs Altima Building Ebene Cyber City (IT) Michel Ange Ah See (IT Senior Manager) Establishment of a BPO production unit in Mauritius for Mr Frank Cardinale 202,Informatics Park, La Tour Koenig, 234 2100 /01 254 2342102 6 Mediasys Ltée 2001 France BPO Information processing, office (Director) Pte-aux-Sables. 8534 operation and software development undertake architectural plans for building projects and exchange Mr. Michael Firgonne 7 R and G Partners Ltd 2002 Reunion BPO Hollandais St, Mahebourg 6312946 6312946 the graphic or written data via (Director) the internet Business Process Outsourcing - Superfund (ex. Quadriga Office 110, Grand-Baie Business Park, 2631919/ 8 2003 Austria BPO Back Office Operations for the Andreas Rhomberg 2098080 Group) Geranium Road, Grand-Baie. 2631920 financial service industry Back Office Operations,Data Mr Charles Cartier 9 TNT Document Services Ltd 2003 UK BPO capture, Application 8th Floor ,Bwing Cyber Tower Ebene 4650900 4650901 (Director) Development, Transcription. Mr. Alexandre Gourel Harel Mallac Outsourcing Provision of Back Office, De Saint Pern (General 10 (Activeline Ltd, Headland 2003 MRU BPO Network & Security, Business 18, Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis 207 3000 207 3030 Manager, Harel Mallac Ltd, MCS Ltd, Cyberhub Ltd) application and training services Outsourcing) SAIM Ltd - (Software Back-Office operations Mr. Jean Darocha 6th Floor, Newry Complex, 85, St Jean 11 Activities and Images 2003 France BPO (electronic data processing, 4549240 4549242 (Director) Rd, Q-Bornes. Management Ltd) warehousing and management) Back-office operations in Mrs P. Lew Fai 5th Floor, Module A4, Cyber Tower, 4019600 12 Astek (Mauritius) Ltd 2003 France BPO applications and software 4545471 (Managing Director) Ebene. 2593075 development Accounting, Payroll and IT Mrs Faatimah Kuderbux 13 Summ-IT Accounting 2003 France BPO Services offered to clients based TMC Bldg Mer Rouge Port-Louis. 2062755 2403487 (Director) in UK Data processing and software Mr Vidia Mooneegan 14 Ceridian (Mauritius) Ltd 2003 UK BPO 9th Floor, Cyber Tower 1, Ebène 4544036 466 4151 development. (Managing Director) Mr Sadiq Ebrahim 15 Storm Telecom Ltd 2003 Mauritius BPO Astro chat 11, Avenue Willoughby, Quatre Bornes 4276151/2544800 Dawood
  2. 2. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Business Process Outsourcing services in relation to the Mr Gerald Furlong 16 Maureva 2004 Reunion Island BPO 1C Level 1, Cyber Tower 2, Ebene 466 6830 466 7197 processing of passenger revenue (Managing Director) management Mr. Marcello Leung Ernst & Young Outsourcing (Partner Risk Advisory 19th Floor, Newton Tower, Sir William 17 2004 Mauritius BPO Accounting back office 2024777 2024700/ 15 Solutions Business Services) Newton Street, Port Louis Mrs Khatija Sumodhee Realisation d'Etudes Mr. Jean Louis Roule d'evaluation de produits (Director) Centre International d'Etudes dermatologiques et cosmetiques, 7th Floor, Ebene Cyber tower 2, Ebene 18 2004 France BPO Mr. Sooben (Manager) 4012601 2549420 4548340 Cliniques (CIDC) d'etudes cliniques Cybercity Mrs Claire Blazy Jauzac medicamenteuses et data (Docteur en Pharmacie) management Reconstruction in BPO relating Bureau d'Etudes des Mr Serge Benedicto 19 2004 France BPO to digitalisation of plans and Nelson Road, Grand Gaube 208 0860 Mascareignes Limitee (Director) technical drawings Back-Office/Business Process Outsourcing services relating to Mr Daniel Dietrich 20 Call Process Limited 2004 France BPO call centre activities (hotline (Director) Morcellement Bismic, Flic En Flac 4538290 4535979 services) and software Mr Ram translation Provision of online BPO Independent Business Suite 2004A, Level2 Alexander House, 21 2004 Luxembourg BPO Financial accounting services Jason Chundunsing 466 8640 465 4106 Services Limited 35 Cybercity, Ebene (accounts outsourcing services) Business Process Outsourcing services in relation to the design of lay-out plans for agro- OSE Ltd (Offshore industrial buildings, air Maeva Centre, Business park, Ebène, 22 2004 France BPO Hassen S. Ramputh 466 0461 466 0461 Engineering Limited) conditioning and refrigeration Réduit networks and to the processing of the list of equipment for suppliers Satim Ltd (Societe Provision of data capture and 3rd Etage, Blendax House, Rue Dumas, 23 d'Archivage et de Traitement 2004 MRU BPO Mr. Roserot Emmanuel 2132861 2134099 data digitization activities Port Louis d'Information a Maurice) Business Process Outsourcing services relating to real time Mr J.Boyer (General Batch Image Processing processing of numeric images of 24 2004 France BPO Manager) Mr F. Vinay 8th Floor, Cyber Tower 2, Ebene. 4679111 4679112 Indian Ocean Ltd banking and insurance (Marketing Manager) documents Provision of data entry services Provision of software development services for open source platforms; Provision of BPO Accounting services, Data 07A2, 7th Floor, Cyber Tower, Ebene 25 Optimum Outsourcing Ltd 2004 Belgium BPO Gowtam Gowry (Pravin) 464 3231 465 0913 Entry Services, legal Cyber City. transcription services;contact centre services Disaster recovery services, Mr Dominique Derrier 2nd Floor, bg Court, Route St Jean, (+230) 467 52 47 (+33) 1 48 13 26 Linkbynet Indian Ocean 2004 France BPO server maintainance, (Responsable) Quatre Bornes, Ile Maurice (+33) 1 48 13 00 00 31 21 management of large databases
  3. 3. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Provision of BPO/Back-Office operations relating to data capture, transcription and data Valldata Services (Mauritius) Ashish Khatry-Chunnoo Ground Floor Ebene House, 33 Cyber 27 2004 UK BPO entry with regards to database 4540987 4545008 Ltd (Director) Cite Ebene management Provision of Voice transcription services Mrs Shilpa Bothra BHUTEL-Bhumishq Teleserve Setting up of a call centre and 5B1, 5th Floor, Cyber Tower, Ebène 28 2004 India / MRU BPO Damry (CEO) 467 7070 465 7007 Ltd BPO unit Cyber City Mr. Damry (Director) Remote administration and maintenance of critical IT 3rd floor, Telfair Complex Mr Philippe Rae 29 Orinux 2004 Australia BPO systems, remote back-ups, data 3, Avenue Telfair 466 59 50 466 60 05 (Managing Director) protection software Quatre-Bornes development International Proximity BPO Financial BPO through its mgt Mr. Ashish Jagarnath 608 St James Court, St Denis Street,Port 30 2005 Mauritius BPO 210 9000 210 9001 Limited company (Director) Louis Press Agency specialized in electronic processing through 31 Agence Presse Media Ltee 2005 France BPO the supply of information to Sharon Marion Rue Merle - Pointe aux Sables 234 29 49 electronic media and to companies Mr Anibal Martinez credit control, risk management (Managing Director) Fon Sing Building, Edith Cavell Street, 212 1070 32 TheoFinance Ltd 2005 UK BPO and financial Mrs. Corinne Parish Port Louis 259 0999 (CPO) Business Process Outsourcing 52, Avenue Odette Ernest, Quatre 33 Syntheses Data Ltd 2005 France BPO Mr. Nishrod Jahaly 4274796 4270005 Services Bornes Business Process Outsourcing 2nd Floor, Ebene Mews, Ebene Cyber 34 Belgrave International Ltd 2005 UK BPO Mr. Dev Naiken Gopalla 464-3030 464 30 31 relating to legal services City Provision of Financial BPO Transcontinental Accounting services such as book keeping, Mr Ravi Shankar 35 2005 Belgium BPO Ave John Kennedy Vacoas 255 0601 Services Ltd finalisation of accounts and tax Pudaruth administration modelling, computer drafting Bertrand Philogene 36 External Solutions Limited 2005 MRU BPO and technical back office 9, Odette Ernest Street, Port Louis 213 7175 213 7176 (Managing Director) operations SANDRINE Services, Developpement et Back office Operation and 5th flr wing b cybertower 1 ebène 37 2005 France BPO VERRIEZ(director) 465 2917 465 4225 Communications Ltd (sedeco) software development cybercity ebène Robin Dwarka Engineeing Design Services and Stratton Court, Office No 24, Poudriere 38 Weibull Ltd 2005 UK BPO (Company Director / 758 4515 211 0594 GIS solutions Street, Port Louis Engineering surveyor) Mr Adesh Ramanah Worldwide Business Back Office Operations in (Director)-MRU Office Office 113, 2nd Floor, Medine Mews, La 39 Outsourcing Limited ex 2005 MRU BPO relation to the processing of Mr Vishal K 2134238 2134237 Chaussée St, Port Louis Global Services Ltd accounting data. Ramanah (CEO) -UK Office Back-Office Operations/BPO in Mr Nicolas Sobrido 6ème étage – Immeuble Mascareignes, 427 11 32 ; 763 40 Keyrus (Mauritius) Ltd 2005 France BPO 427 11 32 sofware development (Director) Avenue Saint Jean, Quatre Bornes 5051 Back Office Operations in Data Mr Bernard Koenig 8th Floor, Orbis Court, 132, St Jean 4662955 41 Asset IV Data Services Ltd 2005 MRU BPO Analysis and Investment (Director) Road, Quatre Bornes Research
  4. 4. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for software Mrs Claire Nemorin 42 Infomil Mauritius Ltd 2005 France BPO development activities. 7th Floor, Cyber Tower, Ebene, 464 8884 464 8886 (General Manager) Provision of of inbound ‘call’ support services Business Process Outsourcing for State Informatics Ltd, 6th Floor Sun Disasater Recovery Centre(DRC) Mr. Kem Mohee 43 SILNET Ltd 2005 MRU BPO Insurance Building, 2, St George Street, 207 8000 208 8661 and hosting of customised (General Manager) Port Louis application on the server Expand Technology Business Process Outsourcing Michel Teyssedre, 4th Floor, Sun Trust building, Edith 44 2005 MRU BPO 2038800 2130802 (Holding) Ltd and back -office Antoine Luc Maire Cavell Sstreet, Port Louis Management Company, Mr Vincent Duval 45 Eucis Global Services 2005 France BPO Customized BPO, Accounting, Latreille (Second 5th Floor, Wing A, Ebène Cybertower 294 4770 467 8749 Data Entry, Call Center Director) Provision of data capture and data entry services, Audio 8th Floor, Wing A Cyber Tower, Cyber 4646183; 46 PECS (Mauritius) Ltd 2005 UK BPO Mr Rajiv Gangoosirdar 466-6107 464-6190 transcription, data mining, data City, Ebene. 466 6107 digitization services 47 OSBM Ltd 2005 MRU BPO Data Entry , back office for banks Mr Yves Maurice Obdia OSBM Ltd, Quatre Bornes 4270428 BPO Accounting and 48 Excellence Call Services Ltd 2005 France BPO Stephanie Runghen Avenue Mahatma Gandhi ,Moka 403 8100 Consultancy services International Finlink Suite A, Level 2, Somerset House, 23 49 2005 MRU BPO Business Process Outsourcing Mr Balraj Appanah 211 2615 Consultants Ltd Eugene Laurent St, Port Louis C/o Corporate and Secretarial Services Provision of BPO and Call 50 One Call Ltd 2005 MRU BPO/Call centre Mr Thomas Buffard Centre Ltd, 7th Floor, Anglo Mauritius 421-8585 208-4726 Center services House, Intendance Street, Port Loius A & W Property, Industrial Estate, la 51 Repro + Ltd 2005 MRU BPO Desktop Publishing Mr Yannick Houssard 234 0764 234 2986 Tour Koenig, Port Louis BPO services relating to the Ms Nathalie Job processing of Data, Data Capture (Director) 52 Analysis I T 2005 MRU BPO 31, Rue St Georges, Port Louis 202 0055 208 3560 and data mining for Mr Mohamed International Research agencies Mouratsing (Director) 2F Buswell House, 1D Buswell Avenue, 454 6730 53 Team Synthesis Ltd 2005 MRU BPO Business Process Outsourcing Mr Tan Chee Peng Quatre Bornes 256 3090 21 St Louis street P.O. Box 1167 2931633 / 54 Tradeconsulter BPO Ltd 2006 France BPO Web marketing services Bensadoun Jacques Port louis 0175435084 Provision of BPO, KPO services (copy editing and ENG-FRE & Thomson Digital (Mauritius) FRE-ENG translation); Data Cyber Tower1 8th Floor (Wing A), 55 2006 India BPO Mr D.N Puri 466 7421 465 6537 (DL) Ltd enrichment, data content Ebene management, and data processing/conversion Provision of Accounting services and Auditing 56 Technology 10 Ltd 2006 England BPO 118, St Jean Rd Quatre Bornes 4647342/4679505 4645076 Provision of transcription Nicholas Du Rhone services and web development (Managaing Director) Deutshe Bank BPO Ltd 57 2006 German BPO Fiduciary Outsourcing Paul Klug (CEO) 4th Fllor, Barkly Wharft, Caudan 2027900 2027898 (Mauritius) Provision of Engineering and Vikramsingn Bhujun Building design services (Director) 58 Prodesign BPO Ltd 2006 MRU BPO Provision of multimedia services Mr Prakash Poorun 4 Avenue Manguier, Quatre Bornes 454 4545 465 7070 such as architectural imaging (Business Development and virtual imagery solutions Manager)
  5. 5. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Business Process Outsourcing Mrs. Sandra Spohr 5th floor, Newry Complex Quatre 59 A.B.W Indian Ocean Ltd 2006 MRU BPO (BPO) Services in Software 4674455 4674457 (Managing Director) Bornes Development Web & Graphic Design, E- Vincent Duval Latreille Netgroup Ltd, A3, 5th Floor, Cyber 60 Netgroup 2006 France Website Development Commerce, Hosting, SEO, Net 294-4772 464 8749 (Director) Tower, Ebene Marketing BPO in Engineering design and 61 Bcad Company limited 2006 MRU BPO Mr Y.H. Dwarka 8 Xavier Nalletamby Road Phoenix 686 7915 465 1636 Architectural services Mr. M. Turquier; MS Services Comptabilite 62 2007 France BPO BPO Accounting (France) 22, Rue Raoul Rivet Port Louis 213 1627, 9779500 213 1647 Ltd Mrs. Puren (Mauritius) Data management and Bio- Mr. Jean Louis Roule 7th Floor, Ebene Cyber tower 2, Ebene 4012601 63 Cepal Pharma Ltee 2006 Mauritius BPO statistics for pharmaceutical (Director) 4548340 Cybercity 2549420 centre and research Mr. Sooben (Manager) La Mivoie, Rivière Noire/ 6th Floor Chancery House 64 APC Ltd 2006 France BPO Electronic Archiving services Mr Patrick Arnaldi 728-5111/ 211 6885 211 6885 Lislet Geoffroy Street Port, Louis Provision of BPO accounting c/o Loita Management Services, 1st 65 Andrews & Associates Ltd 2006 Australia BPO services such as book keeping Stephen Andrews Floor, River Court , 6 St Denis Street 2089022/ 7536396 208 9033 and pay roll processing services Port Louis Business Process Outsourcing Mr Benoit Cassam 66 Mascareignes IT 2006 MRU BPO 59, Avenue Hitchcock, Quatre Bornes 4676950 4676950 (BPO) Services Chenai - Director Data capture and BPO 302 St Denis Street, St James Court, Port 2130319/ 67 Cinquante Sept Degres Ltee 2006 France BPO Mr Nizam Nathadkhan 2110871 accounting services Louis 2082378/77 Mr Nicolas Herbeault - 212 9209 68 Modero 2006 Mauritius BPO BPO 11 Brabant Street, 1st Floor, Port Louis 213 0126 CEO 252 0285 Provision of data management services to clinical researchers Mr. Jasbeer Singh 69 Clinidata 2006 Mauritius BPO/ KPO Customized IT services to firms (Managing Director) / Avenue Brown Sequard, Quatre Bornes 4271390 , 254 3245 4271390 engaged in Clinical Research Mr Utam Deenarain Outsourcing Business Process Outsourcing c/o Chase Derwitt, 61 Avenue Duperre, 70 Inkline Media Group 2006 Singapore BPO (Internet Sales and Marketing of Mr. Patrick Amyss 4279337 / 7833906 Quatre Bornes specialised software) Back-office operations services 71 Clemcom Ltd 2006 France BPO Mrs. Clemence Perret St Geran Road, Albion 238 4469 238 5726 for export Back Office operations for value Mr, Nicolas Zilmia Level 8, Wing A, Cyber Tower, Ebene 466 1288 72 MMS Ltd 2006 France BPO / Call Center added services on mobile 465 4391 (Operations Manager) Cybercity 259 2422 networks Provision of BPO Fantasmedia Company 73 2007 MRU BPO services(monitoring of online Mr. Michael Anseline Route Royale, Lotus Lane, Eau Coulee 778 4048 Limited forums and SMS validation) Momentum (Mauritius) Ltd Administration of medical 7th Floor, Max City Building, Remy 74 2007 South Africa BPO Mr. Anthony Pedersen 2167000 216 7001 ( insurance schemes Ollier Street, Port Louis 467 8658, 213 Provision of data entry services; 75 Parfip Mauritius Ltd 2007 Belgium BPO & Consultancy Services Lina Quenette (Director) Module 035B, Ebene Cyber Tower 1 1001,4677350, outbound debt recovery services 2506767 France/ Mrs. Ghislaine Tchibozo 76 Multicontact 2007 BPO Call Centre/BPO Rue Chasteauneuf, Curepipe 602 1919 670 1069 Mauritius (General Manager) Provide payroll services for 10 Rue Balsamine, Rue Terrason, Pte 77 Paie Service Ltee 2007 Mauritius BPO Mr Rudy cheung 2342512 /2516500 234 2476 overseas clienrs aux Sables Mr Maqsood Khaidoo KL House, 2nd floor, Motorway M3, 78 Kbuy ( ) 2007 France BPO Procurement Service Provider 249 2059; 701 9460 249 1938 (Directeur) Riche Terre
  6. 6. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Card processing services, Provision of back office processing risk management and Mr Rohit Mungur (Chief 5B1, 5th Floor, Cyber Tower, Ebène 79 Payment Exchange 2007 India / MRU BPO fraud management services, 465 1001 465 7007 Technology Officer) Cyber City Provision of personalisation services for ATM and e- commerce BPO (Health Business Process Outsourcing G07, Key West Plaza, La Mivoie, Black 80 Quantum Solutions 2007 South Africa Mr Brian Karsten 9460366 Insurance) relating to health insurance River Mrs Delphine C Provision of BPO Accounting 2nd floor, Harmony Centre, 35, Volcy 81 Joran Technologies Ltd 2007 France BPO Accounting Moonien ; Mrs Christine 212 6477 212 7142 services Pougnet street, Port Louis Françoise Mr. Rambaruth 7946284 82 Telepro 2007 Mauritius BPO BPO and IT B2B services Brama Kumari Lane Centre de Flacq Varunsingh 2939069 83 Blue Sea Investments CO Ltd 2007 Canada BPO BPO Lee Jay Scott Kirk No 18 Sunset building Grand Bay 2174744 Mr. Mercoli (Director) Back Office Hospitality and Mr. Allan Thomas 84 Mauritronic Ltd 2007 France BPO Cybertower 1, Ebene Cybercity 403 1401 -10 403 1402 Travel (Administrative Manager) Mr. Gino Joseph 89, Corner Avenue Drapper, Quatre 85 LCS Consulting Ltd 2008 UK BPO BPO Accounting 4663544 4665810 (Director) Bornes Mrs.Katrien Provision of voice to data Vandecasteele 86 Assistance Virtuelle 2008 Belgium BPO Route St Paul 91 La Caverne Vacoas 6989510 transcription services Mr. Joseph Amand Mare Emilie Renotte Provision of call centre services related to back office Mr Ravi Shankar 87 Transcontinental Outsourcing 2008 Mauritius BPO Ave John Kennedy Vacoas 255 0601 management and invoice Pudaruth payments Data entry for accountancy 88 BLS Company Ltd 2008 France BPO Mrs. Claudia Dion 12 Raysidence, Roryal Road, Flic en Flac 4535158 services Encoding services:- nursing care 402, Cnr Abattoir & Olivier St, Port 2168146 89 Encoding Support Ltd 2008 Mauritius BPO Mr. Stephan Renaud 2168426 & others Louis 7796992 Provision of design and pre- 1st Floor, Gateway Building, St 90 Graphic Espace 2008 France BPO press services to French Mr Anil Saiboo - Director 466 9324 467 5661 Jean/Avenue Surath Quatre Bornes companies Translation services (English to Mrs. Priscilla Cadamaly CNR Abattoir & Olivier Streets, KL 91 E to F Mauritius Ltd 2008 France BPO 2168611 2168598 French) (Person in charge) Centre , 3rd Floor, Office 206, Port Louis Professional outsourcing 2082378 92 2008 Mauritius BPO BPO Accounting Mr Nizam Nathadkhan Grand Bay 2110871 solutions 93 Vivelio 2008 France BPO Insurance Outsourcing Alexandre Billaut (CEO) Military Road, Port Louis Health Care management and Mr Sanjeeven Permall Dodo Outsourcing (Dodo 94 2008 Mauritius BPO back office processing, Call (Managing Director); Mr 2nd Floor, Hassamal Building, Rose Hill 465 8080 464 8734 Call Centre Co Ltd) centre; Location of platform N.V Jungum (CEO) International Internet Payment Mr. Laurent Alonzo 11th Floor, One Cathedral Square 95 Bardo Mauritius Ltd 2008 Hong kong BPO Service Provider (Cerdit card 2084232 2109961 (Director) Building, 16 Jules Keonig St, Port Louis processing for e-commerce) 13, B Avenue Telfair 96 Narradale Consultants 2008 France BPO Recruitment process outsourcing A. Baudaux 467 19 57 Quatre Bornes Back office (Helpdesk, network admistation, outbound and Mr. Laurent Wainberg Green Cross Building, 5th Floor, 71, 97 Noveo Ltd 2008 France BPO inbound calls) 467 6060 467 8578 (Director) Royal Road Belle Rose. Enhancement and optimisation of images Jean Luc Andre Thierry 1st Floor Holiday Inn, Royal Road, 98 Loys & Linley Co. Ltd 2008 France BPO Bpo Administration and HR 2639426 / 4222439 2639426 Jacques Pointe Aux Cannoniers
  7. 7. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Mr Seebchurrun Harmeetsingh 99 Dakina 2006 Mauritius BPO / Call Center Web site moderation St Paul Road, Vacoas 686 9923 696 8187 Mr. Anand Kumar Dabee Valérie Tovondahy, Computer / ICT Related Nicolas Codron, Mr. Les Jamalacs Building, Vieux Conseil 100 Business at Work (Mtius) Ltd 2008 MRU BPO Activities 202 3027 / 208 3013 208 3080 Christian Angseesing Street, Port Louis Software Technological Support (Resident Director) 698 0808 Provision of BPO & Back Office Ms Nishna Rambocus, 5th Floor, Jhugroo Bldg, 28A St Paul 697 4699 101 Easiprocess 2009 Mauritius BPO 697 5122 solutions Mr Said Rajah Road, Vacoas 697 4512 BPO Finance and Accounting, updating of Nest Outsourcing Ltd Mr Roshan Butonkee Flora Park, Route Royal, St.Jean Quatre 102 2009 Switzerland BPO databases, translation and 4661375 / 7982901 ( (Manager) Bornes transcription french/english, CMS et level 1 IT Helpdesk Djedaini Ouarda 5 Route Royale Flic en Flac / 44 Ave 103 Notexpert 2008 France BPO BPO Accounting (Director) Padar Flic en Flac 9884588 LINTY Patricia 104 2009 France BPO TRADUCTION/BACK UP Jacqueline Marie C/O 29 BIS MERE BARTHELEMY ST 2115123 CABSIS CONSULTING LTD SERVICES (Director) PORT LOUIS 6311087 Provision of Back Office & Mr Guy Pariente 105 International Data Sytem 2008 France BPO/Back office 467 7350 467 8656 Consultancy Services Director Mr Gerard Louvel 106 GL Informatique 2009 France BPO Data entry operator 427 9744 Mr Mustafa Socota, Phoenix The company will be providing services only to European based publication companies involved in the printing of IT magazines.These services will include: Write up and editing of articles; Page make-up, design 107 and layout; Real Time data encryption; Design and maintenance of websites; Software development; Database management; Management of Advertising VON ASCHEBERG Eric 4650077 1001 MAGS SERVICES LTD 2007 France BPO prepress space (editor) Alexander House 35 Ebene Cybercity 4669171 Back office support and FRANCE CALL MODULE OB7, 3RD 108 adminnistrative services in the FLOOR, WING B, TOWER 1, CYBER FRANCE CALL LTD France BPO field of online gaming Kevin Woochit (director) CITY, EBENE. 4653551 Parliamentary and public sector c/o 206 ST JAMES COURT, ST DENIS 109 Centre for Policy research 2009 UK BPO research Mr Matt Gokool STREET, PORT LOUIS Credit Management, Accounts Karin Van De Venter, 2nd Floor, Dias Pier Building, Le Recievables, Debt Collection, CEO Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Data Management/Cleaning, T:+27 110 Quality Assurance Assesments 329-8518/23 and Query and customer (Head Office F:+27 11 VVM (Mauritius) 2009 South Africa BPO enquiries resolutions South Africa) 886-5296 Mauritius/Franc Harel Mallac Building, 5th Floor, 18, 111 Jemetell 2008 e BPO BPO Accounting Dominique Harel Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis 2637397 Connect Ltd 2002 Mauritius BPO BPO services in medical billing Mr parmesh Pallanee Suite 1003, 466 9457 464 4655 112 and software development Ground Floor,Alexander House,Ebene Cyber City Grant Thornton 2009 France BPO BPO Accounting C/o Mr Yuvraj 2nd floor Fairfax house 21 Mgr Gonin 212 0202 212 9473 THACOOR street 113 Partner, Grant Thornton International 114 Polymedi 2009 France BPO Business process outsourcing Mr Thomas Lesec (33) 01 30 53 63 63
  8. 8. Board of Investment Operational Country of Name & Title of Contact Company Activity Description of Activity Address Phone Fax Since origin Person Lex Mentis 2010 MRU BPO Legal process outsourcing - Meenakshi (Chettiar) (230) 7287997, 785 ( legal research, contract drafting Gunoo, Janesh chttoo, 1110, 796 1735 115 and legal translation Melini Ramburn - Partners DCDM Consulting Ltd 1992 Mauritius BPO ITO: Application Maintenance. Mrs Su Lin Ong 10 Frere Felix de Valois Street 202 3000 213 7840 BPO: Business Intelligence, Mrs Maria Coralie Port Louis Finance Process outsourcing, 116 Document Management and Hospitality process outsourcing. SHARED SERVICES Mr. Qi Zhen (General 7A1,Cyber Tower, Cyber City, Ebene, 117 Huawei Mauritius - China Shared Services Financial shared services 4031808 464-8088 Manager) Mauritius Mr. Randy Buday Area Director - Indian Ocean 7th Floor Wing A Cybertower 1, Ebene 118 DHL 2007 Germany Shared Services Financial Shared Services Islands Cybercity 208 7711 208 3908 Mr Louden Sproul, Head of operations BACK OFFICE Provision of back office, administrative and accounting services including funds collection, fraud screening, and Mrs Sandy Crong / 119 TNC Consulting Limited 2007 South Africa Back Office 05 Grand Bay Bay Bussiness Park 2630588 / 2630590 2691204 funds collection for E commerce Trevor Colley companies, mainly E Gaming Provision of inbound and outbound call centre services Nassroollah Business Centre, 16, Léoville L'Homme 120 Combine Resources Ltd 2007 MRU Back Office Back office Outsourcing 242-8868/9 242-8870 Lalmahomed Street, Port Louis Back office and document 121 Think Twice Consulting management Mr Eric Di Betta Roches Noires 7713042 1 CALL CENTRE value added services using Mr Sundeep K. Bhowon Telecom House Route Menagerie 122 Call Services 1998 MRU Call center telephony and computer 2039901 2118648 (General Manager) Cassis integration technology. Heaven Multimedia Chat & SMS animation Mr Herumban Corner Philip Henry & D'Epinay 123 Telecommunication Ltd ex 2001 MRU Call Centre Customisation of ringtones & 467 7200 467-7201 Mootoocurpen - Director Avenue , Quatre Bornes Toolink logos for mobile phones Execom Call Centre-Telemarketing, Help Gaville house,Victoria Avenue , Quatre 124 (http://www.execom- 2001 France Call center Pierre Geoffroy (CEO) 427 7200 427 7201 Desk, Back Office BPO. Bornes Call Centre activities such as Iqbal Jownally 125 Cyber Logistics Int'l Ltd 2001 MRU Call Centre telemarketing, scheduling of 72, Royal Road, Phoenix 686 7988 / 89 696 2540 (Managing Director) meetings etc 3rd floor, TMC Bldg Mer Rouge 2062727 / 258 1770, 2062725, 206 126 Answerplus Ltd 2003 MRU/ UK Call center Call centre services Mr Shyam Kokil Port-Louis. 206 0110 0112 M. François de Grivel CCA MAURITIUS - Client (Managing Director) Zone Industrielle de St Antoine, 127 2003 France Call center call centre services 2049500 2049507 Center Alliance (Mtuis) Ltd Mireille Rose (Site Goodlands Manager) Serviphony Ltd Inbound & outbound calls & Mr. Vikrom Jayaraj 128 2003 France Call center 5 rue Labourdonnais, Port-Louis. 213 5595 213 5596 ( BPO activities (Local director) Mr. Jean Suzanne Call centre and business process Level 6, Cyber Tower, Cyber City, 129 Infinity BPO Ltd 2004 MRU& France Call center (Chairman) 4038600 4673369 outsourcing services Ebene. Mr. Gerard Bouillaud