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Social media snapshot for product camp boston p camp boston 2012


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Product Camp Boston ran on 6/9/2012 from 8am to 4pm. I spent 60 minutes at 3pm to put together a quick snapshot of the social media statistics for the day.

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Social media snapshot for product camp boston p camp boston 2012

  1. 1. #PCampBoston 2012 Social Media MetricsEnd-of Day - Stats using Free Tools to Analyze Events and Search Termslike #PCampBoston or Your Brand or Competitors etc. William Toll @utollwi Marketing Professional
  2. 2. Hashtag Search Hashtag Search Twitter has a great search website that is slightly different than the search features in your account. Pros: •Free •RSS Feed for search – put this in your reader to monitor terms. Cons: Limited time storage of Tweets
  3. 3. TweetReach TweetReach TweetReach is a good tool to help identify the total reach, impressions and activity for a Twitter ID, hashtag or search term. Pros: •Free version is good for searchers with limited velocity. Cons: Free accounts limited to 50 Tweets
  4. 4. Tweet Reach
  5. 5. Word Cloud Word Cloud Wordle is a simple and free word cloud generator. Simply input a RSS feed from a search and view the worldcloud Pros: •Free •Color and font can be adjusted. Cons: Limited # of Tweets analyzed, can not remove words.
  6. 6. Sentiment Analysis Sentiment Analysis There are many sentiment analysis tools, some are thousands of dollars per month some are free. TwitterSentiment is Free. Pros: •Shows positive sentiment and negative sentiment tweets for a hashtag or term. Cons: •Very limited results.
  7. 7. TrendSlide Twitter Mentions Analysis Tracking mentions over time for ProductCamp Boston twitter account. Today we are at 28 mentions! Pros: •Mobile visibility on key business and marketing metrics.
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  11. 11. FourSquare Mobile Check-ins Great way to get visibility Pros: •Mobile visibility on key business and marketing metrics. Imagine having your entire team check into a tradeshow – great visibility for your company. •Cons: •There are many, including limited reach
  12. 12. Influencer Analysis Social Media Influencer Analysis These tools help you find and view the influence of your prospects, customers and industry thought leaders. & are good examples Pros: •Excellent way to quantify total reach of individuals social presence Cons: •Controversial •Not very accurate at times
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  14. 14. Thank You! William Toll @utollwi VP – MarketingQuestions & Comments Welcome: