Celebrity advertisements and effectiveness (1)


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  • Superbike racing champion Nicky Haydon for Tissot
  • Mostly, celebrities promote clothing brands or footwear or perfume lines. Celebrity’s brands usually have high sales because people enjoy adapting famous people’s style.
  • 1. As with branding, companies should try to maintain consistency between the endorser and the brand to establish a strong personality and identity. More importantly, companies should view celebrity endorsements as long-term strategic decisions affecting the brand. A global brand must respect local needs, wants, and tastes while endorsing. E.gshahrukh khan and Nokia2. Amitabhbachan3.ensure a match between the brand being endorsed and the endorser so that the endorsements are able to strongly influence the thought processes of consumers – Nadal and Nike4. Trademark and legal contracts: Companies should ensure that the celebrities they hire are on proper legal terms so that they don’t endorse competitors’ products in the same product category, thereby creating confusion in the minds of the consumers. Eg. Katrina endorsing so
  • Monitor the behavior, conduct and public image of the endorser continuously to minimize any potential negative publicity.As celebrities command a high price tag, companies should be on the constant lookout for emerging celebrities.Companies should ensure that this does not happen by formulating advertising collaterals and other communications.Celebrity endorsement is just a channel: Companies must realize that having a celebrity endorsing a brand is not a goal in itself; rather it is one part of the communication mix that falls under the broader category of sponsorship marketing.5. The celebrity trap: Once into a celebrity, it is hard to get out of it. If the brand has done even moderately well after the break of a celebrity campaign, it becomes difficult to separate the role of message and the role of the celebrity in selling the brand.
  • one of the largest selling brands of chocolate in India, Cadbury Dairy Milk, who received a facelift after signingAmitabhBachchan at a time of crisis, when FDA claimed that it had worms, in one of its inspections.
  • Celebrity advertisements and effectiveness (1)

    1. 1. By- Group F Amit Attrey(152) Shailja Lundia(153) PrakritiNautiyal(154) Nandini Sharma(155) Utkarsh Singh(187) Kunal Panja(198)
    2. 2. “Celebrity” refers to an individual who is known to the public, such as actors, sport figures, entertainers and others of the like for his or her achievement in areas other than that of the product class endorsed.
    3. 3.  Actors ( Shahrukh khan, Amitabh Bachchan )  Models ( Malaika Arora, Milind Soman)  Sports athletes (Sachin Tendulkar, Roger Federer )  Pop Stars (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga)  Businessmen (Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Mallya)  Politicians (Barack Obama)  Fictional celebrities (Ronald McDonald, Fido dido, Amul Girl)
    4. 4.  Helps to position and re-position existing brands.  Brings global awareness to a brand and brand recall.  Contributes extensive PR advantage and opportunities for brands.  Famous personalities are a major influence for our lifestyles.  To push the demand of the product  To bring the reliability and retention of the product.  Instant Credibility  To refresh the brand image.
    5. 5. Where, S is a Successful Brand P is an Effective Product D is Distinctive Identity AV is Added Values S = P * D * AV
    6. 6. About a decade ago, one in three television commercials used celebrities endorsements, and today this advertising approach appeared to be on the increase across all media types. It was found that celebrities are featured in 15% of the prime-time television commercials.  Indians like to associate themselves with their icons.  Brand Ambassadors bring their endorsements into limelight.  Brand Ambassadors became attention grabber.  The trick of the company.  They motivate consumers to purchase.  They increase awareness.  They create positive feelings towards brands, connect user to brand.
    7. 7.  Consistency and long-term commitment  Prerequisites to selecting celebrities: The endorser should be attractive, have a positive image in the society, and be perceived as having the necessary knowledge.  Celebrity–brand match  Trademark and legal contracts Do not endorse competitor‘s products in the same product category
    8. 8.  Constant monitoring: Monitor the behavior, conduct and public image  Timing: Constant lookout for emerging celebrities.  Brand over endorser (Vampire Effect): Potential overshadowing of the brand by the celebrity  Celebrity endorsement is just a channel  The celebrity trap: Once into a celebrity, it is hard to get out of it
    9. 9. The reason is “Instant Recall” which ensures immediate focus to the brand. Example- Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Companies uses celebrity to come out of losses, basically when brands need a lift up to come out of low sales. Example- Cadbury dairy Milk and Amitabh Bachchan
    10. 10.  Quick saliency: It gets cut through because of the star and his attention getting value.  Quick connect: There needs to be no insight but the communication connects because the star connects.  Quick shorthand for brand values: The right star can actually telegraph a brand message fast without elaborate story telling.  Quick means of brand differentiation: In a category where no brand is using a celebrity, the first that picks one up could use it to differentiate itself in the market.
    11. 11.  As themselves  They advertise the product and promote it with their name.  As actors  They act as a different character in the advertisement.  Voice Over  They don‘t appear in the ad but lend their voice.  Testimonials  They share their own experiences of using that product.
    12. 12. Selecting the right Celebrity
    13. 13.  Used commonly to entail the communicator‘s positive attributes that affect the recipient‘s acceptance of a message  Source credibility refers to the perception of the source‘s expertise, objectivity and trustworthiness  Expertise is ―the extent to which a communicator is perceived to be a source of valid assertions‖ and consists of knowledge, special experience and skills  Trustworthiness is ―the degree of confidence in the communicator‘s intent to communicate the assertions he considers most valid and consists of honesty, integrity and believability
    14. 14.  ―Beauty is a greater recommendation than any other introduction.”~ Aristotle  Attractiveness based on ‗source valence‘ model was identified as another dimension of source credibility.  Mostly associated with physical attributes, such as familiarity, similarity and likeability  Attractiveness includes any number of attributes such as intellectual skill, personality properties, lifestyle or athletic prowess  It is not necessary that attractiveness should necessarily translate into actual behavior, cognitive attitudes and purchase intention
    15. 15. There are certain parameters that postulate compatibility between brand image and the celebrity  Celebrity prior endorsements.  Whether celebrity is a brand user.  Celebrity profession  Celebrity‘s fit with the brand image.  Celebrity—Target audience match  Celebrity—Product match.  Celebrity associated values.
    16. 16.  According to McCraken (1989), the previous models discussed above are not capable of capture the success factors of the endorsement process  The central premise is that celebrities encodes unique sets of meanings which might be transferable to the endorsed product. • Culture • Endorsements • Consumption
    17. 17. Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 Celebrity Product Consumer Meaning Acquisition Endorsement Consumption Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Note: Path of Meaning Movement Stage of Meaning Movement
    18. 18. Effectiveness depends on the existence of a 'fit‗ Effective match: Reid & Taylor and Amitabh Bachhan, Accenture and Tiger Woods Establishing a Perfect Match
    23. 23. Dearth of salesman Amitabh bacchan is one man brand industry.Nobody has that 6-to-60 universal appeal who can sell anything to India, and to Bharat. .
    24. 24. Revolutionized the psychological trend of using Cadbury from 5-55age group. ‗A gift that helps foster relationships‘.
    25. 25.  Endorsing a product with multiple celebrities as it leads to attracting and connecting to the different and diverse sets of target audience to the product.  Multiple celebrities may lead to confusing consumers about the brand‘s identity  It should be assured that ―each and every celebrity possesses compatible meanings that are sought for brands‖
    26. 26.  Consumer holds by and large a positive attitude towards celebrity endorsements.  Celebrity endorsement can have an impact on the consumers recall evaluations, attention but it does not necessarily always translates into purchase intentions  Individuals with higher levels of education might be less influenced by any form of advertising than those with less education  The celebrities are often looked upon by the young as their role model.
    27. 27. Indian Consumer Mentality  They look up to certain public faces and aspire to be one among them.  Brand Ambassadors connect with a sense of attachment.  Brands have temptation to use celebrity ambassadors.
    28. 28. Different stages of consumer purchase decision making Problem Recognition Information Search Generation of Alternatives Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Post Purchase Decision BRAND AMBASSADOR CONSUMER
    29. 29.  Brand endorsements by celebrities are a widespread phenomenon in India and worldwide  Celebrities in India live a very public life  Few of the brands have been established without celebrity endorsement like Rejoice, Lifebuoy, Close Up, Fevicol etc.  There is a great potential for celebrity endorsement in India like successful endorsements done by Shah Rukh Khan includes brands like Santro, Nokia , Nerolac paints, Lux, Pepsodent, Frooti to name a few
    30. 30.  Celebrities are most effective when compared to other genre of endorsers  Celebrity endorsers produced more positive attitudes towards advertising and greater purchase intentions  Created endorsers were more effective in creating a link to the product than celebrity endorsers  McCraken (1989) found that the use of celebrity endorsers stand for an effective way of transferring meaning to brands .
    31. 31.  To stand out from the clutter  Image polishing  Celebrity as a persuasive source  Improves the level of product recall  Strong impact on learning style and memory  Underpin global campaigns
    32. 32. 1. Negative publicity 2. Overshadowing 3. Overexposure 4. Extinction 5. Celebrity Trap 6. Celebrity credibility
    33. 33.  Before choosing the celebrity the marketer has to decide how far the benefits outweigh the risks associated.  Because celebrity endorsement can create a buzz and make a consumer feel better about the product but it can not itself guarantee sales.