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Arrow AI: Automated Customer Care

Arrow AI is a Customer Care Automation Platform

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Arrow AI: Automated Customer Care

  2. 2. AUTOMATE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Repeated Tasks can be Automated During non- office hours of Humans During Customer Surge Cost Effective High Performance
  3. 3. CUSTOMER SUPPORT WITH HUMANS + AI AI can Easily handle Low Skill Repetitive Tasks AI can handle low skill tasks, like Initial Discussions with people, Taking Data, where as complicated Tasks can be managed by human. AI can easily work during human non- office hours During Non-Office Hours, like night, weekends, holidays, AI can easily handle customer queries. AI can Assist Human By Primary Analysis AI can help the Humans by providing primary analysis and other insights and recommendations about the customer
  4. 4. CHAT BASED SUPPORT A Chat based support can be Automated, where the Bot answers the Queries of users, and in case the bot is facing issues, the agent can step up, solve the issue and also train the system so that it can answer better next time.
  5. 5. ❤ CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Is at the Heart of our Product Offering and we try to make sure that the End User Experience must be Better
  6. 6. AI ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE POWERED Let your Customer Care be powered by Artificial Intelligence ChatBot
  7. 7. CHAT BASED CONVERSATIONAL AI Arrow AI is a Conversational AI that uses machine learning to understand natural language and can respond to the users over a chat based interface. The AI understands the: Entities like place, date,animal etc that are used in a sentence. Also you can create and train custom entities. Intent of the sentence as a whole. This can be a keyword based matching or using machine learning, which can be trained.
  8. 8. CONVERSATIONAL FLOWS Arrow AI can understand and have complete conversations as a series of interactions using a defined conversational flow. They can branched using subflows.
  9. 9. BUSSINESS LOGIC The Business logic can be defined using: 1. A series of pre-defined components like questions, selection boxes etc. 2. Custom components can be created with simple code 3. APIs can be integrated which can contain the business logic.
  12. 12. LEARNS ON THE GO The system can learn from multiple sources: ▸ It can read previous transcripts, ▸ Or, use your standard FAQs as starting point ▸ Can watch the agent converse with people, and it can learn on the go. ▸ The human agent can train it on the go while it is having a conversation with the customer. It is just like your Newly Recruited Customer Care Executive.
  14. 14. All functionality in application are modules. Create new modules or add existing modules from module store. FEATURES AS MODULES
  15. 15. BUILDING USER PROFILE The AI while asking questions from the user, builds up his profile over time.Any further interactions leverage the existing user information. Also for the same interaction,it responds differently to different users,based on what information the system has about that user.
  16. 16. HU HUMANS STILL HAVE CONTROL Transparency and Anytime Human Control makes the System Trustable
  17. 17. MANUAL TAKEOVER The human agents can see all the conversations of the users and AI Bot. The human agent can anytime takeover a single conversation or all conversations and start responding manually.
  18. 18. CONFIDENCE SCORE Human and AI works together to bring the best performance. You can set a confidence score and the AI will alert the agent if the system is less confident about the answer, so that the agent can take action.
  19. 19. HUMAN TRAINED The Agents can train the system with training data in the starting or during the conversation, or define the intent of any particular statement by user. He can also train on the entities in the conversation.
  20. 20. CC SCALABLE CUSTOMER CARE INFRASTRUCTURE Solid Scalable Infrastructure with Support for Multiple Agents and Multiple Integrations
  21. 21. UNIQUE CHAT + CLICK INTERFACE Instead of Just a Conversational Interface, we have created a Chat + Click Interface, making use of widgets, so that user Experience is good.
  22. 22. MULTIPLE INTEGRATIONS Integrate multiple channels, from your website, android app, Facebook and other Social Media. Also a Debugger to Test it live on Android.
  23. 23. SIMPLE FAQ EDITOR A Simplified FAQ Creator, that automatically creates Conversations based on FAQs.
  24. 24. AUTOMATIC SUPPORT TICKETS The System automatically generates support Tickets based on the Conversations with the Users, so that further actions can be taken up.
  25. 25. TRY IT NOW Simple, Intuitive and Self-Service Platform. Register Now and Start with Free Plan.
  26. 26. THANKS! Any questions? You can get in touch with me at 9936339580 &