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Penetration Testing: Celestial


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Prior knowledge for penetration testing the Hack the Box machine Celestial

Published in: Technology
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Penetration Testing: Celestial

  1. 1. Penetration Testing Wednesday, August 29
  2. 2. Quick Information Join us on Discord - Firetalks
  3. 3. Quick Overview 1. Recon = Finding background information on target without interfacing with the target. (Since we are doing Hack-the-Box we won’t be doing this) 2. Enumeration = Scanning machines for information; this involves scanning for open ports, services, things that we can exploit. We want to understand how everything is operating so we can exploit it 3. Exploitation = The fun part; we will use the information from enumeration to craft an exploit in order to gain access to something we want but they don’t want access too. 4. Escalation = Once we get access we want to gain more access; Going from a user account to root in this case 5. Persistence = Being able to get back in case our exploit breaks or they patch the way we initially broke in 6. Clean up= Leaving no trace we were there ;)
  4. 4. Our Target (recon) Hack the Box = Celestial ● IP Address = ● Operating System = Linux ● And … thats about all we know so far
  5. 5. Enumeration ● It’s always a good idea to have a scan going in the background ● Two types of scans we will focus on today ○ Network/Service Scanning ■ Nmap ■ Nessus ○ Web server Scanning ■ Gobuster ■ Nikto ■ WPScan (only for wordpress)
  6. 6. NMAP Results
  7. 7. Exploitation
  8. 8. Escalation
  9. 9. More Escalation… or is this called Pivoting?
  10. 10. Clean up ● Lets delete anything that might show we were there