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Dr. kosel cnd presentation august 2010


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Dr. kosel cnd presentation august 2010

  1. 1. ADA Committee on the New Dentist Dr. Eric Kosel, Illinois District 8 Representative to the CND
  2. 2. What’s on your mind? You’ll make it. We can help.
  3. 3. Future New Dentists = You Who is a new dentist anyway?
  4. 4. New Dentist Needs Why a new dentist committee? Who is looking out for you?
  5. 5. Addressing New Dentist Needs
  6. 6. CND Mission To serve as the voice of the new dentist within the ADA, representing new dentists’ views to the ADA Board of Trustees and other agencies; to monitor and anticipate new dentist needs and advocate for the development of member benefits, services and resources to facilitate professional and practice success; and to foster the next generation of leadership within organized dentistry by building community and facilitating new dentist leadership development at all three levels of the tripartite.
  7. 7. CND Activities and Resources • New Dentist Conference “Most motivational dental meeting of the year!”
  8. 8. CND Activities and Resources • ADA New Dentist News • Golden Apple Awards • New Dentist Resource Kit
  9. 9. CND Activities and Resources •Leadership Development •Speak to Dental Students
  10. 10. New Dentist Issues Licensure Progress • 46 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico offer licensure by credentials • Many states accept results of more than one exam
  11. 11. New Dentist Issues *Found Knowledge
  12. 12. New Dentist Issues Now, about those loans…
  13. 13. New Dentist Issues •State and Local Dental Societies •New Dentist Committees •State Society Road Maps •JADA classifieds
  14. 14. Committee on the New Dentist •17 total: one from each ADA district •Appointed by ADA Board of Trustees • ASDA Liaison •Chair: Dr. Ruchi Sahota (CA) •Vice Chair: Dr. Robert Leland (MA)
  15. 15. Committee on the New Dentist Where else is the CND heard? • Dental Education and Licensure • Dental Practice • Scientific Affairs • Communications • Membership • Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs
  16. 16. Committee on the New Dentist New Dentist Committee Network Local State
  17. 17. Committee on the New Dentist
  18. 18. Our Profession Working Together Strengthen the profession together – that’s the power of organized dentistry.
  19. 19. Reach out The Committee on the New Dentist is here for you.
  20. 20. Contact Us 800.621.8099 Committee on the New Dentist x2779 Office of Student Affairs x7470
  21. 21. Here’s to you! Thank you! Best wishes in your dental careers.