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State Central Committee Contact

  1. 1. LAST NAME FIRST NAME POSITION PARTY/ORG EMAIL CDAcheson David County Chair Utah 3Adams James County Vice Chair Wayne 2Anderson Robert SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Ashliman Susie SCC Rep Cache 1Little Linda County Vice Chair Kane 2Baldwin Elaine County Chair Garfield 2Barben McVoy County Vice Chair Piute Request. McVoy Barben. Piute. 2Bell Gregory Lieutenant Governor Utah Executive Branch Request. Greg Bell. Lt. Gov. 1Bell Matthew County Chair Weber 1Bennion Chad SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Billings Willie County Chair Washington 2Birkeland Lars County Chair Morgan 1Bishop Rob Congressman US House 1Broadhead Scott County Vice Chair Tooele 1Brownell Danny County Vice Chair Cache 1Burkett Mary SCC Rep Washington 2Burton Daniel Chair Young Republicans of Utah 2Cannon Peter SCC Rep Davis 1Cannon Rusty County Chair Davis 1Carlin Elizabeth SCC Rep Weber 1Carter Woody County Vice Chair Carbon 2Chaffetz Jason Congressman US House 2Chamberlain Drew State Party Secretary State Party 1Chevrier Kristen SCC Rep Utah 2Clára Michael Chair Utah Republican Hispanic Assembly 2Clark Steven County Chair Sanpete 3Clarke Al County Chair San Juan 2Coleman Kim SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Palmer Kyle Chair Utah Teen Aged Republicans 1Conder Phil SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Constantine Kurtis SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Cook Marvin SCC Rep Davis 1Cook Merrill SCC Rep Salt Lake 1Cornia Cloyd County Chair Rich 1Cox Dean SCC Rep Washington 2Cox Fred SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Cozzens Dave County Vice Chair Grand 2Crane Joni County Chair Uintah 2Crittenden Kendall County Vice Chair Wasatch 2Crooks Alan SCC Rep Salt Lake 1Darter Jim SCC Rep Carbon 2
  2. 2. DeGraw Vint SCC Rep Tooele 1Dellos Bill County Chair Emery 2Diamond Steve SCC Rep Utah 3Diaz Marco SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Dole Julie County Chair Salt Lake 3Dubois Ivan State Executive Director State Party(Ex Officio) N/ADuncan Dave SCC Rep Utah 3Eagar Cherilyn SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Ellis Clair SCC Rep Cache 1Ellis Richard Treasurer Utah Executive Branch 3Ellison Ferre Suzanne SCC Rep Weber 1Ericson Scott SCC Rep Box Elder 1Evans James SCC Rep Salt Lake 1Fauver Phil SCC Rep Emery 2Ferry Ben SCC Rep Box Elder 1Florence Patti SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Fowers Dale SCC Rep Weber 1Frank Craig SCC Rep Utah 3Gabrielson Aaron County Chair Wasatch 2Gardiner Adam SCC Rep Davis 1Garn Jeri County Vice Chair Box Elder 1Gates Janet SCC Rep Davis 1Gaunt Arnold SCC Rep Weber 1Glad Kirby SCC Rep Utah 3Glasheen Henry County Chair Summit 2Gooch Paul SCC Rep Washington 2Gordon Stan SCC Rep Uintah 2Greathouse Peter County Chair Millard 3Groom Heather SCC Rep Utah 2Gumbrecht Erik SCC Rep Tooele 1Guymon Don SCC Rep Davis 1Harris Kendalyn SCC Rep Davis 1Hatch Orrin U.S. Senator US Senate 1Hendricks Jennie SCC Rep Iron 2Herbert Gary Governor Utah Executive Branch 3Herring Adrielle County Vice Chair Utah 3Hohlbauch John SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Holmes Andrew SCC Rep Utah 3Horsley Ben SCC Rep Davis 1Hough Bruce National Committeeman RNC 2Huefner Jennifer County Vice Chair Rich 1Hyatt Karen SCC Rep Salt Lake 3James David SCC Rep Cache 1
  3. 3. Jardine Jared SCC Rep Utah 3Jenkins Ryan SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Jensen Larry SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Johnson Auston Auditor Utah Executive Branch 3Johnson Michael SCC Rep Davis 1Johnson Reese SCC Rep Cache 1Kimball Kris County Vice Chair Davis 1Kirchenheiter Lisa County Vice Chair Summit 2Knighton Noall County Vice Chair Weber 1Kruitbosch Darcy President Utah Federated Republican Women 1Lang Nick SCC Rep Washington 2Larkin Shauna Jo County Vice Chair Washington 2Leavitt Matt SCC Rep Summit 2Lee Mike US Senator US Senate 3Lewis Cade County Vice Chair San Juan 2Lifferth David SCC Rep Utah 3Limb Max County Vice Chair Beaver [Has no email account.] 3Linford Austin SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Lockhart Becky Speaker of the House Utah House 3Lockhart Stan SCC Rep Utah 3Love Mia SCC Rep Utah 3McCauley Mike Party Treasurer State Party 1McElhaney Jeramey County Chair Grand 2McIff Mark County Chair Sevier 3McKee Vicky County Vice Chair Daggett 2Mclemore Marc County Vice Chair Garfield 2Mickelsen Enid National Committeewoman RNC 2Millburn Bret SCC Rep Davis 1Miller Lohra SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Mills Mark SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Morales-Llan Arturo SCC Rep Utah 3Mumford Marcus General Counsel State Party(Ex Officio) N/AMumford Michelle County Vice Chair Salt Lake 2Myers McKell Chair Utah Federation of College Republicans 2Nelson Julie County Vice Chair Millard 3Nelson Lowell State Party Vice Chair State Party 2Newbold Merlynn SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Osmond Aaron SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Ott Gary SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Page Dorian County Chair Iron 2Percival Karen County Vice Chair Duchesne 2Peterson Robert SCC Rep Weber 1Peterson Tom County Chair Box Elder 1
  4. 4. Pickett Kim County Vice Chair Sanpete 3Pirente Becky SCC Rep Utah 3Potter Val SCC Rep Cache 1Powell Kim SCC Rep Wasatch 2Pugmire Boyd County Chair Cache 1Reed Chad County Chair Daggett 2Reyes Sean SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Richardson Holly SCC Rep Utah 3Roberts Jeremy SCC Rep Utah 2Robinson Mac County Chair Kane 2Robison Scott SCC Rep Millard [Scott Robison, Millard, Peter G doesnt know email address] 3Rollins Toni County Chair Beaver `Ross Katherine SCC Rep Iron 2Rowley Steve County Vice Chair Sevier 3Rust Richard County Vice Chair Uintah 2Sansevero Louis County Vice Chair Emery 2Sawyer Bradley SCC Rep Weber 1Shepherd Lisa SCC Rep Utah 3Shurtleff Mark Attorney General Utah Executive Branch 2Sloan Chris County Chair Tooele 1Smith Connie County Chair Juab 3Smith Pamela SCC Rep Morgan 1Snelgrove Richard SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Snow Brooks County Chair Duchesne 2Stevens Marilyn SCC Rep Davis 1Sudweeks Bill County Chair Piute 2Swann Steve SCC Rep Washington 2Taylor Becky SCC Rep Sevier 3Thatcher Daniel SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Thomas Beverly SCC Rep Sanpete 3Thompson Mike SCC Rep Utah 3Turner Alan County Vice Chair Morgan 1Turner Terry SCC Rep Davis 1Votaw Jeremy SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Votaw Rick SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Waddoups Mike Senate President Utah Senate 3Walker Carlene SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Wallis Robert SCC Rep Weber 1Walter Neil SCC Rep Washington - (explicitly restricted) 2Warburton Laura SCC Rep Weber 1Watts Helen SCC Rep Davis 1Weiler Todd SCC Rep Davis 1Wilde David SCC Rep Salt Lake 2
  5. 5. Wilkinson Winston SCC Rep Salt Lake 2Williamson Heather SCC Rep Utah 3Wimmer Carl SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Winder Mike SCC Rep Salt Lake 3Winters Phillip County Chair Wayne 2Winterton Thomas SCC Rep Duchesne 2Witte Keri SCC Rep Utah 3Wright Kasey County Vice Chair Juab 3Wright Thomas State Party Chair State Party 1Yakovich Pete County Chair Carbon 2Zook David SCC Rep Cache 1 {Vacant pending appointment} Vice Chair County Iron 2