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My Mastery TImeline - Jiro preston


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FullSail University Wk 4 - Mastery Timeline

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My Mastery TImeline - Jiro preston

  2. 2. End Goal My goal is to complete the online MFA program in Media Design at Full Sail University. I am looking forward to acquiring new skills with Media and Design at the mastery level. During the completion of this program I wish to expand my business relationships, while engaging in new knowledge building during the completion of each course. 2
  3. 3. Course 1 / MDL501 Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership Goal : To attain skills and understanding of common practices of becoming a master in your chosen field. Developing a process of intellectual growth with a variety of mental skills and abilities that allow you to excel in any field. Strategies: Viewings:  Mastery  Talks  with  Google  with  Robert  Greene   h7ps://   Reviews:    12-­‐month  projected  course  Lmeline     Resource:    Thinking  like  a  leader  -­‐     3 “Someone’s  opinion  of  you  does  not  have  to  become  your  reality.”  –  Les  Brown  
  4. 4. Course 2 / MDM525 Defining Clients Needs Goal: To attain skills and understanding of common practices of becoming a master in your chosen field. Developing a process of intellectual growth with a variety of mental skills and abilities that allow you to excel in any field. Strategies: Readings: John Jantsch. Duct Tape Selling, Penguin Viewings: Duct tape marketing – Reviews: Build stronger connections to my client list and develop new connections with new clients. And methods of providing solutions to wants and needs. Resource: Building business relationships - “I  dare  you  to  be  great!  I  challenge  you  to  be  great  in  every  single  thing  you  do!”  –  Eric  Thomas   4
  5. 5. Course 3 / MDM530 Brand Development Course To attain stronger understanding of Identity and branding, I will focus on how I can increase my ability to reach and attain international rebranding opportunities. Readings:  Brand  development  (www.brand-­‐   Viewings:  Phases  of  strategic  brand  development   (h?ps://­‐JA8WfApU)    Reviews:    Expand  business  to  seek  opportuniMes  on   global  brand  development  either  as  a  developer  or   collaborator.         Resource:    Building  Your  Brand  –   “When  you’re  great!  You  a7ack  Great!    When  you’re  average,  you  a7ract  average!”   –  Eric  Thomas   5 Goal: Strategies:
  6. 6. Course 4 / MDM555 Effective Copywriting My goal at the completion of this course is to have a greater understanding of the limitations of effective copywriting comparatively between films and media design. Readings:    Read  CopywriMng  101,     h?p://­‐101/ Viewings:  Review  video  from  Skillfeed:  Why  Learn  CopywriMng?   h?ps://­‐why-­‐learn-­‐ copywriMng Reviews:    I  will  apply  my  knowledge  of  copywriMng  towards  my   design,  photography,  and  film  business.     Resource:    Intellectual  Property  Fundamentals  -­‐   “If  you  don’t  build  your  dream,  someone  else  will  hire  you  to  build  theirs.”  –  Les  Brown   Goal: Strategies: 6
  7. 7. Course 5 / MDM565 Design Research To attain skills that may directly enhance my ability to research new clients. Understand new trends and goals, by exposing unidentified markets. Readings:  Google  Scholar  Research(  h?ps:// scholar?q=learning+design +research&hl=en&as_sdt=0&as_vis=1&oi=scholart&sa=X&ei=hKZmVb aNEIGEsAXF6YGQDg&ved=0CCgQgQMwAA) Viewings:  Review  observaMon  research  for  Industrial  design  on   Youtube.   h7ps:// Reviews:    Apply  my  new  understanding  of  the  research  process  to  my   new  clients.     Resource:    FoundaMons  of  Design  Research  -­‐   “Lose  all  your  excuses,  so  you  can  find  your  results.  ”  –  Eric  Tomas   Goal: Strategies: 7
  8. 8. Course 6 / MDM570 Organizational Structures To attain a stronger knowledge of positions and roles of leadership in my field. Readings:  Google  Scholar  research  (h?ps:// q=OrganizaMons+structures&btnG=&hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C21&as_vis=1) Viewings:  Types  of  TradiMonal  OrganizaMonal  Designs   (h7p://­‐of-­‐organizaKonal-­‐structures-­‐ funcKonal-­‐divisional-­‐matrix-­‐team-­‐network.html) Reviews:    I  will  conduct  research  to  learn  more  about  my  client’s   structure  and  the  best  pracMces  to  engage  those  who  make  the   decisions  with  the  companies  main  goals.    This  will  assist  me  in  reaching   more  clients.     Resource:    Sales  Skills  Fundamentals  -­‐   “Pain  is  Temporary.  QuiZng  last  forever.”  –  Eric  Thomas   Goal: Strategies: 8
  9. 9. Course 7 / MDM615 Design Strategies and Motivation I am certain that my motivation will have increased by the time I reach this course. I am aware that is a course that will be a challenge for me to concentrate. My path is towards film, and less towards design strategies. Readings:  Gather  informaMon  on  how  directly  design   strategies  compare  to  alternaMve  fields  of  study  such  as   film  or  media.   Viewings:  How  to  use  moMvaMon  design  to  make  clever   happen  (h7ps:// Reviews:    Through  research  I  will  gain  a  more  proficient   understanding  of  Designing  for  moMvaMon,  and  how  that   will  directly  effect  my  business.   Resource:    Strategy  Development  -­‐ “No  Alarm  Clock  Needed,  My  Passion  Wakes  Me.”  –  Eric  Thomas   Goal: Strategies: 9
  10. 10. Course 8 / MDM620 Design Integration I  will  be  able  to  increase  the  markeMng  maps  that   Allow  me  to  locate  new  businesses.    My   demographic  for  clients  remain  limited  based  on   my  level  of  work. Readings:  Designing  Integrated  Learning  for  Students  by   Evergreen  edu.(h?p:// Winter2003Number1.pdf) Viewings:  Teacher  EducaMon  as  Design:  Technology-­‐rich  learning   (h7p://­‐frontpage/current-­‐issue/224-­‐teacher-­‐ educaKon-­‐as-­‐design-­‐technology-­‐rich-­‐learning-­‐environments-­‐ and-­‐trajectories)  Reviews:    Extending  research  by  adding  collecMve  informaMon   to  my  resources.     Resource:    Real-­‐World  Design  -­‐ “Life  has  no  limitaLons,  except  the  ones  you  make.”  –  Les  Brown   Goal: Strategies: 10
  11. 11. Course 9 / MDM650 Multi-Platform Delivery This  has  always  been  one  of  my  stronger  suits,  my   original  studies  were  in  mulMmedia  design,  so  as  the   opposite  mulM  plasorm  will  be  finding  alternaMve   soluMons  for  delivery  of  the  concept  that  we   develop. Readings:  Review  MulM-­‐Plasorm  Delivery  by  EngageLearn   (h?p://­‐plasorm-­‐ delivery) Viewings:  Adobe  TV  –  MulM-­‐Plasorm  Publishing  June  2014  Update   (h?p://­‐digital-­‐publishing-­‐suite-­‐ enterprise-­‐ediMon/mulMplasorm-­‐publishing-­‐june-­‐2014-­‐update/)       Reviews:    Gain  a  stronger  knowledge  about  how  mulM-­‐plasorm   delivery  can  add  more  value  to  my  business  between  the  3   divisions  of  my  company.     Resource:    EffecMve  Listening  -­‐ “Don’t  be  upset  with  the  results  you  didn’t  get  from  the  work  you  didn’t  do.”  –  Eric  Thomas   Goal: Strategies:
  12. 12. Course 10 / MDM640 Measuring Design Effectiveness I  am  hopeful  that  by  the  Mme  my  course  studies  reaches  this   course,  I  will  have  a  greater  appreciaMon  for  the  need  of  this   parMcular  course.    As  I  move  forward  into  the  future  with  my   business,  I  will  be  turning  more  towards  photography  and  film   business  rather  than  the  design  departments  of  my  business.     Readings:  Design  effecMveness  St.  Louis  Council  of   ConstrucMon  consumers.(h?p://   091217BPbulletsforawards.pdf) Viewings:  3  quesMons  to  measure  your  design  effecMveness  by   Natalie  Nixon  h?p://­‐nixon/playbook-­‐ strategic-­‐design-­‐strategy.html Reviews:    Understand  how  my  company  can  be  effected  by  not   understanding  is  target  goals  towards  my  prospecMve  clients.     Resource:    InstrucMonal  Design  EssenMals  -­‐ “No  ma7er  how  good  you  are,  you  can  always  be  be7er.”  –  Eric  Thomas   Goal: Strategies:
  13. 13. Course 11 / MDM690 Thesis: Presentation of Design Solution I  will  be  looking  forward  to  how  the  development  of  a  design   soluMon  will  directly  increase  my  general  knowledge  of  the   design  process.    I  am  aware  that  this  course  will  do  nothing  for   my  business  but  it  will  be  interesMng  to  engage  in  the  process   just  to  see  how  important  a  tool  it  may  be  to  the  design  industry. Readings:  Top  25  Tutorials  for  Thesis  newbies   (h?p://­‐thesis-­‐tutorials/) Viewings:  reviewing  student  master  degree  thesis  from   Behance  (h?ps:// Scenario-­‐VisualizaMon-­‐%28Master-­‐Degree-­‐Thesis%29) Reviews:    Add  the  finishing  touches  to  my  mulMmedia   campaign.    Allow  my  business  to  expand  into  alternaMve   markets.     Resource:    Content  MarkeMng  Fundamentals  -­‐ “Don’t  quit.    You’re  already  in  pain.    You’re  already  hurt.    Get  a  reward  from  it.”  –  Eric  Thomas   Goal: Strategies: 13
  14. 14. Course 12 / MDM691 Professional Practice To  a?ain  the  ability  to  manage  and  express  the   design  process  and  transmit  that  understanding   to  others Readings:  AIGA  Standards  of  Professional  PracMces   (h?p://­‐professional-­‐ pracMce/) Viewings:  AIGA  Design  Conference  Linda  Joy  Ka?winkel  and  Shel   Perkins   (h7p://­‐HHH-­‐2013-­‐ka7winkel-­‐perkins/) Reviews:    12-­‐month  evaluaMon  of  what  materials  contributed   directly  to  the  growth  of  my  business,  and  what  courses  were  a   complete  waist  of  my  Mme.     Resource:    Graphic  Design  for  Business  Professionals  -­‐ “It’s  not  over  unLl  I  win.”  –  Les  Brown   Goal: Strategies: 14
  15. 15. • Extremely  knowledgeable   • Organized • Several  years  of  Professional   Experience • Respected  in  the  Industry   • Passionate  about  the  field • Reliable   • Truthful Mentorship  CharacterisLcs  in  my  Chosen  Field 15
  16. 16. -­‐  Ron  Owens  (Ron  Owens  &  Associates:  Current  Mentor  /  )   -­‐  Les  Brown  (Les  Brown  Enterprises:  )   -­‐  Erik  Thomas  (Eric  Thomas  &  Associates:  ) Mentors  in  field 16
  17. 17. GAG   Graphics  ArMst  Guild   ACM     Sigraph   AIGA   American  InsMtute  of  Graphic  Arts   ESA   Entertainment  Soyware  AssociaMon   Industry  /  School  Involvement NAPP   NaMonal  AssociaMon  of  Photoshop  Professionals   ASMP         American  Society  of  Media  Professionals     APA   American  Photographic  ArMsts   PPA   Professional  Photographers  AssociaMon   17