How to Get the Most SEO and Web Traffic Benefits from Blogging


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How to Get the Most SEO and Web Traffic Benefits from Blogging

  1. 1. How to Get the Most SEO and Web Traffic Benefits from Blogging
  2. 2. The best way to get people and search engines (whichmeans more people) to your website is by getting relevant inbound links. If you have some spiffy new gimmick onyour website this may be easy as everyone will be linking to you.
  3. 3. However, with a basic, solid web page the process maybemuch more difficult and slower. How do you get people to link to you?
  4. 4. The best way is to empty your wallet! Ok, just kidding, but first we will learn how easy that is.
  5. 5. For example there is a pay for blogging service that willcost you at least $5 per blog post (ie: per link) and maybe$25 or more. Now that will eat up your budget, and fast.These paid blog links dont come with any guarantee. Youmight get lots of visitors and you might not get any at all.
  6. 6. Pay per click is another great option for spending all yourmoney. This will bring you visitors for sure and youll knowhow much each one costs. Thats it. There is no long term benefit. The ads show for only as long as you pay for them. When your money isnt on the table, you dont exist!
  7. 7. You can buy links all over the place and again this may end up costing you a pretty penny, you may or may not get suitable results but when you stop paying the results (good or bad) stop. You gain nothing for the future.
  8. 8. Now blogs are a great way to get visitors and develop along term return. Blog posts tend to stick around for a long time. The trick here is to get people to blog about yourwebsite without forking over a bundle of your hard earned cash.
  9. 9. A great idea is to become a guest blogger. This would bewhere you write blog posts for other peoples blogs. Read: your links on someone elses website for free!
  10. 10. This puts you in the drivers seat for a couple of reasons.First you have control over exactly what is said. Secondly, if you do a good job you may have the opportunity to make regular blog posts. That will build an audience onthe blogs for your writing and turn into more and higher quality traffic for your website.
  11. 11. The key to being a great guest blogger is to write short (3 to 6 or so paragraph) posts that are interesting, informative, humorous and relevant to the topic of theblog (and your website). Of course they should have a link to your website. Dont over do the linking. Dont make itsound like an advertisement or something you just cut and pasted from your website.
  12. 12. A few minutes to compose a couple of well thought out paragraphs could do wonders for your web traffic. Keeplooking for guest blogging opportunities and never use the same post for more than one blog. One post could bring a lifetime of traffic.
  13. 13. This may well be your most effective way to developingquality web traffic and enhancing your the SEO for your website(s).
  14. 14. Please visit: for more info