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10 study essentials for the library

Studying in the Library is a great way to stay focussed and make the most of the resources available to you. But what do you bring? This checklist makes it easy for you to know what to organise when you're planning a massive study sesh.

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10 study essentials for the library

  1. 1. CRICOS: QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA: PRV12081 14.3.E 02.2017 10STUDY ESSENTIALS for the Library If you’re planning a massive study session in the lead up to exams, this checklist is for you. Creating the perfect studying environment can be a challenge. By heading to one of the on-campus USQ Libraries, you can access all the resources you need and choose a study spot that suits you. But what should you bring? This checklist makes it easy for you to know what to pack when you’re planning an effective study sesh. If you want to know more about the Library’s services or to find out their opening times, head to or talk to a friendly Librarian. Happy studying! Textbooks They might be heavy but bringing your textbooks along will save you from having to rely on the information in the course materials, which is often not as detailed. Laptop and charger Whether you choose to chill out on the bean bags or grab a desk in the quiet zone, bringing your laptop along means you can set up your own personal space to focus. The Library also has a number of computer labs for students to use if you don’t have a laptop or you’re not keen on lugging it all of the way there. Coloured pens and highlighters Bring your pencil case full of colourful stationary to brighten up your study experience. Highlighting and drawing diagrams makes it easier to memorise information. Post-it notes Post-it notes are a great way to organise study material so you can find the information you need when you need it. Hot coffee and snacks Students are allowed to bring hot coffee and snacks into the Library but only in computer-free areas. Try and avoid crunchy snacks like chips, and instead, opt for a healthy banana or some yummy chocolate! Water bottle Stay hydrated and boost your brain power. Not drinking enough water can lead to a loss of concentration and fatigue, so top up your water bottle regularly. Headphones If you focus better with music, make sure you bring your head- phones so you can be considerate of your fellow studying students. If you’re stuck for song ideas check out USQ’s Spotify account, where we have created playlists specifically designed to help you study! Comfy clothes To feel comfortable and ready for an intense study session, the right clothing is a must. A warm cosy jumper might be okay outside in the winter months but once you get inside, the central heating might make it a little toasty. Just remember, you are in public so maybe leave your PJ’s at home. Student ID card Your student ID card can be used for printing, copying and borrowing books, so don’t forget it! Friends As the saying goes, ‘Two brains are better than one’. Break up your routine with some company to discuss ideas, keep each other motivated and share revision notes.