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10 apps that will drive you to the download button

Competing priorities are a fact of student life. Master the juggling act and up the ante on your motivation, organisational skills and study efficiency with these 10 awesome apps! For more great ideas on how you can use technology to improve your study performance and streamline your schedule, visit the Technology tag on Social Hub.

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10 apps that will drive you to the download button

  1. 1. CRICOS: QLD00244B NSW02225M TEQSA: PRV12081 5.1.C 04.2017 Graphics © Shutterstock Spotify Evernote GoConqr Class Timetable iBooks Google Drive TED Homework 1. 6. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10. These 10 apps are the ultimate tools for motivating and organising yourself in and out of the classroom, and the best part is that they’re all free! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the download button! Statistics show that students most frequently use apps for academic, referencing and productivity purposes… Which of the following will you choose and use wisely? Jumping from lecture to lecture? Juggling due dates? There’s no need to have sticky notes hanging out of every page, keep your to-do lists up to date with the help of! Create your perfect study playlist while keeping your finger on the pulse of new tracks at the same time. Available on your phone, tablet and computer. Follow usqedu and let us help you reduce your stress levels with some sweet beats and study playlists. Do you feel like your lecturer is talking too fast? Are the slides changing quicker than you can blink? Be ready to keep up, with Evernote! This app is exactly what you need to take notes quickly. It’s never been easier to create mind maps, flashcards, online notes or quizzes to conquer your study, and ace those exams! Say hello to your new study buddy! Class Timetable will always be by your side to notify you of upcoming classes and events. The kind of friend that always has your back… and is on time! Imagine if you never had to go through multiple websites to get to that one lecture slide or reading that you’re chasing… Well, now you don’t! iBooks gives you the ability to download lecture slides and readings straight to your desktop, iPhone or iPad, and read them whenever you want! You know these apps will drive you straight to the download button, but what about somewhere to drive your apps? Drive your files and park them, where they are easily accessible. There are no parking fees, and you can invite friends to view, edit or leave comments on your files. Some of the world’s brightest, most innovative and greatest communicators, sharing worldwide issues and ideas. Download the app and check out what’s happening around you today! Gone are the days of hearing a word and having no idea what it means! Whether you’re in the middle of a lecture or a study session, can help you fill in the blanks with over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. Manage your numerous assignment due dates with the help of The Homework App. This app incorporates many different features such as colour coding, timetable, calendar and dashboard, presenting you with essential information and a countdown to your due dates. Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: Available on: 10Apps that will drive you to the download button.