Led Lighting


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Led Lighting

  1. 1. LED light bulbs have been being developed since around 2004, and started becoming more popular around 2007-2008. LED lighting itself was truly invented though around 1961 when designers applied for a patent for this type of light technology. Although it has been being used for a number of years in many different ways, lately LED lightings has become even more popular and is used in many ways from home lighting needs, public safety usages, and even vehicle lighting. LED Lighting is becoming more and more popular all over the world because of their benefits and increased visibility. Because the bulbs are relatively new, production is expected to actually exceed other light bulbs like HID’s one day. LED stands for light emitting diodes, which is a solid beam of light that does not require a filament to be ignited to create the light. LED light is actually generated by electricity moving through chemicals which then generates the light. Although these light bulbs are not seen as quite as high quality as also newer HID lights, they far exceed the light production of traditional halogen incandescent lights. Although they do not save as much power as the HID lights do, the LED lights do have a very long life cycle so the owner doesn’t’ have to worry about changing the bulbs as often. They cost more than traditional lights usually, but the fact that they last so long makes it worthwhile in the overall cost competition. There are complaints with the LED lights though. They do cost a great deal to buy and maintain. They also produce a good amount of heat which increases with the size of the light it is emitting. Because of the heat factor, this is seen by some as a possible danger to units that have a plastic casing surrounding the bulb. LED lights are being used in a wide variety of ways all over the world. For example, you can get LED lights for your landscaping or home needs. Many flashlights, lanterns, book lights, and head lamps now use LED technology. There are even LED lights intended to help grow plants and vegetables in winter based on the light and heat that the light bulbs give off. Because of the cost savings of using LED bulbs vs. other kinds of bulbs, many countries are using LED stoplights at intersections and for light-up style street signs. LED’s are very often used as indicators, like on your coffee maker, or other appliances that give you an indication of being ready to operate. Almost every person carries an LED light around with them constantly, as almost all cell phones have small LED lights that show that the power is on. LED lighting is much more eco-friendly than traditional light bulbs, producing less C02 than previously used light bulbs, so it is becoming more and more popular. Daily items that every American uses have LED lights and people aren’t even aware of it. LED is becoming much more popular every year. Overall, LED lighting is the wave of the future for many different kinds of lights, and primarily growing in the auto market. Gladiator Lighting offers low prices on all types of HID light bulbs, light bulbs and lighting accessories including energy efficient CFL light bulbs, halogens, linear
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