Learn how to protect yourself from dog attacks


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Learn how to protect yourself from dog attacks

  1. 1. Learn How to Protect Yourself From Dog AttacksSome people are naturally dog lovers, while others always feel nervous about being near one. Even ifyou have a dog in the family you may not be happy about being close to dogs you don’t know. Therecould be many reasons for this – maybe there are one or two breeds you don’t quite trust. Maybe youwere attacked by a dog when you were a kid. Whatever the reason might be you should figure out a wayto protect Self Defense products and to do the right thing should you ever find yourself in a situationwhere a dog attack could or did happen.Firstly it pays to stay well clear of any dog you come close to, even if it is on a leash. If you come intocontact with a dog that is loose, don’t run. A dog that could be about to attack will stop and look at you.If it was panting before, it won’t be now. Most people know not to stare straight at a dog, as the dog willsee this as a threatening act. If it feels threatened it will be more likely to attack you.Another thing you should try is to turn slightly away from the dog to ensure you are not facing it headon. Make sure you can still see it out of the corner of your eye though; don’t turn away completelyotherwise you won’t see an attack coming if it does decide to charge at you.If you regularly go out walking or jogging and come into contact with dogs out for walks with theirowners, make sure you go armed with an electronic dog repeller. This doesn’t hurt the dog but it willprevent it from attacking you if the personal safety products situation arises. It will also prevent youfrom being hurt, and all you have to do is to tuck the repeller in your pocket so you can grab it easily ifthe occasion should arise.The idea behind the electronic dog repeller is pretty simple. It emits a noise that you won’t be able tohear – but a dog will. The dog won’t like it and its natural instinct will be to get away from you, since youappear to be the one making the noise. The best dog repellers also have an in built light that flashes atan extremely high frequency. This will blind the dog for a short period of time, giving you time to get to asafe place.As with all types of security alarms, this is one you hope you’ll never have the need to use. But if you dogo jogging or walking on a regular basis and you’re worried about coming into contact with a dog that isout of control, it pays dividends to have one of these alarms on you. It’ll give you peace of mind and youonly have to pay a few dollars to get hold of one in the first place. Doesn’t that sound like the bestpossible solution to have in your pocket?