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Smart-Government - web version


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Smart-Government - web version

  2. 2. Revenue Management is an important aspect of iGov. iGov helps collect taxes and payments for any service through several different means – electronic, cash and cheques to provide wide choice for citizens. iGov seamlessly integrates with citizen identification system to provide un-paralleled efficiency for the government while enhancing convenience for citizens through one stop shop concept. Digital and financial inclusion initiatives can be managed through iGov. iGov facilitates a true open government by making it easy to publish government data, service performance data, laws, meeting agendas and minutes. iGov helps governments achieve significant operational efficiencies, while reducing costs and enhancing citizen satisfaction.iGov is a unique technology framework that is specially designed for implementing e-Government for any level of government from a small city to a complex federal government. Multi-channel services delivery is an important aspect of iGov. The whole system is based on citizen centric design and service oriented architecture. Features iGov from Imex Systems Inc. is the next generation eGovernment technology platform that creates a true Smart Government that is agile and can respond to the demands from citizens, administration, and elected officials. iGov results in a government that is transparent, accountable and citizen centric. iGov helps deliver citizen services through multiple channels that are accessible 24 x7. iGov helps improve efficiency by monitoring government operations and effectively pinpoint service delivery problems and helps correct them. The result is a quick service delivery at a lower cost. iGov engages citizens and ensures their voices are heard to improve the government and meet their needs. iGov is a single and comprehensive technology platform for the whole government that can deliver practically any service for any ministry, department or agency. iGov can handle all types of government services – taxes, licenses, permits, applications for visa, passports, case management for justice, social services and economic development.
  3. 3. A Citizen Portal component is also available that seamlessly integrates with the eService Delivery Platform with single sign-on capability between the two systems. The system provides significant business intelligence through powerful dashboards to identify service delivery issues, monitor service delivery performance and take corrective action. This system eliminates the need to custom develop each eService application. eServices can be configured and deployed with no or minimum coding. A central service manager manages all eServices through all channel based on service specific rules that apply across all channels. Technology Components iGov provides all technology components required for implementing e-Government. It is a modular suite of highly integrated components that dramatically reduces the cost of implementing e-Government. The modular components include: Citizen Management System Citizen Communication System Citizen Relationship Management System Multi-channel eService Builder Payment Manager eService Administration eService Process Manager Service Records Manager Service Case Manager Enterprise Service Bus The whole service delivery lifecycle is handled by the system from service intake to generating service records at the end of the service. It is a rapid eService development and deployment platform. The service delivery channels include Mobile Web Service Center Contact Center IVRKiosk
  4. 4. The powerful communication system helps the government to keep citizens informed of service status as well as to alert them in case of emergencies. SMS/Text, email and voice mail channels are supported. The payment engine iPay handles payments through multiple channels (web. Mobile, IVR, POS etc.) and can process several payment types that include credit cards, debit cards, mobile money, cash and cheque. iPay fully meets PCI-DSS requirements. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) helps to integrate the existing applications/databases like financial system, citizen databases, and individual ministry applications to iGov to ensure that existing/proven systems can be utilized without the need to replace them. Single iGov platform can be used across all ministries/departments. The system security ensures that there is total independence in building and operating their own services by each ministry/department, with their own business processes while providing the benefits of an integrated system. Because of its modular nature, deployment and maintenance is simplified. Once all basic components are installed, the implementation can take place in a phased manner as per internal resource availability within the government. Some services can be implemented in hours, not in months. There is no other comparable system anywhere in the world that provides a ready-made citizen service delivery and service management system. No other company provides purpose built and ready to use core eGovernment components like citizen management system, citizen communication system, Government Payment Manager, etc. About Imex Imex Systems Inc. is a company based in Toronto, Canada. Imex Systems Inc. is focused on public sector solutions for the last 15 years and has developed specific expertise in citizen services delivery. Imex Systems Inc. is well known in the areas of Smart Government and Smart Cities. Imex Systems Inc. is working with international governments and has offices in Washington DC and Dubai. Contact: