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United we stand divided we fall

Unity is the source of happiness which is very necessary in this age

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United we stand divided we fall

  1. 1.  We need strength to live successfully on this earth.  There is various mean to be powerful unity is one of them so it is saying “Union Is Strength”
  2. 2. • Humans have an intimacy with nature, . Without nature human beings are nothing. • James Baldwin says, “United we stand, divided we fall. This adage has been with us since generations. As boundaries diffuse in this ever-shrinking world, unity becomes even more necessary. Only when we unite in spirit, can we truly cope with the challenges we face”
  3. 3. • People are in high speed of growth to improve themselves and their status and trying new designs and fixing new horizons for new adventure in living. • Business and moral values are blended together. Hence unionism of business and moral values lift us up for a better society.
  4. 4. • A Kannada proverb says “When you are lonely, beware of your thoughts and when you are in the group, beware of your words” • Power and virtue are two sides of the same coin. Hence they should go hand in hand to create a united society.
  5. 5. The Holy Quran says: “Hold fast to the rope of Allah all of you and do not be divided.” From this verse, we come to know that Islam has definitely taught us unity. It means that we should maintain a relationship with each of our fellow creatures.
  6. 6. • Today Muslim Ummah is living under the condition of uncertainty, complexity and intolerable… • The present condition of Muslim Ummah is best depicted by a Chinese saying: • “We are like a big fish, who has been pulled from water and is flopping to find a way to back in”
  7. 7. Muslims today are facing some of the most critical challenges  Tarnishing of Muslim Image  Linking with Terrorism  Utilization of Resources  Weak democracies
  8. 8. The survival of Pakistan has never been as difficult as it is today . Pakistan is the 7th Nuclear Power in the world and very mighty when it comes to weapon and Army but very weak when the subject of unity comes up.
  9. 9. • Today our people are divided in cast and creed . We have build up many social differences that we now consider as SEPARATE NATION. • These differences has destroyed us and we left behind in every field of life.
  10. 10. • Our youth has a great responsibility to check difference and stand unite . Pakistan has more than 60% youth of its population. • Youth is very important as they consider as nation builders . Now it is time that we should start showing some maturity of the present prices and awake from deep sleep.
  11. 11. SURA AL-HASHR VERSE NO 14 ALLAH SAID “They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls. Their violence among themselves is severe. You think they are together, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a people who do not reason.”
  12. 12. SURA AL-E- IMRAN verse no 103 ALLAH SAID “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided”
  13. 13. • “The Muslim Ummah is divided. We cannot do anything collectively; we are so weak” • These are all very common and depressing dialogues that we share with our friends in gatherings. We sound dejected, hopeless, despaired and sadly but truly, disconnected to the teachings of Quran.
  15. 15. If people collectively choose the wrong path and unite their worst qualities, they can achieve temporary success, since any kind of unity leads to the nullification of one’s ego for the sake of others. This is one way to implement spiritual properties because it is a step towards unity, towards bestowal among each other for the sake of the collective egoism. Even though this unity is done in order to harm anyone who is “outside” – the Creator, nevertheless the act of unity itself brings them partial success. This kind of unity always falls at the end.
  16. 16.  If, from the very beginning, our goal is to build then it’s no surprise that our unity will only hurt us and we will not succeed. We have already seen examples of this in our world. Let’s hope that we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, like the “wise men” who meet at international conferences such as the “G20 summits” and the climate summit, aiming to bring prosperity to the world. They won’t succeed. The only question is: how many towers will they have to build and see ruined before they understand the reason for their failures?  If we don’t pursue the right goal, then any attempt at unity in our world will fail and bring more harm.  We always have to unite for positive purposes and for the prosperity of Pakistan. And we have to save Pakistan.
  18. 18.  We should start showing some maturity  Awake from lumber sleep  Focus on gravity of problems
  19. 19.  LACK OF UNITY  LACK OF EDUCATION Sensibility Responsibility Tolerance
  20. 20. On the basis of Islam Quran Pak and Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.)