Introduction To Human Resource Management


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Introduction To Human Resource Management

  2. 2. Highlights of PresentationWhat is Human Resource ManagementCore HR FunctionsRecruitment & Selection MethodQuestion & Answer
  3. 3. What is Human Resource Management:-Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in organizations in astructured and thorough manner. This definition covers the fields of staffing (hiring people),retention of people, pay and perks setting and management, performance management,change management and taking care of exits from the company to round off the activities.
  4. 4. Core HR FunctionsJob Analysis: It defines a job in termsof specific tasks and responsibilities andidentifies the abilities, skills andqualifications needed to perform itsuccessfully.Human Resource Planning: It isthe process by which an organisationattempts to ensure that it has the rightnumber of qualified people in the right jobsat the right time.Recruitment: It is the process ofseeking and attracting a pool of applicantsfrom which qualified candidates for jobvacancies within an organisation can beselected.
  5. 5. Core HR FunctionsSelection: It involves choosingfrom the available candidates theindividual predicted to be most likelyto perform successfully job task.Compensation & Benefits:(Compensation is a systematicapproach to providing monetary valueto employees in exchange for workperformed.)Training and ProfessionalDevelopment: The activities tohelp employees learning to how toperform their jobs, improve theirperformance and prepare themselvesfor more senior positions.
  6. 6. Core HR FunctionsPerformance Appraisal andManagement: It is concerned withdetermining how well employees are doing theirjobs, communicating that information to theemployees and establishing a plan forperformance improvement.Career planning and development:(activities benefit both employees (byidentifying employee career goals, possiblefuture job opportunities and personalimprovement requirements) and the organisation(by ensuring that qualified employees areavailable when needed).Employee motivation: It play vital tothe success of any organisation. Highlymotivated employees tend to be more productiveand have lower rates of absenteeism andturnover.
  7. 7. Recruitment & Selection MethodCore Functions of Recruitment & Selections:-Successful Recruitments:Successful recruitment requires efficient planning, innovative strategies to obtaina quality applicants, testing of applicant’s skills and attributes, panels withappropriate expertise and judgment, quality decision-making, commitment to diversityand fairness and commitment to quality, best practice processes that present aprofessional image. Source of Recruitment (Internal / External)I. Promotions for career advancementJ. Transfer of existing employees if they meet the requirementK. CV databaseL. NetworkingM. Print Advertisement (News Papers)N. Websites (Job portal)
  8. 8. Recruitment & Selection MethodRecruitment SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)Manpower Planning: (Manager HR will assist management inManpower Planning keeping in view business situation / HRrequirement and will evaluate, analyze and design the Job).Position Requisition: (Manager HR will obtain PositionRequisition Form by concerned supervisor/HOD.)Job Description & Specification: (In case of new position,Human Resources in coordination with the supervisor concerned preparedraft Job Descriptions, Job Specifications, Work objectives and forwardit to the departmental head for approval.)Short listing by HR: (CVs / Applications will be evaluated by HRDepartment for initial short listing candidates as per Job Description /Job Specification.)
  9. 9. Recruitment & Selection MethodShort listing by concerned supervisor: Short-listed CVs will beforwarded to concerned supervisor for further screening / short listing.Interview: Qualifying for interview will be asked to complete the ‘EmploymentApplication Form’ in order to obtain factual information about them Preliminaryinterview will be conducted through HR Department and result will be forward tothe concerned supervisor/HOD under intimation to Manager HR.Final interview: Final interview with immediate supervisor and departmentalhead will be conducted and based on their evaluations the final selection would bemade. This must be recorded in the Interview Evaluation Form with the necessaryremarks and forwarded to HR Department which will be further forwarded forfurther processing in case of approval.
  10. 10. Recruitment & Selection Method Offer Letter: On selection, HR Department prepare a offer letter and send via email to respective candidate. In case, candidate turns down the offer respective then HR Department will communicate the job offer status to Immediate Supervisor and HOD for further process/advice. Pre Joining: On job acceptance HR will obtain following documents from prospective employees:-D. Copy of CNICE. PicturesF. Educational CertificatesG. Professional CertificatesH. Resignation Acceptance LetterI. Experience Letter’s Reference check: HR Department to send reference check letters to the referee furnished by prospective employee.
  11. 11. Recruitment & Selection MethodJoining / Contract Agreement: HR Department will prepare‘Employment Contract Agreement’ (duly signed by HR Head) for signing onjoining day. HR Department in coordination with concerned department, IT andAdmin departments will make necessary arrangements for placement e.g.Seating arrangementPCTelephoneCompany ID cardE-mail accountAnnouncement / Circular: HR Department will make anannouncement of joining employee through e-mail / Circular.Orientation: HR Department is responsible for Orientation of joining staffand present ‘Orientation Guide’ to the joining employee.
  12. 12. Recruitment & Selection MethodEmployee Personnel File: Finally HR Department will prepare personnel fileof successful candidate with obtaining forms / documents mentioned above along withsigned offer and contract letter and will forward to Manager HR for review, HRDepartment is responsible for maintaining employee personnel files of all entireDepartments.
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