Quran and Science


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Quran and Science

  1. 1. The Big Bang & The Holy Quran Made By: Usman abrar And Asad javed
  2. 2.  What existed then at thebeginning of the universe? How did it begin, and why? Why did it take the form itdid? Who are we? Where did wecome from, and why for? Where are we going?
  3. 3. SHALL WE PUT IT THIS WAY?S. Hawking: This picture of a universe that started off very hotand cooled as it expanded is in agreement with allobservational evidence that we have today. We are therefore thoroughly confident that we havethe right picture, at least back to one second after thebig bang.
  4. 4. THE PERFECTION OF CREATION? The universe started out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion to just avoid re-collapse. If the rate of expansion one second after the big bang hadbeen smaller by even one part in a hundred thousandmillion million, the universe would have re-collapsed beforeit ever reached its present size. On the other hand, if the expansion rate at one second hadbeen larger by the same amount, the universe would haveexpanded so much that it would be effectively empty now. Roger Penrose showed that the probability of a universe like the onein which we exist, out of the array in „phase space‟ of possibleuniverses, is 1 in 10 to the power 123, a number too big to be writtendown in full even if every proton in the entire universe were used towrite a digit on.
  5. 5. THE PERFECTION OF CREATION? The balance and precise strength of thefundamental gravitational, electromagnetic andnuclear forces needs to be exactly what it is ifconscious life is to exist. So Peter Atkins says: If nuclei were bound together slightly more weakly, orslightly more strongly, the universe would lack chemistry. If the electric force were slightly stronger than it is,evolution would not reach organisms before the sun wentout. And if it were only slightly less, stars would not haveplanets, and lifewould be unknown. Peter Atkins, Creation Revisited, p. 23.
  6. 6. THE INEVITABLE CONCLUSIONHawking: This means that the initial state of the universe must havebeen very carefully chosen indeed if the big bang model wascorrect right back to the beginning of time. It would be very difficult to explain why the universeshould have begun in just this way, except as the act of a Godwho intended to create beings like us.
  7. 7. GUIDANCE IS FROM ALLAH (S) However, this conclusion was not sufficientfor Stephen Hawking to acknowledge thatact of God even though it is full agreementwith all observational evidence available today. This is because, I suppose, he did notinvestigate the evidence that God provided whenHe claimed the creation of the universe. This evidence can be seen in His description towhat He created. Here is some of this evidence:
  8. 8. THE EVIDENCE OF GOD: AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE BOOK OF CREATION & THE BOOK OF REVELATIONAllah (S) said: Soon We willshow them Our Signs on thehorizons (of nature), and intheir own (creation), until itbecomes manifest to them thatit (Quran) is the Truth. Is itnot enough that your Lord iswitnessed (via His signs) onall things?” [41:53]
  9. 9. FAILURE OF PREDICTABILITY AT THE BIG BANG SINGULARITY At the big bang singularity, the density of the universeand the curvature of space time would have been infinite.Therefore, the general relativity and all other physical laws Including the laws of vision and perception, which are based onthe assumption that space-time is smooth and nearly flat, wouldbreak down. One cannot predict what would come out of the singularity,which is the moment of creation. Allah (S) regarding this failure of predictability and lack ofany scientific vision or description of that moment said:
  10. 10. FAILURE OF PREDICTABILITY AT THE BIG BANG SINGULARITY “I did not make them witness to the creation of the skies and the earth or to the creation of themselves, and I would not have the misguiders as assistants.”1851.
  11. 11. THE INITIAL DISTANCE BETWEEN COSMIC BODIES WAS ZERO At the beginning, the distancebetween the neighbouringgalaxies was zero, therefore, theuniverse was one entity, and as itexpanded, all cosmic structuresstarted to take shape. This is mentioned in detail, withoutany metaphoric indications, by Allah (S): “Have those who disbelieved notconsidered that the skies and theearth were a joined entity, and Weseparated them and made from waterevery living thing? Then will they notbelieve?”2130.
  12. 12. THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE The discovery that theuniverse is expanding was oneof the great intellectualrevolutions of the twentiethcentury, said StephenHawking. However, this greatintellectual revolution of thelast century was mentioned inthe Holy Quran fourteencenturies ago. Allah (S) said:“And the sky We constructedwith strength, and indeed, Weare expanding it.” 51/47.
  13. 13. CREATION OF COSMIC BODIESFROM CLOUDS OF GAS & DEBRIS The cosmic bodies: galaxies,stars and planets includingearth were formed of cosmicclouds of gas and debris. Allah (S) mentioned that in theverse: “Then He directed His powerand will to the sky while it wassmoke and said to it and to theearth “come (into being) willingly orby compulsion”. They said: we havecome willingly.” 41/11.
  14. 14. THE BIG CRUNCH It is a fact that the universe is expanding since themoment of its creation. One of Friedmann‟s models of the expandinguniverse is that the universe is expanding so sufficientlyslowly that the gravitational attraction between differentgalaxies would cause the expansion to slow down andeventually to stop. The galaxies then would start to move toward each other andthe universe contracts. The distance between two neighbouring galaxies starts at zero,increases to a maximum, and then decreases back to zero again.
  15. 15. THE FATE OF THE UNIVERSEHowever, the fact about theend of the universe ismentioned in the Holy Quran,Allah (S) said: “The Day whenWe will fold the sky like thefolding of a [written] sheet forrecords. As We began the firstcreation, We will repeat it. [Thatis] a promise binding upon us.Indeed, We will do it.” 21/104.
  16. 16. WHY THE UNIVERSE BEGAN? THE PURPOSE OF LIFE “And I did not create theJinn and humankind exceptto worship Me. I don‟t want from them anyprovision, nor do I want themto feed Me. Indeed, it is Allah Who is the[continual] Provider, the firmpossessor of strength” [51:56-8]