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Facebook Business Basics


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Are you just setting up a business presence of Facebook, or do you have one already that you’d like to use more fully? Start with these 15 posts on Facebook Business Basics, and then follow further posts on for Facebook marketing tips, using examples of small businesses with Facebook business pages.

Facebook Business Basics

  1. 1. Courtesy of Using Facebook for Business Marketing
  2. 2. Are you just setting up a business presenceof Facebook, or do you have one already thatyou’d like to use more fully?Start with these 15 posts in the FacebookBusiness Basics Series, and then followfurther posts for Facebook marketing tips,using examples of small businesses withFacebook business pages.
  3. 3.  Register a business page, fill in the page information, increase page publicity, manage Tabs and edit the page. Read more.
  4. 4.  Pick the name of your Facebook business page with care, because it cannot be changed if you have more than 100 fans. Read More.
  5. 5.  If you’ve created your Facebook business page to launch a new campaign or introduce a new product, you can use a related photo or image of this product. Read More.
  6. 6.  Use the Info Tab on your Facebook business page to describe your mission, products, services and contact information. Read more.
  7. 7.  Whether you have chosen the brand-product- organization or local- business template from the Facebook create page link, add copy in the boxes on the top left. Read More.
  8. 8.  By default, new visitors land on your business page’s Wall, but maybe you want to give visitors a big splashy welcome. Read more.
  9. 9.  Instead of gathering more Fans for your Facebook business page, you now want visitors to click the Like button. Read more.
  10. 10.  As you manage your Facebook business page, take off your selling hat and think about finding new Friends and engaging existing ones. Read more.
  11. 11.  Go through your email address book and create either a group email and/or individual emails to tell your friends and acquaintances about your new Facebook business page. Read more.
  12. 12.  To get more Likes for your Facebook business page, add links to it from your website and other social media presences and profiles. Read more.
  13. 13.  Facebook has search capabilities to help you identify those who might be interested in your Facebook business page and to learn what is on their minds. Read more.
  14. 14.  While some very small businesses do use their Facebook business page as their website, it’s not a smart long-term solution. Read more.
  15. 15.  To reach the level of “basic presence,” you have to spend time weekly on your page. Read More.
  16. 16.  After your small business has established a basic presence with a Facebook business page, you may want to try a marketing campaign or two in conjunction with this year’s marketing objectives. Read more.
  17. 17.  Is your Facebook business page reaching and engaging users? To check, turn to Facebook Insights, a link found after you click “Edit Page” in the left hand navigation bar of your page. Read more.
  18. 18. Need more Facebook Marketing tips?Visit Using Facebook for Business Marketing