Stop bullying!


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This is a little presentation of bullying.... from meeee.... :)

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  • If your child is being bullied, the most important thing you can do is provide a place where your child can receive all the unconditional love and support, she needs. Encourage and foster your child's friendship. Having friends to confide in, and receiving support and advice from peers, tends to lessen the impact of bullying. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here:
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Stop bullying!

  1. 1. Not just bullying, racism too
  2. 2. Stop Bullying
  3. 3. This is why students go toschool… Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke. "I just want the bullying to stop. That is all I ever wanted. I used to love going to school. Now I hate it." This is what mostly students say after they get bullied No, students don’t go to school to get bullied, they go to school for Education…
  4. 4. Why do Students talk about other students. Is theresomething wrong with them. No, I don’t think somethingwrong with them, I think something’s wrong with the peoplewho talk about other people(bullies).
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Megan MeierMegan Taylor Meier (November 6, 1992 – October 17, 2006) was an American teenager from DardennePrairie, Missouri, who committed suicide by hanging three weeks before her fourteenth birthday. A yearlater, Meiers parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyber-bullying through the social networking website MySpace. The mother of a friend of Meier, Lori Drew, was laterindicted on the matter in 2008, but in 2009, Drew was acquitted.
  7. 7. Ashlynn ConnerA 10 year old girl committed suicideafter getting bullied. StacyConner(mother of Ashlynn Conner)broke down, as she recounted howkids at school and around theneighbourhood would tease the girl."Theyd call her a slut, Ashlynns ugly.Shes fat." Conner, a single mother,says its been going on for years. Sheknew her daughter was picked on,but she didnt know what to do. Theyhad talked about the bullying before,but Conner says Ashlynn never toldher things were this bad. The girl hadasked to be home-schooled aftercoming home Thursday. When hermother said no, Ashlynns sisterfound her the next day in a bedroomcloset. She had hanged herself with ascarf.
  8. 8. Mitchell WilsonWhen Mitchell was 8, his motherdied of cancer.Muscular dystrophy left MitchellWilson struggling to do simplethings like walking around theblock or climbing stairs. He alsohad to use a walker at school.Doctors had urged him toexercise regularly to stave offthe diseases effects, somethingthat was growing increasinglydifficult for the boy. He alwaysgot bullied so he committedsuicide.
  9. 9. Jamey RodemeyerJamey Rodemeyer was found deadby his sister the morning ofSeptember 18, 2011 in an apparenthanging suicide. Prior to hisdeath, he posted a final updateon Twitter that was directed towardLady Gaga. The tweetread, "@ladygaga bye mothermonster, thank you for all you havedone, paws up forever".
  10. 10. Phoebe PrinceThe suicide of Phoebe Prince, onJanuary 14, 2010, led to the criminalprosecution of six teenagers forcharges including statutory rape andcivil rights violations, as well as to theenactment of stricter anti-bullyinglegislation bythe Massachusetts state legislature.Prince had movedfrom Ireland to SouthHadley, Massachusetts.Her suicide, after suffering monthsof bullying from schoolclassmates, brought internationalattention to the problem of bullying inUS schools. In March 2010, a stateanti-bullying task force was set up asa result of her death. TheMassachusetts legislation was signedinto law on May 3, 2010.
  11. 11. Morgan MussonA 13-year-old girl committed suicideafter being bullied at school for beingtall.Morgan Musson, who was 6ft, wasallegedly tormented by fellow pupilsover a period of seven months.Even though she was moved toanother school by her parents, thebullying continued because the ganginvolved lived nearby.Hours after a tiff with one of herfriends further upset her, Morganswallowed 40 tablets of the powerfulpainkiller coproxamol and went tobed.Her body was found by her motherDebra Savage, 35, when she tried towake her at 6am for school.
  12. 12. BULLY TRAILER Click the link below and watch the trailer of the new movie BULLY (2012).Sorry, but something’s wrong with this link. Pleasecopy this link below and paste it on Google. Or go onYouTube and write BULLY TRAILER (2012). Thank-you 