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Workbook 34


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Workbook 34

  1. 1. THE CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION WAS HELD HEREFacts:• The Constitutional convention was held in 1787 to address problems in governing the U.S.• This started in May and the final decision was voted in September.• 55 delegates met in this meeting.• It was the same place where the Declaration of Independence was signed.• Two plans were presented: The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan.
  3. 3. THE ADAMS-ONIS TREATY DEALT WITH THIS STATEFacts:• Negotiated between the United States and Spain.• It was signed in February 1819.• It was signed between the Secretary of State John Quincy Adams and the Spanish Minister to the United States Don Luis de Onis.• They wanted to establish a boundary line between Spanish territory and the U.S.
  4. 4. FLORIDA
  5. 5. THE AUTHOR OF THE LARGESTATE PLAN CAME FROM HEREFacts:• The plan was drafted by James Madison.• It created the idea of population-weighted representation.
  6. 6. VIRGINIA
  7. 7. THE AUTHOR OF THE SMALL- STATE PLAN REPRESENTED THIS STATEFacts:• The author was William Paterson.• It was in response to the Virginia plan.• It called for two houses of Congress.
  8. 8. NEW JERSEY
  9. 9. ROGER SHERMAN, AUTHOR OF THE GREAT COMPROMISE, REPRESENTED THIS STATEFacts:• Roger Sherman served as the first mayor of this certain state.• He moved to this state after his father’s death.
  11. 11. THE UNITED STATES ANNEXED THIS AREA IN 1845Facts:• It became the 28th state.• This led to the Mexican-American War.• This idea was popular in the South but not approved in the North.
  12. 12. TEXAS
  13. 13. MUSCLE SHOALS IS IN THIS STATEFacts:• It is a city in Colbert Country• It is approximately 30 miles south of Tennessee and approximately 20 miles east of Mississippi
  14. 14. ALABAMA
  15. 15. THIS STATE IS KNOWN AS THE “SOONER STATE”Facts: Unassigned lands were offered to settlers. The Homestead Act of 1862 allowed settlers to claim 160 acres of land in this state. The people who entered this land were known as the “Sooners”
  16. 16. OKLAHOMA
  17. 17. THE MORMONS FINALLY SETTLED HEREFacts:• After the assassination of the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith Jr., Brigham Young and other Mormon leaders decided to abandon Illinois and move west.• They had enough experience to tame this harsh land.
  18. 18. UTAH
  19. 19. THIS IS THE CENTENNIAL STATEFacts:• It was named this because it was admitted to the union in 1876.• This was the centennial year of the United States.
  20. 20. COLORADO
  21. 21. THIS STATE WAS ADMITTED AS A FREE STATE IN 1820Facts:• This was part of the Missouri Compromise.• It would balance Missouri’s admission as a slave state if this state became free.
  22. 22. MAINE
  23. 23. THIS STATE WAS ORIGINALLY THE BEAR FLAG REPUBLICFacts:• This came about during the Mexican- American war.• It was raised in Sonoma after being captured and represented this state.• This flag is currently a symbol for this state.
  24. 24. CALIFORNIA
  25. 25. THIS WAS THE LAST OF THE CONTINENTAL FORTY-EIGHT STATES TO BE ADMITTED TO THE UNIONFacts:• It’s borders are New Mexico, California, Mexico, Nevada and Utah.
  26. 26. ARIZONA
  27. 27. THIS IS THE SITE OF TEAPOT DOMEFacts:• It allowed for the Secretary of the Navy to have the power "to conserve, develop, use and operate the same in his discretion, directly or by contract, lease, or otherwise, and to use, store, exchange, or sell the oil and gas products thereof, and those from all royalty oil from lands in the naval reserves, for the benefit of the United States.”• It was a victory for no political party.
  28. 28. WYOMING
  29. 29. THIS COLONY WAS ORIGINALLY SET UP FOR DEBTORSFacts:• James Ogelthorpe established this as a refuge for debtors.• It is the 13 of the original colonial states.• Instead it became a home for people who were religiously persecuted such as the Puritans, Quakers, and Protestants.
  30. 30. GEORGIA
  31. 31. THIS WAS THE FIRST STATE TO SECEDEFacts:• This state seceded on December 20, 1860.• They did this due to the constant fighting about slavery between the North and the South.
  33. 33. VICKSBURG IS IN THIS STATEFacts:• The siege of Vicksburg was the final major military action during the American Civil War.• They crossed a certain river into this city.
  35. 35. THE GREEN MOUNTAINS ARE IN THIS STATEFacts:• They are a mountain range in this state that extends about 250 miles.• The Green Mountain Republic existed from 1777 to 1791 in which this state became the 14th state of the U.S.
  36. 36. VERMONT
  37. 37. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD ARE LOCATED HERE Two statesFacts:• The first shots happened here that started the Revolution.• They were planning to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock.
  39. 39. OHIOS WESTERN RESERVE WAS ORIGINALLY A PART OF THIS STATEFacts:• It was land claimed from 1662 to 1800 in the Northwest Territory.• They gave this land in exchange for federal assumption of its American Revolutionary War.
  41. 41. THE WHISKEY REBELLION TOOK PLACE HEREFacts:This tax imposed on whiskey in 1791 by the federal government.People west of the mountains could not accept the decisions and began to riot.A federal marshal was attacked in this state.
  43. 43. SHAYS REBELLION TOOK PLACE HEREFacts:The movement was when farmers wanted to be paid for their service in the Revolutionary War.Daniel Shays was in charge and led an attack on a federal arsenal in this state.Four men were killed and 20 were wounded.
  45. 45. THIS WAS THE SITE OF THE HAYMARKET RIOTFacts:• It was a strike organized for an eight hour work day.• A protest began in Haymarket Square.
  46. 46. ILLINOIS
  47. 47. THESE FUTURE STATES EXPERIENCED A SMALL CIVIL WAR IN 1856 Three statesFacts:• Senator Stephen Douglas introduced a bill known as the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The territories would be divided by the 40th parallel.• The issue of slavery in the territories would be decided by popular sovereignty instead of by the Missouri Compromise of 1820.
  49. 49. THE NATIONAL GUARD WAS CALLED HERE TO FACILITATE SCHOOL INTEGRATION IN 1957Facts:• The school board in this state allowed nine African American students to attend an all white central high school.• President Eisenhower sent in a few men from the national guard to protect the girls.
  50. 50. ARKANSAS
  51. 51. THE COMSTOCK LODE IS IN THIS STATEFacts:• It yielded about $300 million in silver and gold ore.• It was named after Henry Comstock.
  52. 52. NEVADA
  53. 53. THIS AREA SEPERATED FROM AN EXISTING STATE IN 1863Facts:• This state split into two during the Civil War.• The people from the mountain district never had great connections with the people on the coast.
  55. 55. THIS BECAME THE FIRST STATEIN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORY TO BECOME A STATEFacts:• The Northwest Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the U.S.• Only the south eastern portion of it was admitted to the union.
  56. 56. OHIO
  57. 57. THE HOUSE OF BURGESSES SITS IN THIS STATEFacts:• It was the first assembly of elected representatives of English colonists.• It was held in Jamestown on July 30 1619
  58. 58. VIRGINIA
  59. 59. THE LINE IMPLIED IN “FIFTY-FOUR FORTY OR FIGHT!” IS THESOUTHERN BORDER OF WHICH STATE?Facts:• "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!" was a slogan used by expansionists in the 1840s regarding the issue of the Oregon border. Fifty-Four Forty refers to the latitude line which was the northern extent of U.S. claims in Oregon.
  60. 60. ALASKA
  61. 61. THE TREATY OF PORTSMOUTH WAS SIGNED HEREFacts:• The Treaty of Portsmouth ended the Russo- Japanese War.• It was signed on September 5, 1905 after the negotiations at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard near Portsmouth.
  63. 63. JOHN BROWNS FAMOUS RAID ON HARPERS FERRY WAS IN THIS STATEFacts: John Brown wanted to establish a base in the Blue Ridge Mountains from which they would assist runaway slaves and launch attacks on slaveholders. Him and a few men attacked Harpers Ferry but the local militia pinned them down.
  64. 64. VIRGINIA
  65. 65. FORT SUMTER IS LOCATED IN THIS STATEFacts:A letter was sent to Major Anderson that they would be attacked in an hour.The South bombarded Fort Sumter from all sides.
  67. 67. THE CONFERENCE TO START THE UNITED NATIONS WAS HELD IN THIS STATEFacts: Founded in 1919 to promote international cooperation and peace. The conference was attended by 50 nations.
  68. 68. CALIFORNIA
  69. 69. THIS WAS THE FIRST COLONY TO GRANT COMPLETE FREEDOM OF WORSHIP AND SEPERATION OF CHURCH AND STATEFacts: This colony was the first to have a charter that stated that no one would be punished for their religion.
  70. 70. RHODE ISLAND
  71. 71. THIS COLONY PASSED AN ACT OF TOLERANCE IN 1649Facts: It was passed by the colonial assembly that mandated religious toleration. It helped show the government some religious freedom and protected the rights of minority military groups.
  72. 72. MARYLAND
  73. 73. THIS WAS THE SITE OF THE HOMESTEAD STRIKEFacts: Labor confrontation that lasted for 143 days. The company attempted to cut wages of skilled steel workers and they decided to strike about it.
  75. 75. MOST OF THE GADSDEN PURCHASE IS IN THIS STATEFacts: James Gasden was responsible for this deal. This agreement to buy a strip of land was created in 1853 so that a railroad line could be built to the Gulf of California. Only five years after the end of the Mexican Cession.
  76. 76. ARIZONA
  77. 77. THIS STATE IS THE LOCATION OF WOUNDED KNEEFacts: The Wounded Knee massacre was a battle on December 29, 1890. It was a fight between American Indians and United States troops after there was news that Sitting Bull, the Sioux chief, was killed.
  78. 78. SOUTH DAKOTA
  79. 79. THESE FOUR BORDER STATES REMAINED LOYAL TO THE UNIONFacts: Two of them which were slave states never seceded. The other two did not declare secession until after the Battle of Fort Sumter.
  81. 81. SEWARDS FOLLY REFERRED TO THIS STATEFacts: Russia was interested in selling this state. William H. Heward, secretary of state, wanted to expand the United States. The agreement was signed in March 1867 to make this a state.
  82. 82. ALASKA
  83. 83. THIS WAS THE SITE OF THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBORFacts: On December 7 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. No one knew that the Japanese were going to attack. 2,000 Americans had died.
  84. 84. HAWAII
  85. 85. THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG TOOK PLACE HEREFacts: General Robert E. Lee marched his army out of Virginia and toward to Potomac River to invade Maryland and this certain state. The battle began on July 1st 1863 and lasted for three days. Deadliest battle of the Civil War.
  87. 87. THE WEBSTER-ASHBURTON TREATY ESTABLISHED THE BORDER OF THIS EASTERN STATEFacts: It was signed August 9, 1842 to settle the dispute over the location of the border between the U.S. And Canada. It was signed by Daniel Webster and Alex Baring.
  88. 88. MAINE
  89. 89. TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE IS LOCATED HEREFacts: Booker T. Washington arrived in this state and built his school institute. He wanted to train teachers to work in rural areas and teach blacks.
  90. 90. ALABAMA
  91. 91. THE MEXICAN CESSIONINCLUDED ALL OF THESE FOUR STATESFacts: It was a result of the Mexican-American war. With the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Mexican government gave away ½ of their land.
  93. 93. THE AREA KNOWN AS WATTS IS LOCATED IN A LARGE CITY IN THIS STATEFacts: It was purchased by Charles H. Watts in 1886. It is located on the Rancho La Tajuata Mexico land grant. It was sold off to small farms.
  94. 94. CALIFORNIA
  95. 95. THE POTAWATOMIE MASSACRE TOOK PLACE HEREFacts: Murder of 5 men from a proslavery settlement on Pottawatomie Creek. It was led by John Brown.
  96. 96. MISSOURI
  97. 97. THIS STATES PROGRESSIVE GOVERNOR MADE IT “THELABORATORY OF DEMOCRACY” AND A MODEL FOR OTHERS INTERESTED IN REFORMFacts:Robert La Follete, the governor did reforms that broke the power of the party buses.
  98. 98. WISCONSIN
  99. 99. THE OREGON COMPROMISE SET THE NORTHERN BORDER OF THESE TWO STATESFacts: It was a treaty between the United States and the United Kingdom. The Oregon Compromise was an ongoing dispute until the Treaty of 1846 which set the boundary at the 39th parallel.