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Get Kudos from customers (without bribing them)


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How can you truly delight customers? As top performer on the UserVoice support team, I walk you through how I rake in the Kudos.

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Get Kudos from customers (without bribing them)

  1. Get Kudos from customers…without bribing them.Claire Talbott, Customer ServiceSunday, April 21, 13
  2. What are Kudos?Basically, Kudos are a way of saying thank you.In UserVoice Helpdesk, customers can give Kudos when they like a response that a customer service agenthas given them.Sunday, April 21, 13
  3. Because…• It means you’re doingyour job well• They’re fun• You get 15 points onthe team leaderboard• You exceeded thecustomer’s expectationWhy should you care about Kudos?Sunday, April 21, 13
  4. Because I have the highestKudos rates at UserVoice.Why am I qualified to talk to youabout Kudos?Sunday, April 21, 13
  5. Ok, so how do I get these Kudos?There are 3 tricks…Sunday, April 21, 13
  6. Write like a human being, like you’re actually talking toa person across the table.You don’t want to sound like a script, a corporatemonkey or lifeless robot.Which would you choose?“Let us know if you need clarification on any otherdetails regarding your account.”Vs.“Let me know if you have anymore questions.”1. Write like a human being….Sunday, April 21, 13
  7. Empathizing shows…• You value the customer.• You understand.• That you’re a human being.But how do you show empathy?2. EmpathizeSunday, April 21, 13
  8. Customers…• May have limited technicalknowledge.• Don’t understand how muchinformation you actually need topinpoint a bug.• Don’t grasp that “your app isn’tworking” could mean 10 differentthings.• If non-native English speakers,probably have just as much troubleunderstanding you as you do them.Get into characterSunday, April 21, 13
  9. Phrases that “Tell”• We’re sorry for the inconvenience• We apologize for the delay• We’re experiencing technical difficulties• Thank you for the feedbackPhrases that Show• That’s not good! You certainly need to be able touse that feature.• I see what you mean. Your suggestion does makea lot of sense. I created an idea for it on ourFeedback Forum to the get the discussionstarted…• Something is going on. Our system doesn’t seemto like your profile for some reason (but we do!).Show, don’t tellSunday, April 21, 13
  10. • Get back to the customerquickly.• Hunt down answers if it’s aquestion you don’t know theanswer to.• If it’s a bug, figure out what’sgoing on and keep themupdated.• Be honest if it’s taking you sometime to figure out what’s goingon.• Let the customer know when thebug is fixed.3. Solve their problemsSunday, April 21, 13
  11. 1. Talk like a person (a niceone)2. Empathize3. Solve the Problem (or findsomeone who can)Exceeding customer’s expectationsisn’t that hardSunday, April 21, 13
  12. Claire TalbottCustomer Support,UserVoiceThumb up photo - photo - photo - photo - you photo - photo -!Sunday, April 21, 13