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Usergrid Overview


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Overview of Usergrid Mobile Platform Stack

Published in: Technology
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Usergrid Overview

  1. 1. Platform Stack forCloud-Connected Mobile Applications
  2. 2. Mobile Apps And The Cloud? App ? “The Lost Art Of Client/Server”
  3. 3. Mobile Clients And Web PaaS Why does building an app that runs onApp the client require you to write a bunch Web PaaS of code that runs on the server?
  4. 4. Web PaaS Are Still About Web Pages Web PaaS are optimized for webapps spitting out web pages from amonolithic stack built on the server-side PHP, Ruby, Java, .NET App Engine, Heroku, Azure, language and DotCloud, etc.framework of the day
  5. 5. Mobile Apps Run On The Device (Surprise!) Services And Data Mobile is about delivering rich interaction from client apps running on the device with services Native HTML5/JS and data on-demand Flash from the cloud
  6. 6. Rich Clients Need Rich Services User Management Access Control, Groups, Roles, Graphs Connected & Social Interactions Activity streams, linked profiles App Application Objects & API Integration Base & Premium Functionality, 3rd Party Services Content & Data Personalized, Highly scalable, Deeply indexed Data Processing & Analytics Real-time, tied to specific user actions INTERNAL AND CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. Requirements Of A SolutionWe need to enable application developers to:•  Focus on client development•  Manage their users (customers) across multiple devices and applications•  Build highly data-rich applications that are socially- connected and can leverage both existing and mobile user- generated content and media assets•  Monitor and analyze data to drive both application functionality and business intelligence•  Not have to worry about server side infrastructure at all
  8. 8. Example“Conference App”
  9. 9. Conference AppSign In To The See What What Sessions View The Conference Colleagues Are Should I Attend? Schedule Here
  10. 10. Conference App (cont.)Your Schedule Check-in At The Ask Questions Rate And Flag Planner Session For Follow-up
  11. 11. Conference App (cont.) App Objects And Features Used:•  User Management•  Friends & Colleagues “Graph”•  Content Search & Recommendations•  Events & Presenters•  Schedules•  Activities & Messages•  Rating, Favoriting, and Collecting
  12. 12. Example“Live Audence Reaction App”
  13. 13. Spot-On Trendspotter Mobile application for real-time audience reactionUser response data is collected, transmitted to server via websocket, correlated and transmitted back to all connected clients
  14. 14. Live Audience App (cont.) App Objects And Features Used:•  User Management•  Friends & Colleagues “Graph”•  Schedules•  Realtime Data Streams
  15. 15. Thank You