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Tourist attractions in Batalha, Portugal (10.º CT)


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eTwinning activity - tourist attractions in Batalha, Portugal

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Tourist attractions in Batalha, Portugal (10.º CT)

  1. 1. What can we visit in Batalha? The Monastery and its imperfect chapels The “bear sink” Ethnographic Museum of Upper Extremadura - Magdalene House
  2. 2. Monastery and its imperfect chapels
  3. 3. “Bear Sink (Pia do Urso) Old reconstructed houses
  4. 4. Ethnographic Museum of UpperExtremadura - Magdalene House
  5. 5. Economic benefits GoodEnvironmental benefits aspects of Social benefits tourism It promotes culture
  6. 6. Long queues in the shopsDestruction Disadvantagesof habitats of tourism Noise High level of pollution
  7. 7. One video of Batalha
  8. 8. Work done by: João Parreira nº10 João Morgado nº11 Paulo Shevchuk nº18
  9. 9. The End