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Our weekly school timetable (11LH)


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Our weekly school timetable
Work done by Daniela M., Sofia, Verónica
eTwinning 2012/2013

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Our weekly school timetable (11LH)

  1. 1. Our school timetable 11th languages and humanities class 2012/2013HOURS MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY08.20—09.05am09.05—09.50am Spanish Philosophy Spanish English Philosophy10.10—10.55am10.55—11.40am Portuguese Physical History Physical Spanish Education Education11.50—12.35am12.35—13.20pm English Geography Portuguese History Geography13.50—14.35pm14.45—15.30pm15.30—16.15pm History Geography Religious education
  2. 2. Spanish English In these lessons we learn the English In these lessons we learn the Spanish languague and communicate through fun languague and communicate. games, songs and other types of exercises. School subjects In these lessons we learn how to communicate In these lessons we learn what happened in better in Portuguese and improve some our past and we get to know the important mistakes that we do in your languague, we stages of history. learn new things too.Portuguese History
  3. 3. Philosophy Geography In these lessons we learn many things like In these lessons we learn how to think more studying the land surface, we understand the clearly and discuss our opinions and reasons. natural phenomena , agriculture, and other things about our planet and society. School subjects In these lessons we learn rules to live in society with respect, through films and In these lessons we do many exercises and conversations that we have with the teacher. games that are good for our body. It´s an optional school subject. Physical Religious Educational education