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Our school town (10LH)


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Our school town, Mira de Aire
Work done by Diogo, Pedro A., Pedro D., João R.
eTwinning 2012/2013

Published in: Education
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Our school town (10LH)

  1. 1. Our town: Mira de Aire PortugalBy: Diogo Santos João Reis Pedro Dias Pedro Amorim
  2. 2. Our School In our school, we can do sports, like running at the track field, playing football and tennis and a lot of other things, like learning!
  3. 3. Elementary School This is our Elementary school where the kids study from 1st grade to 4th.
  4. 4. Town Council dnd The Culture HouseAt the Culture House, we can see movies, theatre plays, and go to the library.In the Town Council, we can debate the population´s problems with the president. The Town Council The Culture House
  5. 5. The “Habitat Bar”This is our favorite bar, the Habitat Bar.Inside it we can dance, do karaoke and do a lotof other funny things.
  6. 6. Tourism This is Mira de Aires water park.Mira De Aire’s cavesare the biggest in ourcountry. Their’re oneof the seven naturalwonders of Portugal.
  7. 7. The MarketThis is our market. Inside we have a butcher’s, a fishmarket and a restaurant. On Saturday a few peoplesell clothes here.
  8. 8. Fire Station Other places of interest Mira de Aire’s main site for Ventas do Diabo- The Devil’s young and old people Nose Inside photo Football Field