Our school town (10CT, group 4)


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Our school town, Mira de Aire
Work done by Joana J., Joana G., Filipe C.
eTwinning 2012/2013

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Our school town (10CT, group 4)

  1. 1. MIRA DE AIRE
  2. 2. MIRA DE AIRE
  4. 4. CHURCHThis is our church. We go to the mass on Saturday or Sunday.
  5. 5. LARGO DA IGREJAThis is the space in front of the church, where we meet ourfriends and talk , basically it is a meeting point. It has aplayground for children and a fish pond. The elderly also gothere to rest, talk and play cards.
  6. 6. OLD CHURCHIt is our old church. There are exhibitions of several things there.
  7. 7. “JARDIM” - CAFEIt is a very popular café in Mira de Aire. The adults come here todrink coffee after lunch.
  8. 8. MARKETThere is a market in the center of Mira de Aire. It also has smallshops, a small restaurant and a shoemaker.
  9. 9. TOWN COUNCILIt is here that people deal with issues of the town.
  10. 10. CULTURE HOUSEThe Culture House is a place where we can find theater plays,soirees and parties. We may also access the internet and go tothe library. It is next to Town Council.
  11. 11. “PAPAGAIO” - BARIt is a disco bar where we also go at weekends.
  12. 12. “BURACAS”The “Buracas” are caves in the mountain and they are alsoknown as “Ventas do Diabo”
  13. 13. MEDICAL CENTERPeople go to the medical center when something is wrong withtheir health. This place was a school before.
  14. 14. CHEMIST’SThe chemist’s is next to the post office. Its where we buymedicine.
  15. 15. SPORTS COMPLEXThis is a sports complex where we have Physical Educationlessons and where we can watch matches, futsal, for example.
  16. 16. SPORTS FIELDIt is a field where people play football matches and also dosome training.
  17. 17. SPORT FIELD– “FIANDEIRA”It is a field where people play football with friends and manyother things.
  18. 18. “GENA” - BARThere is where we usually go take a coffee or just to be with ourfriends.
  19. 19. CAVESThey are the biggest in Portugal, they are ours. They arebeautiful and they are also part of the 7 natural wonders ofPortugal.
  20. 20. POOLS OF THE CAVESThese are our pools, where we go a lot in the summer, it has abar and water slides.
  21. 21. POST OFFICEOur post office is located on the main road. There we put ourmail.
  22. 22. “HABITAT” - BARIt is where we socialize at the weekend and listen to music.
  23. 23. FIRE STATIONThis is our fire department, where our firefighters are alwaysready for any accidents.
  24. 24. NURSING HOMEThe nursing home is a house for the old people. There they aretreated very well.
  25. 25. “CHAMPS” - RESTAURANTIt is one of our favorite restaurants, because they sell good andtasty pizzas!
  26. 26. SCHOOLS
  27. 27. NURSERYThis nursery is where mothers leave their children and go towork.
  28. 28. PRIMARY SCHOOL NUMBER 1We have two primary schools. There is the number 1, a bitdistant from the center of the village.
  29. 29. PRIMARY SCHOOL NUMBER 2This is the primary school number 2 and is next to the secondaryschool.
  30. 30. PREPARATORY SCHOOLThis is our preparatory school. It has a library and one sportsfield. It is very distant from the center of the town too .
  31. 31. SECONDARY SCHOOLThis is our school! It is big, has two main buildings, four sportfields and it is where we arrange school parties and events andalso where we study, obviously.
  32. 32. Come and see us! THE END!