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New Year's Resolution, by João R.


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Published in: Education
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New Year's Resolution, by João R.

  1. 1. Work done by: João Reis nº 13 Teacher: Filomena Miguel
  2. 2.  In 2012 people will try to change their lives, and maintain a financial equilibrium.  Maybe even someone who knows how to make a strict diet, start reading more, doing more sport and still accommodate a hard life, difficulties and a life of suffering.  Try to focus more on the people we love.
  3. 3.  Pedro Dias promised before the class to be a very well behaved boy in the classroom.  Miguel promised he will stop being late for classes, mainly the English one.  Pedro Orfão will try to keep it down with his deep voice.  Vera promised before the class that she will leave the euphoria at home and be calmer.
  4. 4.  If Pedro Dias does not stop misbehaving, he can have problems.  If Miguel does not stop being late, he will continue to pay fines and lose points.  If Pedro Orfão does not try to keep his voice down, he can be expelled more times.  If Vera doesn´t let the euphoria at home, she can take many lectures from her friends.
  5. 5. These are promises that we expect to see in 2012 with long New Year's resolutions. And you, what is your New Year's Resolution ?