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Useful is business development agency based in İstanbul, Turkey. We are developing our own platforms and products and giving utility marketing business development consultancy services for the brands and companies.

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  1. 1. 8 Mayıs 12 Salı
  2. 2. why useful? Annoying TV commercials, dazzling billboards everywhere, colorful ads... Are you sure that you reach your customers effectively? Do you measure your advertising investments correctly? There is a brand new way of marketing to attract your customers directly and involve them to your brand without annoying: Positive Marketing. Our expertise is to bring you together with your consumers in a unique platform where you can offer your brand at the moment of need. Your customers become happier with our ideas and welcome your message and brand at the same time. You win, and your customers win. Welcome to new marketing age with Useful.8 Mayıs 12 Salı
  3. 3. Useful is a business development agency with expertise in digital marketing We develop our own positive marketing platforms We help you to create your brand’s positive marketing strategy We provide utility to people and the brands We use the latest internet technologies We support entrepreneurships and we say, our job is to make Positive Marketing for Positive Brands...8 Mayıs 12 Salı
  4. 4. To learn more about Useful: Follow us on social media: Twitter: @usefulideasnet Linkedin: company/useful_ideas Our platforms: twitter: @hesaplabakalim Thanks.8 Mayıs 12 Salı