usedmount mountain bikes: the ultimate buyers guideBuying used moun...
benef it of comf ort while riding of f -road.The buyers checklist for used mountain bikesBecause we are buying used mounta...
gives you a great starting point.There are also some other common brands out there thatyou might f ind such as Huf f y, Sc...
How much is a used bikeDepending on what you are looking f or a used, you could spend anywhere f rom $25 to 600+.On the lo...
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This is a mountain bike buyers guideth

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  1. 1. usedmount mountain bikes: the ultimate buyers guideBuying used mountain bikes can be a big pain. I mean trying tof ind the right one,or not knowing what to look f or is not f unat all.Well, I hope to ease your pain a bit with this guide.I hope to help you f ind that the perf ect bike f or you.Ready to go?Let’s talk bike framesTo f ind out what f rame is right f or you, we need to know howtall you are. Now, there are many dif f erent sizes of f ramesout there, and you need to make sure you get the right one.To help you get the right f rame f or the right person I have put together this chart to help you make a decision.Here is a mountain bike size chart to help you f ind the right bike.Height Bike size5’-5’3” 13”5’3”-5’7” 15”5’7”-5’11” 17”5’11”-6’2” 19”6’2”-6’4” 21”6’4”-6’6” 23”Another aspect to think about is whether you want suspension or not. If you are looking f or used mountainbikes, your options may be a bit limited, but not impossible.If you are looking f or suspension, you should think about whether you want f ront suspension or f ullsuspension(f ront and back). That may change the price slightly. The better the suspension, the moreexpensive the bike will be.For most beginners and casual bikers, f ront suspension may be just the right thing f or you. The suspensionwill absorb most of the bumps that you encounter while biking.For more serious bikers, you may want to look at f ull suspension options. They will provide you with the f ullbenef it of comf ort while riding of f -road.
  2. 2. benef it of comf ort while riding of f -road.The buyers checklist for used mountain bikesBecause we are buying used mountain bikes, you need tomake sure that what you are buying is ok to ride. I’ve providedyou with this checklist to make sure that you get a goodproduct when buying used mountain rust on f ramethe bike wheelsets are still goodrims straight and all the spokes presentcheck to make sure wheels turn f reelycheck chain to make sure it isn’t loose and worksproperlyf rame and f ront f orks not bentthe bike shocks are still f unctionalno excessive bike tire wearbrakes workchanges gearstires holding airseat can be adjustedtake bike f or test ride if possible and pay special attention to gear shif ts and brakesTop 5 mountain bikesThere are many bikes out there that you can buy, but what are the best bikes. I’ve compiled a list of some ofthe top bikes that are easily accessible.Note: these are affiliate links and I will make a commission should you choose to buy one, but it will not cost youany extra money.[editors choice] Diamondback 2013 Overdrive V 29′er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch WheelsMongoose Women’s Woodland Bicycle (White)Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, Red)Pacif ic Stratus Men’s Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)Schwinn Women’s SX2000 Bicycle (Purple)These are the top 5 you can f ind on Amazon. The reasonwhy I point these ones out is because you can buy them usedf rom Amazon when someone puts one up.Are you always going to be able to f ind them used no, but it
  3. 3. gives you a great starting point.There are also some other common brands out there thatyou might f ind such as Huf f y, Schwinn, and Mongoose.You can f ind these bikes easily as most of them are sold atWalmart. Keep in mind that not all of these bikes are suitablef or hardcore of f -road biking, but f or getting you to and f romwork. They will do just f ine.Some of the higher brands bikes are: Norco, Trek, GT and Kona.These type of bikes can be f ound f or much higher prices, but you tend to get higher quality as well.Best places to buy used mountain bikesThere are tons of places where you can buy bikes. If you’re looking to buy a used bike, there are a couple ofplaces you’ve got to check out.Yard salesFlea marketsRepair shopsIf you’re buying a bike f rom one of these places, thoroughly check out the bike to make sure that it works. Thereason why I suggest doing this is because they don’t have a return policy.One of the nice things about buying f rom a person directly, is that you can get deals on mountain bikes if youbargain. You might be able to get the bike f or a bit cheaper than what the listed price is.If you have time and space, be sure to test ride the bike out.Best places to buy onlineIf you don’t want to look all over the place f or a deal in person, there is always online. One of the advantagesof buying online is that you can check out a ton of places very quickly without having to travel to them.One of the disadvantages is that you can’t check out the bikes personally, well not at f irst.Here are the best places to f ind bikes online.I put Amazon one there because people can put their used goods on Amazon as well although it isn’t ascommon. Most of the time people buy new f rom Amazon.Another thing to note with buying online, is that there are plenty of scams out there, so be sure to talk tosomeone bef ore you buy.Also, many retailers sell their bikes online as well, so make sure you know you’re dealing with.Don’t be af raid to try bargain with the person you’re buying the bike f rom. Many times if you talk them politely,you can negotiate a lower price.
  4. 4. How much is a used bikeDepending on what you are looking f or a used, you could spend anywhere f rom $25 to 600+.On the lower end of the spectrum you would be able to get a bike f or your everyday travels to and f rom workmost likely. But if you want to use the bike on the trails, you’ll have to take it a bit easier on the bike dependingon the durability of the bike.If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can can get a decent bike f or $250.Keep in mind that you could get some low-end new bikes f or that price though. So think about it bef ore youbuy. Ask yourself , “is worth it”?Generally, you’ll f ind cheaper bikes at f lea markets and yard sales.It really boils down to what you want to use the bike f or.Top mountain bike buying guideStill need more inf ormation?Well I have compiled a list of places that you might also f ind helpf ul.Final thoughtsUsed mountain bikes are all over the place. You just need to know where to look.As I mentioned, online is a great place to f ind bikes. Don’t be af raid to bargain with people, and search f or awhile to f ind the right bike f or you.Also, check out yard sales and f lea markets f or some really good deals, but be ready f or a search to f ind theright bike f or you.Now go out there and f ind the right bike f or you.