Experience Strategy - Change to a Customer-Driven Company


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Change to a Customer Driven Company

The successful enterprise of today is defined by a solid
Experience Strategy that enables the delivery of brilliant
customer experience throughout the whole product and
service portfolio. Grounded in our experience from more
than 500 industrial projects we will guide you through
the institutionalization of a solid, individual Experience

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Experience Strategy - Change to a Customer-Driven Company

  1. 1. Change to a CustomerDriven CompanyThe successful enterprise of today is defined by a solidExperience Strategy that enables the delivery of brilliantcustomer experience throughout the whole product andservice portfolio. Grounded in our experience from morethan 500 industrial projects we will guide you throughthe institutionalization of a solid, individual ExperienceStrategy.
  2. 2. A compelling experience isa “must have” for every busi-ness in today’s marketFrom the consumer products mar-ket in the 21st century, it is knownthat customer requirements ofproducts and services can besummarized this way: “easy, clear,quick, intelligent, and sophisti-cated”. A pure technical functionshould not be a “nice to have”;customers will rather take it forgranted. Furthermore, customerstake their positive “leisure expe-riences” with online shops, searchengines, web mailers, and socialmedia platforms into their work-place and professional environ-ment.A well-crafted experienceavoids “me too” effectsBusiness providers try to combatcompetitive pressure with an ex-panded functional scope and alonger list of features. The trendtoward “more functions than inthe last release” becomes a pro-blem if the customers’ needs areforgotten, when requirements in-crease. In contrast to this, the goalof experience management is toconnect the optimal design ofproduct and service experienceswith a positive customer experi-ence from the point of view of thefuture customer.Brilliant experience leads tocustomer loyaltyEspecially in established marketsegments, product features thatexceed standard qualities have asignificant effect on purchasingdecisions, customer loyalty, andbrand loyalty. Accordingly the fo-cus should be on customers withtheir ideas, needs and concerns.Usability, customer experience,and user interface design become“business tools” that have a las-ting influence on the success ofa product and represent a signifi-cant differentiating feature.86% of customers will paymore for a better experience.• People share their experience• Brilliant experience grabs customers• Just new features aren’t enough anymoreExperienceWhy it’s UbiquitousWhy brilliant customer experience is not a luxury anymore.Source: 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report, Oracleof CUSTOMERSwill pay morefor a betterexperience86%
  3. 3. ExperienceLevelOptimumProduct & Service PortfolioLOW Experience PerformerA B C D EProduct & Service PortfolioOptimumExperienceLevelHigh Experience PerformerA B C D EAn Experience Strategy bund-les dispersed effortsPractical experience shows thata full customer-driven mindsetis rarely implemented by compa-nies, regardless of industry andsize of enterprise. More frequentlyonly limited experience measuresare taken in some phases of thelifecycle management for someproducts or service of the wholeportfolio.To design a consistent experiencefor all touch points with any pro-duct or service, it is important toincorporate customers right fromthe beginning in the developmentprocess – as well as during thevarious stages of the product life-cycle management.An Experience Strategy ensu-res a consequent customer-driven development processTo ensure a consistent experiencefor the customers on the “compa-ny frontend”, a fully implementedExperience Strategy is crucial, es-pecially in terms of streamliningexperience measures and the al-location of resources. So a high-level experience strategy on the“company backend” is becomingever more important and takingon a central role in company pro-cesses. Therefore the develop-ment and institutionalization ofa long-term, customer-centredstrategy pays off for the develop-ment, implementation, and usageof every single product or serviceof your whole portfolio.An Experience Strategydemands customer-centredinnovationUse your customers’ knowledgeand potential to enrich your port-folio – turn your customers intoinnovators! Modern communica-tion, current web technologiesand the omnipresence of adverti-sing break down the barrier bet-ween companies and customersand bring your customers closertogether. To keep pace with chan-ging markets a sustainable Ex-perience Strategy demands alsoelements of customer-centred in-novation.Why a solid Experience Strategy is a key factor for success.A solid Experience Strategy guarantees a consistent andgainful product and service experience.• Customer loyalty is based on brilliant experience• An incomplete experience will reduce business success• Innovation has to focus on customer experienceStrategyWhy it Matters
  4. 4. CompetenceBuild on Our KnowledgeManfred TscheligiIntroducing Manfred TscheligiProf. Manfred Tscheligi is founder, ow-ner and Managing Director of USECON,an internationally active usability anduser experience engineering con-sultancy based in Vienna. Manfred isfounder and Director of CURE (Centerfor Usability Research & Engineering)and since March 2004 also Full Profes-sor for Human-Computer Interaction &Usability at the University of Salzburg,ICT&S Center (Center for AdvancedStudies and Research in Informati-on and Communication Technologies& Society). There he also directs theChristian Doppler Laboratory on Con-textual Interfaces. Manfred holds amaster in Business Informatics and aPh.D. in Social and Economic Science(specialization in Applied ComputerScience).Expertise & Business FocusManfred has been active in the area ofInteractive Systems, Human ComputerInteraction, Usability Engineering, UserInterface Design and User ExperienceResearch for more than 20 years. Hehas successfully managed numerousresearch and industrial projects as wellas established national and internati-onal initiatives. He is a distinguishedspeaker at conferences and seminars,has taught at several universities andtechnical colleges and is (co)-author ofseveral publications.ContactE-Mail tscheligi@usecon.comOur Experience Strategy team consists of experts originatingfrom different backgrounds, assuring a cross-sectional and“out of the box” approach.• Benefit from our experience of more than 500 industrial projects• Draw on our profound knowledge of strategic experience management• Build on our approach to deliver practical solutions
  5. 5. Michael BechiniePersonal Statement“A well-founded experience strategyis THE new business DNA for suc-cessful enterprises in today’s highlycompetitive economic world.”Introducing Michael BechinieMichael Bechinie is Senior Consultantat USECON, an internationally activeusability and user experience enginee-ring consultancy based in Vienna. Hehas a university degree in behaviouralstudies, anthropology (University of Vi-enna).Expertise & Business FocusMichael has more than 15 years’ expe-rience in the field of Usability and UserExperience in many different industries.Web user interface design and web ap-plications as well as strategic usabilityand user experience are his main focus.Moreover, Michael is responsible forstrategic trainings and knowledge ma-nagement. He is also well-known as alecturer at events and conferences aswell as author of numerous articles inseveral publications.ContactPhone +43 1 7435451 402E-Mail bechinie@usecon.comMarkus MurtingerPersonal Statement“Experience Management uncoversthe needs and behavior of the targetgroup and enables a customer-driven strategy and innovationwithin the company.”Introducing Markus MurtingerMarkus Murtinger is Director Consul-ting, Sales & Marketing of USECON, aninternationally active usability and userexperience engineering consultancybased in Vienna. Markus studied Busi-ness Administration at the EconomicUniversity of Vienna with focus on en-trepreneurship and innovation, marke-ting, and tourism and leisure.Expertise & Business FocusSince 2006 Markus is responsible forthe conduction of more than 100 stra-tegic user and customer experienceprojects on a national and internationallevel.In his work he focuses on strategicuser experience management and user-centred innovation. He is member inmultiple special communities (i.e. foun-ding member of the working commitee“User Centred Product Innovation” ofthe German UPA) and lecturer at rela-ted symposia and conferences as wellas author of numerous articles in mis-cellaneous publications.ContactPhone +43 1 7435451 400E-Mail murtinger@usecon.com
  6. 6. OfferWhat You Can ExpectExperience Strategy – Change to a Customer-Driven Company• A systematic process leads to successful change• We will guide you through all phases• You will profit from an individual roadmap for your companyCOMPANYDrivenCOSTUMERDrivenRolloutOrganizational AnchoringSustainabilityStrategic AnchoringSetupMethodical AnchoringSeed & AuditExperience Mindset AnchoringWake Up CallsProcess Audit and MaturityAnalysisExperience ChampionIdentificationExperience Method ToolboxSkill TrainingExperience Team SetupExperience Strategy & MetricsOrganizational FrameworkIntegration of Experienc Teams,Methods and ToolsPilot Project 1 to nIntegration of Experience Teams,Methods and ToolsConsider Experiencein Every ProjectKeep the Momentum:• Keep on Moving• Check the Metrics• Provide Support• Market Results• Train Your Team1 2 3 4ConsultingExperience Strategy Model
  7. 7. 1  Seed & Audit PhaseWithin the “Seed & Audit” phase the current level and ma-turity of your customer-centredness will be evaluated. Fur-thermore an Experience Champion will be identified whowill promote the experience effort internally. The main goalof this phase is to start the change towards an experiencemindset.Available services:Experience Strategy Awareness Workshop• Going the way from a company-driven to a custo-mer-driven organizationExperience Champion Identification• How to identify an experience champion withinyour organizationExperience Strategy Audit• Analysis of product & service portfolio from a cus-tomer experience viewpoint• Analysis of implemented processes and used me-thods• Analysis of team skillsRoadmap Definition• Definition of a phase plan to institutionalize anExperience Strategy2  Setup PhaseIn the following “Setup” phase the strategy itself, goals andmetrics will be developed, the initial team will be staffedand the organizational framework will be established.Available services:Experience Strategy Development• Development of a modular Experience Strategy andCustomer Experiences Mindset• Step by step institutionalization• Alignment with business strategyBudgeting & Controlling• Definition of KPIs in relation to the ExperienceStrategy• Budgeting of planned measuresIdentification of Quick Wins• Identification of rapid actions that can improve thecustomer experienceSetup of Customer Experience Team• Establishment of the team within the organization• Training of processes, methods and tools3  Rollout PhaseIn the next phase entitled “Rollout” the main focus is onconducting a series of pilot projects. The main goal is tovalidate the Experience Strategy by gathering data and KeyPerformance Indicators (KPI) metrics under real world con-ditions. This phase has a strong focus on measuring theRoX (Return on Experience) strategy. Available services:Available services:Supporting Pilot Projects• Support during the first pilot projects• Dissemination of project results and achievementsMeasuring KPIs and Goals• Monitoring of first results• Rolling forecast, planning and budgetingDelivery of Updates• Workshops, trainings to improve customer experi-ence knowledge, skill, methods and tools4  Sustainability PhaseThe 4th phase „Sustainability“ is mainly about living theestablished strategy in every project, “keeping the momen-tum” and refining the strategy according to the businessgoals in light of an institutionalized, long-term customer-centred strategy.Available services:Consulting Support• Consolidation of customer experience mindset• Analysis of metrics and results• Fine tuning of the Experience StrategyOur services are grounded in a proven model to institutionalize an Experience Strategywithin your companyThe USECON consulting portfolio covers four phases to institutionalize an Experience Strategy inyour company.
  8. 8. This workshop will provide you with fundamental informa-tion about Usability, User Experience and Customer Expe-rience. Furthermore the workshop will impart prerequisitesfor building a sustainable Experience Strategy for yourbusiness.Why book the workshop?• Raise the awareness for your customer-drivenness• Learn what usability, user experience and customerexperience is about• Get to know what makes a product or service desi-rable• Notice why experience management is a majorsuccess factor for your company• Learn the fundamentals about institutionalizing anExperience Strategy• Discover how to proceed with next stepsTopics covered• The “What, Why and How” about usability, userexperience and customer experience• Fundamentals about experience management• Implementation of this knowledge in practice• Best practicesFormat• Lecture with group exercises• 2 day in-house workshop• Supported by 2 instructorsTarget audience• Chief executive officers or equivalent• Directors or vice presidents, e.g. marketing, productmanagement, development, customer service• Executives involved with customer experience initi-atives (companywide or within a channel)Pricing• EUR 6.500,- (excl. VAT)• Travel and accommodation expenses not includedTo ensure a consistent experience for the customers on the“company frontend”a fully implemented Experience Strate-gy at your “company backend” is crucial, especially in termsof streamlining experience measures and the allocated re-sources.The Experience Strategy Audit delivers a 360° view on thecurrent level and maturity of your customer-centredness.The results will build a stable base for the developmentand institutionalization of a long-term and customer-cen-tred strategy.Method & Service• Analysis workshops• Stakeholder and employee interviews• Questionnaires• 2 consultants at client’s site for 5 working days• Preparation of analysis reportCovered aspects• Processes behind product and service portfoliodevelopment• Usage of customer-centred design methods, toolsand standards• Level of integration of methods• Existing knowledge and skills of employees /userinterface design, service design etc.)• Current mindset (employees, stakeholder) concer-ning usability, user experience, design etc.• Development of Experience Strategy Roadmap anddefinition of goalsPricing• EUR 20.000,- (excl. VAT)• Travel and accommodation expenses not included“360 Degree”Experience Strategy Audit“Eureka!” Experience Strategy EssentialsWorkshop
  9. 9. About USECONUSECON is the Austrian market leader in User ExperienceConsulting, Research and Training. With the mission ofmaking the (business) world a user friendly place rich inpositive user and customer experience, we support com-panies in sustainably shifting their focus on the users,their needs and requirements. USECON was founded in2001 as a spin-off of the research institute CURE (Centerfor Usability Research and Engineering). Since then, wehave grown constantly to become a renowned, internati-onally active company. USECON’s core competence lies inthe successful combination of scientific research methodsand economic hands-on mentality. We excel in the fieldsof usability, user interface design, user experience and ex-perience management. Our key physical facilities consistof one of Europe’s largest and most modern User Expe-rience lab and our state-of-the-art technical equipment,including for instance stationary and mobile eye trackingdevices.Do you have any questionsabout experience managementor our experience strategyapproach? Contact us! Andlet’s RoX!Claudia PastPlease feel free to contact me.Claudia Past, MASales & MarketingPhone: +43 17435451 412Fax: +43 1 7435451 30E-Mail: past@usecon.comContact USECON GmbHBusinesspark MARXIMUMModecenterstraße 17 / Objekt 21110 Vienna, AustriaTel.: +43 1 7435451Fax: +43 1 7435451 30E-Mail: office@usecon.comKeynote SpeakersYou are looking for arenowned speaker for yourconference or business event?Our Experience Strategy team will be happy to presenttheir knowledge of Experience Management, ExperienceStrategy and related topics. Let them answer why expe-rience management counts, how a sustainable customerexperience can be accomplished or how a customer-cen-tred product and service development is possible. Formore information, please contact Claudia Past.ContactExperience ManagementUsabilityUserInterfaceDesignUserExperience
  10. 10. Impressum Company detailsInformation according to ECG § 5Abs.1USECON – The Usability Consul-tants GmbHAddress:Businesspark MARXIMUM, Mode-centerstraße 17 / Objekt 2, 1110Vienna, AustriaEmail: usecon@usecon.comWeb: www.usecon.comTel: +43 1 l 743 54 51Fax: +43 1 l 743 54 51-30Object of the company:Usability Consultancy – Consultingfor usability and usability deve-lopment of devices (hardware),programs and systems; analysis,conception, testing of interacti-ve systems; market and opinionresearch.Director and owner:Univ.Prof. Dr. Manfred TscheligiMember of WirtschaftskammerWien (Viennese Chamber ofCommerce)Registered Office:Gaisbergstraße 34,5310 Tiefgraben-Mondsee, AustriaCommercial Register:FN 205343 aVAT-Number: ATU 52777400DVR-Nr.: 4008509Court: Handelsgericht Wels