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Channel Islands Pre-Trip Powerpoint

  1. 1. Welcome to Pre-O Adventure! Can you believe that in a few short weeks you and 14 other incoming students will have the opportunity to explore one of America’s great National Parks! Get ready for an adventure in the Channel Islands, known as the Galapagos islands of North America. This will be an amazing way to meet new friends and start your journey at USD! To ensure that you are best prepared for our upcoming adventure we have included important information in a short presentation. After reviewing, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.
  2. 2. Questions Answered  What can I look forward to?  What is the schedule?  What will I eat?  Where will I sleep?  What do I need to bring?  What skills and experience do I need?  What are Outdoor Adventures policies?  What will the weather be like?  What are the risks?
  3. 3. We never know what we will see on our ferry to the island Some Highlights…
  4. 4. We hope to see lots of marine life!
  5. 5. The Island Fox is very curious and always looking to steal food left unattended by campers
  6. 6. Sunrise & Sunset over the Pacific Awesome coastal cliffs; Changing ocean vistas; With every step, there is an amazing view!
  7. 7. Itinerary  Day 1: Sunday, August 25th  9:00AM- Check-in at Outdoor Adventures at and move into your residence hall  12:30PM- Meet up with your guides and group. Learn the names of your new classmates and prepare to depart for Malibu where our beach campsites await!  Day 2:  An early morning departure so that we can make our way to the dock and take the ferry out to Santa Cruz Island  Spend the day getting settled and taking in the views. Make acquaintances with your Channel Island companions
  8. 8. Itinerary (Cont.)  Day 3-5:  Hike the trails to some the most picturesque locations this island has to offer  Kayak around Santa Cruz and explore the sea caves  Snorkel around kelp forests  Day 6:  Pack up camp in the morning and hop on the ferry back to the mainland. Return to campus and reunite with family around 6:00PM
  9. 9. What about food?  Our first dinner will be a quick stop at a local restaurant on the beach in Malibu. This meal is on your own, so make sure you bring some money $10-$20.  Meals from Breakfast on day 2 through lunch on day 6 are included with the trip  If you have any dietary preferences or restrictions, please let us know so that we can accommodate.
  10. 10. Where will I sleep?  We will provided two or four person tents  The campsite is about 1 mile from the ferry landing, and we will have to carry all of our equipment to the campsite.  Santa Cruz Island does have vault toilets.  There is also a water faucet in the campground.  There are not any showers on the island.
  11. 11. What do I need to bring?  Please refer to the detailed packing list that outlines what to bring.  Our equipment will be loaded & unloaded from a ferry and we will carry it a mile to camp. Limit extra items.  Duffel bag works well to carry clothing. No Suitcases please. Some backpacks will be available to carry items to camp.  Some items are available to rent through Outdoor Adventures before 8/2/13. Please go to tration/
  12. 12. What is the weather like?  During August average temperatures range from 60s- 70s during the day.  We will be 18 miles offshore. You should expect: possible heavy winds, marine layer (fog), cool nights, high humidity (for the west coast) and long exposure to the sun. We are hoping for perfect conditions, but preparing for the worst.  Please be sure to pack for a variety of cold and warm weather. Layers will allow you to adjust throughout the day as conditions change.
  13. 13. What skills do I need?  No previous experience is necessary. We will make the most of our time on the island and some days will be more challenging than others.  Be prepared to hike between 4 and 10 miles during our day hikes over a combination of dirt roads, established trails and off trail.  Our sit-on-top kayaking adventure will be guided by Channel Islands Outfitters. Conditions permitting, expect to paddle between 6 and 8 miles. We will midway for lunch.
  14. 14. Leave No Trace  On every Outdoor Adventure trip, we abide by the principles of Leave No Trace. They are an integral part of our program and we ask each participant to do their best to follow the seven principles: 1. Plan Ahead and Prepare 2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces 3. Dispose of Waste Properly 4. Leave What You Find 5. Minimize Campfire Impacts 6. Respect Wildlife 7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors
  15. 15. Risks and Hazards  Santa Cruz Island is 20 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara. Although the ferry stops by a few times a day, we are in a remote environment and need to plan accordingly.  There are a variety of risks and hazards associated with outdoor recreation. The remoteness of Santa Cruz Island is a factor. Specifically, slips, falls, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hypothermia, sun burn, dehydration, animal encounters and blisters are some of the risks to prepare for.  Weather is something we will be constantly evaluating and adjusting for. Sun protection is essential, there is not much shade on the island.
  16. 16. What about drugs and alcohol?  Illegal drugs and alcohol are never allowed on trips, nor being under the influence.  Prescription medications are required. Please make sure you bring them in the original bottle with the physicians name on it.
  17. 17. Craving More Pics?  Follow the links below to see our past adventures at Channel Islands National Park:  57632818199786/  57629206694035/  57627526927705/
  18. 18. Questions or Concerns? Please don’t hesitate to call or email us: 619-260-4709