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The Top 5 Job-Creating Facts About Energy


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Developing and expanding America's energy resources will improve energy security and create jobs.

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The Top 5 Job-Creating Facts About Energy

  1. The U.S. Chamber advocates for the development and expansion of American energy resources to improve energy security and create jobs in the United States. TOP5JOB CREATING FACTS ABOUT ENERGY
  2. In North Dakota, shale energy production supports 70,000 jobs. Projections estimate it will be responsible for 3.9 million jobs nationally by 2025. JOBS 70,000
  3. The coal industry supports over 766,000 jobs and generates about 40% of America’s electricity. 766,000 JOBS
  4. Policy changes on oil and natural gas could create 1.4 million new jobs by 2030. 1.4 million NEW JOBS
  5. Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will produce up to 3,900 jobs during the construction phase. DURING CONSTRUCTION 3,900 JOBS
  6. The nuclear industry supports 120,000 high paying jobs. New plants are supporting thousands of construction jobs and expect to support 1,600 permanent jobs when finished. 120,000HIGH PAYING JOBS