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Msu savannah brief


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port of Savannah, GA

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Msu savannah brief

  2. 2. Waterfront Facilities• There are 27 regulated waterfront facilities within our Area of Responsibility (AOR).• There are also 11 regulated bulk liquid Mobile facilities within the AOR.• 26 of which are regulated under the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA).• SAFE Port Act: 1 of 5 units nationwide with 100% compliance.
  3. 3. AuthoritiesMilitary Title• Commanding OfficerFederal Titles• Captain of the Port (COTP) – enforces port safety and security and marine environmental protection regulations.• Officer in Charge of Marine Inspection (OCMI) – performs inspections of U.S. vessels to determine that they comply with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations.• Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) – USCG official designated to coordinate and direct responses for oil spills and hazardous substance incidents.• Federal Maritime Security Coordinator (FMSC) – coordinates all response efforts in the case of a transportation security incident in the area of responsibility.
  4. 4. MSU Savannah Area of Responsibility• Ports of Savannah and Brunswick• 1800 miles of shoreline that includes all waters of the Savannah River• 116 miles of coastline• All navigable waters in Georgia north of King’s Bay, Georgia
  5. 5. 11 U.S. Coast Guard Missions(S) • Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security (PWCS)(S) • Drug Interdiction(S) • Aids to Navigation (ATON)(S) • Search and Rescue (SAR)(S) • Living Marine Resources (LMR)(S) • Marine Safety(S) • Defense Readiness(S) • Migrant Interdiction(S) • Marine Environmental Protection (MEP) • Ice Operations(S) • Other Law Enforcement
  6. 6. MSU Savannah Activity Levels• Commercial activity – Commercial vessel arrivals: 3,600+ – Containers handled: 2.6 million – Regulated facilities: 27 – Military outload support: Deployment & Redeployments – LNG Arrivals: 55-60• MSU Savannah activity – Vessel security boardings: 111 – Facility safety and security inspections: 119 – Port State Control safety and security inspections: 864 – Incident management cases: 68 – Marine casualty investigations: 7 – Container inspections 1300
  7. 7. And we do all of that with…• Coast Guard wide: Nearly 90,000 personnel Enlisted - 35,647 Officers - 8,051 Reserve - 10,787 Civilian - 7,396 Auxiliary - 28,000• At MSU Savannah: Active Duty - 55 Reservists - 62 Civilians - 6 4 Auxiliary Flotillas with over 220 members
  8. 8. Critical Partnerships• Customs and Border Protection (CBP)• Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)• Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)• Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)• Local Law Enforcement• Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC)• Vessel and Facility Operators• Savannah Maritime Association (SMA)• Local Environmental Protection Committee (LEPC)• Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)• Georgia Environmental Protection Department (GA EPD)
  9. 9. MICO TODAYMaritime Interagency Center of Operations• Participants: CG, CBP, DOJ, ICE, FBI, GBI, NCIS, SCMPD, DNR• Modeled after project SEAHAWK in Charleston, SC• Began in October 2007• Twice-weekly resource and intelligence sharing• Conducts foreign vessel threat assessments
  10. 10. Semper Paratus