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Online Document Creation Software (FYP)


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Our FYP presentation at NEDUET,basically online document creation software like Google Docs which supports multiple languages.

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Online Document Creation Software (FYP)

  1. 1. Online Document Creation using multi-language & muti-fonts support
  2. 2. Group MembersMuhammad Usama Mazhar (CT-010) Hira Akhtar (CT-007) Ali waqas (CT-026)
  3. 3. Agenda Online Document Creation• Overview of Our Project• Why Online Document Creation Online• Features of Our Document Software creation and• Basic Functionalities modification• Work Flow of Project Software which• Interface Overview allows a user to• Main Life Cycle create• Basic User Related documents in Operations english as well• Data Base structure as urdu• Interface Overview
  4. 4. OVERVIEW Introduction Purpose Objective Services Goals
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Our Software is a document creating software like online Google Docs which allows a user to create documents using multiple languages modify and convert documents into various formats . This Project is aimed at developing a online document creating software which supports multiple lanuages.
  6. 6. WHY TO USE ONLINE DOCUMENT CREATION ?? Online document creation represents the new generation computer software development. Compared to the last generation like Microsoft Word (Word), Online documents creation can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Until now, if you need to use Word, your computer has to have Word installed because all the system data is being loaded from your hard drive. Now online docs softwares uses cloud computing technolog1 to transfer all the data to datacenters which hosts all the files, that means if you got internet, you can access online documentation softwares from anywhere on Earth. Not only is online docs softwares moving all the system files onto servers, it is set to default to save user documents back into the data centre for file hosting. With the transfer of data from the hard drive of one’s personal computer to the datacenter of an outsider have tested the boundaries of the user’s trust zone. Some are willing to step out of their comfort and welcome to new age of information technology which some are still reluctant to change.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVE To Provide Online document creation support To Provide Multi language support. To Provide conversion and uploading support of PDF format To Provide documents online sharing capability
  8. 8. Goals Quickly and efficiently creates online documents without compatibility and software issues. To have effective document creation in multi-language. System will provide a sound support in development of software and document creation in Urdu
  9. 9. FEATURES User registration User Sign-up Language selection Document creation Documents uploading Documents sharing Documents conversion Downloading
  10. 10. Work Flow of Our Software
  11. 11. Basic CycleThis software is Google docs typeonline documents creatingsoftware by which a user cancreates,modifies,shares andconverts documents in multiplelanguages
  12. 12. User related major operations
  13. 13. 1. User first selects his/her language as english Regesters Regesters 2. he or she has to regesUser first selects his/her language as english 3. he or she has to Sign_ins regester. Selects 4. He van now sign_up Language(English) with his/her id and password. Creates a 5. He is now ready to new Doc create documents 1. User first selects his/her language asUser1 Regesters Urdu Regesters Selects 2. he or she has to Language(Urdu) regesUser first selects his/her language as english Sign_ins Sign_ins 3. he or she has to regester. 4. He van now sign_up Creates a Creates a with his/her id and new Doc password. new Doc 5. He is now ready to create documents
  14. 14. There is a admin who can monitor all the activity Document can be created in Urdu Document can be Can created in English Can modify it modify and view it User 1 Can Document can be User2 can view creates his a PDF file shared documentdocuments in any if he logins and lanuage can also modifies it Both users can share the Can download document and convert it to any format If user1 Shares a Can download Can also This can be document user2 and convert it any download and personal home can modify it language it any convert directory language
  15. 15. Interface Overview
  17. 17. Editor Interface for Urdu
  18. 18. Editor Interface for English
  19. 19. THANK YOUYou can check our project live at:
  20. 20. QUERIES ???