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Linux is the traditional VPS web hosting platform, that is extremely reliable and robust. Our most affordable and reliable unmanaged VPS hosting packages are Linux based,

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  1. 1. VirtualPrivateServersLinux is the traditional VPS web hosting platform, that is extremely reliable and robust. Our mostaffordable and reliable unmanaged VPS hosting packages are Linux based, with prices starting at only$3.99 per month! Available operating systems include: CentOS™, Debian™, Ubuntu™, Fedora™, &Gentoo™ Redundant Raid 10 SANAll vps servers rely on a dedicated, fully redundant, enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN)featuring state-of-the-art RAID technologies, lightning-fast disk arrays with a layout designed tomaximize throughput and IO to and from your vps.Self-Healing Scalable ResourcesVPS virtual private servers have enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healingarchitecture and automatic hypervisor failover. This saves valuable admin time and helps ensuremaximum uptime.VPS constantly monitors the status of all customer servers, and all customers benefit from automatedfailover if a hypervisor becomes unavailable.FREE Firewall ProtectionVPS uses a multi-layer, tiered security approach to ensure that your cloud vps is protected at all timesfrom both inbound and outbound threats.These include enterprise hardware IPS/Firewalls as well as antispoofing/antisniffing systems in-place onevery vps node. hosting and VPS hosting have many common traits – namely:Both services allow a single server to provide services for multiple usersBoth services provide some level of compartmentalization to separate a given user’s files and servicesfrom any other user’s files and servicesBoth services offer an economical alternative to dedicated hostingDeciding which type of hosting you will need is as simple (or complex) as your needs. Examining theappeal of shared hosting and VPS hosting is the best place to start when making an informed decision.
  2. 2. SharedHosting’sAppealvsVPSHosting’sAppeal Linux virtual private servers offer the sameThe key differences which set VPS hosting apart complement of operating systems and softwarefrom shared hosting are not a factor for those who components which one would expect from awish to host a low-to-moderate traffic website and dedicated server. Those with experienceare happy with the level of control offered by a administering Linux systems see the benefits inweb hosting control panel like cPanel or Plesk. having access to configure their service for usesThese individuals will prefer Shared Hosting for its which extend far beyond e-mail service and webperceived simplicity and ease of use: they generally hosting. Individuals who are new to Linuxdo not have Linux system administration administration often find that a VPS is the bestexperience and they are not interested in picking place to start learning without buying their ownup any. hardware.Shared hosting also has the appeal of a bargain for VPS hosting is often considered a step up fromthose who are hunting “unlimited” bandwidth and shared hosting: when it’s time start supportingstorage space – many providers will make heavy traffic and custom applications, many will“unlimited” claims, despite the fact that there will make the switch to VPS hosting afteralways be a practical limit (which, to their eventual encountering the limitations of the shared hostingdisappointment, bargain hunters overlook). infrastructure.CompareCoreFeaturesSHARED HOSTING PLATFORM VPS HOSTING PLATFORMLinux or Windows user-level management VPSandVPN offers OpenVZ and Xen Linuxprovides a basic level of filesystem and process virtualization:compare VPS hosting platforms to learncompartmentalization. more.SHARED HOSTING RESOURCES VPS HOSTING RESOURCES Virtual private servers are allotted disk space andAccounts share all hardware resources with memory independent of other allocations on the“soft” limits imposed by monitoring software hardware node; while the potential for individual(shared hosting servers are notoriously over- accounts to affect hardware node performance stillsold, often to the detriment of individual exists, hard limits set for each virtual environment and improved monitoring capabilities minimize theaccounts). opportunities for a single user’s activities to impact
  3. 3. others.SHARED HOSTING SCALABILITY VPS HOSTING SCALABILITYShared hosting plans range from minimalallocations of memory and bandwidth to the Virtual private servers are inherently scalable –“unlimited” plans commonly offered by whether you need a minimal allocation to run aproviders which over-sell services – the same e- simple e-mail server or virtual private network end-mail, webserver, and scripting frameworks are point or a webserver with enough resources toavailable at each allocation level, however, the support extensive database applications and heavyavailability of some features may be restricted; traffic, VPSandVPN has a VPS hosting plan to meetno matter which plan is selected, the hosting your needs; VPSandVPN accounts are sequestered byaccount will likely reside on the same hardware plan allocation on high-end hardware to ensurewith a variety of other accounts with different performance beyond any comparison to sharedallocations. hosting.SHARED HOSTING CHOICES VPS HOSTING CHOICES Operating system: Choose from more than 30 Linux operating system templatesOperating system: Provider’s choice Installed services: Choose to install anything youInstalled services: Provider’s choice needSHARED HOSTING SECURITY VPS HOSTING SECURITYShared hosting is inherently difficult to securecompletely – as multiple users have the abilityto upload and download files which can be run It is no accident that the word “Private” makes anunder the same operating system instance appearance between “Virtual” and “Server” – VPSwhich supports other users’ accounts, the hosting is inherently more secure than sharedpossibility for a malicious user to exploit an hosting: its virtual environments have independentoperating system vulnerability and gain access file systems and its administrators are empowered toto other users’ data will always exist. implement secure configurations.Look at VPS hosting plans and take the first step today.
  4. 4. VPSandVPN Server Control Center makes the management of your Virtual Private Server faster andeasier than managing a machine sitting on your desk.Start/Stop/Reboot Control:Start, stop, and reboot your VPS on-demandChange Root Password:Reset your server’s root password at your convenienceWeb-based Shell Access:Configure and manage your server through the control center with shell access from your web browserOperating System Control:Select the operating system you would like to install and it will be ready in momentsVPS Upgrade:Fortify your server with extra RAM and disk space on the fly – without speaking to a salesmanLicensing Options:License industry-standard control panel cPanelVPSandVPN DNS:You have full control over your Virtual Private Server’s DNS with free VPSandVPN DNSReady to put these features to work for you?Find an affordable OpenVZ VPS or Xen VPS hosting plan and take control. PackagesVePortal VPS&VPN - V-1CPU Unit: 1Dedicated CPU Speed: 500 MHzDedicated RAM: 256 MBBurstable Ram: 512 MBSpace: 10GBIPs: 2$3.99/monthBuy NowVePortal VPS&VPN - V-2CPU Unit: 1Dedicated CPU Speed: 1000 MHzDedicated RAM: 512 MB
  5. 5. Burstable Ram: 1000 MBSpace: 20GBIPs: 2$7.99/monthBuy NowVePortal VPS&VPN -V-3CPU Unit: 2Dedicated CPU Speed: 1500 MHzDedicated RAM: 1024 MBBurstable Ram: 1024 MBSpace: 50GBIPs: 2$9.99/monthBuy NowVePortal VPS&VPN -V-4 CPU Unit: 3Dedicated CPU Speed: 2000 MHzDedicated RAM: 1536 MBBurstable Ram: 1536 MBSpace: 100GBIPs: 2$12.99/monthBuy Now-VePortal VPS&VPN -V-5CPU Unit: 4Dedicated CPU Speed: 2500 MHzDedicated RAM: 2560 MBBurstable Ram: 2560 MBSpace: 200GBIPs: 2$16.99/monthBuy Now
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