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201207 service design re-designs the public service_yoon


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Service Design, Re-designs the Public Service

Malaysia-Korea Design Sharing 2012

When: Tue, July 17, 9am – Wed, July 18, 2pm, 2012
Where: Hotel Seri Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Admission: MYR 150
Info: MRM

Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) or the Malaysia Design Council in collabration with Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) is organizing a Design Sharing 2012 Seminar and Workshop targeted at Malaysia industries, manufacturers, design service providers and design consultants.

Malaysia Design Industry - MRM
Korea Design Industry - Kim Yunjib, KIDP
UX Design - Min Youngsam, the DNA
Service Design - Yoon Seongwon, KIDP
Brand - Choi Soojin, BIF
Package Design - Kim Deukjoo, Dito Brand
Product Design - Kang Junmuck, Nep-plus
Success Story on Malaysia Design Innovation - Tetra Pak
Independent Designer & Brand - Korean Design Leader


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201207 service design re-designs the public service_yoon

  1. 1. Service Design, Re-designs the Public Service Korea Institute of Design Promotion Yoon Seong-Won /
  2. 2. Recently, Design has got a new role.
  3. 3. Design makes good citizens by changing the thoughts or behaviors.
  4. 4. Case Study of developing energy bills by using service design methodology Reducing energy use through Service Design 2011. 1~3. As a result of the pilot project, more than 10% of energy utilization was reduced compared to the year before. • 600 apartments of Bangbedong, Samsung Raemian Bangbe ArtHill were set target. • Ministry of Knowledge Economy is considering the nationwide spread of the newly designed energy bill.
  5. 5. The color indicates whether you overused or underused. Comparison (electric energy) Comparison (thermal energy) Comparison of the (total energy use) * Selected as Finalist of IDEA (one of the world’s three leading design awards), 2011 * Awarded by 2011 Best Practice Competition for Advanced Administrative System, the Prime Minister Awards * If applied nationwide and 5% of energy use is reduced, 290million dollar budget (930million ringgit ) can be saved.
  6. 6. Most British people keep the rules. Vehicles running on bus lanes were caught by installing surveillance camera at the rear of the bus. 20,000 road surveillance cameras were installed. By placing the traffic light on the side of the stop line, the driver's compliance behavior was ensured in order to see the traffic light.
  7. 7. There’s no problem looking at the traffic light even if the car passed the stop line. Image source: Daum, Road view, Jongno
  8. 8. The new role of Design ‘Design influences the behavior of people.’ The emergence of the terms, ‘design thinking’, ‘social innovation’ or ‘ service design’ consistently means that the designers are away from simply playing a role in determining the form of a product, and are now directly influencing the behavior of customers ‘The Design Comedy: In Defence of Irony’ core77 2010.6.3. Tim Parsons
  9. 9. Demand of the design market is changing.
  10. 10. The change in Seoul’s public policy What can design do for Seoul? - A taxi waiting to be designed. - What can design do for the library? - What can design do for Seoul, the city of cyclers? - What can design do to reduce one more nuclear power plant?
  11. 11. Current changes of demand in Korea’s design market. Demands appeared in the private / public sector such as construction, finance, healthcare, tourism and communications etc. - Private : KookminBank, Hana Bank, IBK, Samsung Life Insurance, KT, SKT, Kimberly-Clark, Samsung Medical Center, haatz, Woong Jin Coway and other organizations have started service design projects. - Public : The Government, Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, the Korea Highway Corporation and other organizations have started service design projects. * Government, local governments, public institutions, etc are preparing service design projects in order to solve social problems. Existing design teams, marketing, public relations, UI/UX, merchandising, customer care teams are now changing into service design teams. - Private : Samsung Electronics (established a service design team), Samsung Life Insurance, Hana Bank (recruited UX professionals) - Public : Seoul Design Foundation (established 3 new , service design related teams)
  12. 12. It’s because the economic structure and consumers are changing.
  13. 13. Service Industry is leading the world industry. The percentage change of manufacturing industry and service industry in the U.S. economy. The share of domestic GDP in service industry was 58.2% in 2010. - The world is changing rapidly into service industry-oriented structure (The more the country is developed, the more it shows high proportion of service industry) * Service industry rates 69.2% of the average OECD‘s GDP (2007) and 82% of the U.S. GDP(2006) - The service market in Korea is also expanding due to the service economization and manufacturing enterprises are rapidly progressing into service-oriented companies.
  14. 14. 1. It’s because service companies are increasing. 1990 2011 - 7 service companies among the top 100 - 58 service companies among the top companies. 100 companies. * Fortune(In terms of revenue)
  15. 15. 2. Manufacturing enterprises moves into service-oriented companies. IBM: Disposed PC division, purchased consulting division. GE : Re-structured the business portfolio to service centric. Financial, healthcare, NBC universal SONY : Service sales rate 28%(2008) game, film, financial Apple : Established a product(iPod, iPhone) • service(iTunes) integrated ecosystem Vinci : Airport, roads, parking space operation services which corresponds to 14% revenue, accounted 58% of the business profits.
  16. 16. Manufacturing enterprises moves into service-oriented companies Product Product + Service
  17. 17. Are we fully understanding our customers? Source : Closing the delivery gap, 2005, Bain & Company, Inc.
  18. 18. As society advances, Levels of consumer needs are changing. Consumption behaviors that are impossible to interpret in terms of traditional economic, are emerging. Therefore new ways to understand the consumer behaviors, such as Self-Actualization Needs behavioral economics, psychology, design research, cognitive science etc are required. Esteem Needs higher-order needs Social wants Safety needs lower-order needs Physiological needs understandable steps in terms of * Maslow’s hierarchy of needs traditional economics
  19. 19. What are the disciplines for Service R&D ? Service Science Service Engineering Service Management Service Marketing Service Design …
  20. 20. The new market of Design Provider New Methodology Experience design Service design Manufacturing industryservice design enterprise public, service industryservice design enterprise Traditional market demand Public sector, service industry traditional design enterprise Traditional design enterprise Existing Methodology existing market demand Manufacturing industry new market demand Service industry, public sector Consumer
  21. 21. Traditional design methods and New design methods Traditional design methods New design methods Who Experts, geniuses, artists Various stakeholders When Since Bauhaus Since year 2000 Where Studio Field What Touchpoint Integrated ecosystem How Visualization, creativity, wit Visualization, observation, participation, cooperation Why Supplier sales growth Improvement of customer experience value
  22. 22. 1. Service industry is leading the world economy. 2. The value of service cannot be recognized unless it is experienced. In this background ‘Experience design’, ‘Service design’ is becoming the world’s issue.
  23. 23. Then what is Service Design?
  24. 24. What is service design? Case of service design. A new savings deposit service of Bank of America (BOA) developed by IDEO. .Service development example which shows the features of service design Keep the Change. Automatically transfers the change to account -> Creation of new market The best idea was selected from various ideas. Immediately applicable result was deducted. [innovative results] Attracted 2.5 million customers in less than one year(2005), totally lured 12 million new customers, Gained 99% customer retention rate Selected as 'Best service which gave socioeconomic impact' 2006, Business Week. Image source :
  25. 25. “What we need is the ‘washing’ not the machine.” Image Source :
  26. 26. Trends of Service Design
  27. 27. Organized by Korea Hospital Association ,2011 International Healthcare Congress, November, 2011 Topic- ‘Innovate Hospitals through new designs’ More than 2000 people attended. Shared healthcare service design applications etc
  28. 28. Established Korea Service Design Council. 2011.11
  29. 29. Design influences people’s thoughts and behaviors.
  30. 30. What advantages can we take from design to solve public problems?
  31. 31. How and what can we do?
  32. 32. What should we do? If we refer to the existing research and online surveys etc… public sectors, yearning for design driven innovation. ‘environment design’,12.7 % ‘public administration service’ 5.9%, ‘services for seniors/elderly’ 5.4%, ‘education environment’ 4.9% In-depth research for the study of design strategies 2020, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, 2011 Research target : 205 design-related service personnel | COPYRIGHT 2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY SERVICE DESIGN COUNCIL
  33. 33. What should we do? Valuation basis selected by pilot project execution targets Derive priority issues for pilot project challenges through establishment of valuation basis for public service innovation challenges Valuation basis Object description Relevance ,timeliness Relevance of policy measure, sectors with possibilities of becoming social issues Sectors which are mainly organized by the Ministry of Practice Ease of practice KnowledgeㆍEconomy in terms of decision-making and practice. Sectors with less stakeholders Possibility to expand demand Sectors with possibility to expand existing market. Economical Possibility to create demand Currently the market has not been formed, but the field has effect market Reduction of social costs Effect Non- Improving public awareness great potential for the spread Sectors with possibility to reduce social costs Sectors which cause short-term improvements in high awareness economical effect KIDP, 2010 Improving design awareness The effect of raising self-esteem and social responsibility of design.
  34. 34. What should we do? * source: Preparation material of public service design challenge proposal. Yoon Seong-Won(2010) Subject of research (example) Subject Classification Designs that protect lives - Reduction of medical malpractice (target- large general hospitals) - Improving healthcare services (local public health center etc) - Personalized healthcare services Designs that create happy students - Improvement of education environment - Teaching methodologies - Designs that increase educational effects Designs that create safe neighborhood - Environmental guidelines for crime prevention - Designs that increase the effectiveness of police crackdown Designs that create wonderful later years - Service design for preparing aging - Take advantage of retired professionals - Service design for elderly healthcare Designs that create disability-free society - Universal design - Designs for improved accessibility - Designs to reduce cultural discrimination of persons with disabilities Designs that create law-abiding citizens -Improved utilization through improvement of public transportation service - Improve environmental facilities such as bus stops - Improve downtown parking problems
  35. 35. What should we do? Subject of research (example) subject classification Designs that make the best administration services - Design of civil affairs administration form - Design of administration process - Policy design which takes advantage of the Citizen’s Alliance Designs that lead politically developed country - Ballot papers, election environment - Service design for political communities Designs that make sustainable future - Eco-design - Energy reducing residential environment - Energy reducing industrial environment - Energy reducing public environment (Government, local government offices) - Environment-friendly transportation design - Waste utilizing design - Climate change response design Designs for the next generations cultural environment - Realistic media design - New technology applied culture contents design - Designs to promote entertainment and leisure activities - Designs to help social adaptation of multicultural families Common challenges - Service design roadmap - Design research methodology - Tool kit, guideline, manual - Building success - Development of applicable service design role models
  36. 36. What should we do? Case of design policies according to the level of consumer needs Hierarchy of experience value Feels respected emotional Higher-order needs Aesthetic and자기실현욕구 satisfaction (Psychological/ Satisfaction of social Emotional value) interaction 자기존중욕구 Fun 사회적 욕구 Healthiness Talent donation program Collaboration of art-brand-design Design of shared space and community Application of Game theory, Fun design New York Active Design Guideline 안전의 욕구 Lower-order needs Usability, Handiness (Physical value) Universal Design, Inclusive Design 생리적 욕구 safety KIDP, 2010 Cases of design policies and programs CPTED(Crime Prevention Through Environment Design)
  37. 37. Service Design Applications (Examples) Methodology Target Existing design methods Service design classification Applied target(example) Envision the future -Development of new future strategies, O O -Proposing direction of R&D, Proposing commercialization strategies O O -Information design, all kinds of forms O O -Package design O O -Advertising design O O Product -Equipment, furniture O O Environment -Environment design O O -Indoor / outdoor architectural design O O -Circulation design O O -Service delivery system, use of IT, systematization - O -Manufacture-service system, management system - O Business process design - O Organizational management process design - O Innovation of existing services - O Development of new services - O Communication System Process Service KIDP, 2010
  38. 38. How and what can we do?
  39. 39. design DIVE, an activity for base expansion of service design
  40. 40. A method to understand the whole and arrange the customer use of service by time From the Research Report on [Providing comfortable health care services to elderly in general hospitals]
  41. 41. A method to visualize services– Storyboard -From Research Report on [ Service design, helping seniors watch sports in year 2020]
  42. 42. In summary,
  43. 43. Change of economic structure Economization of Service Change of human needs Understanding of consumer needs Change of the design industry Service Design
  44. 44. Beyond aesthetics and functionality, the role of design to change thoughts and behaviors by identifying potential needs of customers and suggesting solutions are being emphasized. Service Design should be noted in order to innovate manufacturing/service industry. And also study and apply Service Design.
  45. 45. Service Design is a question of what to change, not how to design.
  46. 46. Korea Institute of Design Promotion / Yoon Seong-Won