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Enterprise UX - The "Next" Last Frontier


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With all the talk about mobile and the internet of things, the next last frontier of user experience is something that has been there all along: enterprise. Most designers avoid it, but it’s the biggest opportunity for most designers. Your company should be investing in it because your competitors are, and recognizing the return on investment includes a more efficient workforce. Patrick Neeman will discuss why companies are paying attention and uncover opportunities in enterprise that user experience professionals should pay attention to over the next five years.

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Enterprise UX - The "Next" Last Frontier

  1. 1. Patrick Neeman, Director of Product Design, Apptio @usabilitycounts | Enterprise UX The next 
 “last” frontier{
  2. 2. @usabilitycounts #uxss Disclaimer No animals were harmed and multiple copyrights were probably grossly violated in the creation of this presentation. 
 Please don’t sue me.
  3. 3. @usabilitycounts #uxss Who is Patrick Neeman? Has 20 years of experience in things related to the internet Runs and Drinks good whiskey Hates almost all Enterprise Software
  4. 4. @usabilitycounts #uxss What is enterprise software?
  5. 5. @usabilitycounts #uxss Enterprise software is purpose-designed computer software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users. Enterprise software is an integral part of a Information System, and as such includes web site software production.” Wikipedia “
  6. 6. @usabilitycounts #uxss What most Enterprise Software looks like
  7. 7. @usabilitycounts #uxss Why do designers avoid it?
  8. 8. @usabilitycounts #uxss Incredibly tough domains
  9. 9. @usabilitycounts #uxss Absolutely no user empathy
  10. 10. @usabilitycounts Engineering cultures
  11. 11. @usabilitycounts #uxss Game of Thrones
  12. 12. @usabilitycounts Extreme UX and Technical Debt
  13. 13. @usabilitycounts #uxss Super long user journeys ERP Implementation Journey 560 Days Journey to 
 70 Days
  14. 14. @usabilitycounts #uxss DADD Designer
  15. 15. @usabilitycounts #uxss Why should designers care about Enterprise Software?
  16. 16. @usabilitycounts #uxss It’s a money thing
  17. 17. @usabilitycounts Why Enterprise SaaS Software? According to the Gartner Group $10.0B
 2010 actual $22.1B
 2015 estimate
  18. 18. @usabilitycounts
  19. 19. @usabilitycounts #uxss …and enterprise companies are now getting it.
  20. 20. @usabilitycounts #uxss Users (and customers) are expecting better experiences
  21. 21. @usabilitycounts #uxss Changing attitudes of buy versus rent iTunes Buy Spotify Rent
  22. 22. @usabilitycounts Service oriented architectures 
 and Internet of Things
  23. 23. @usabilitycounts #uxss All service interfaces, without exception, must be designed from the ground up to be externalizable. That is to say, the team must plan and design to be able to expose the interface to developers in the outside world. No exceptions.” Steve Yegge post about Jeff Bezos service inferfaces mandate “
  24. 24. @usabilitycounts #uxss How do companies conquer enterprise User Experience?
  25. 25. @usabilitycounts #uxss Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.” Steve Jobs “
  26. 26. @usabilitycounts #uxss Invest in design
  27. 27. @usabilitycounts #uxss There are no UX Designers. How do you hire? User Research
 and Analytics Understanding the users through observations and data Content 
 Strategy Planning for the creation, delivery and governance of usable content Information Architecture Organizing information in a product or website in a usable way Interaction
 Design Designing interactive behaviors with a specific focus on their use Visual
 Design Designing the visual qualities in an aesthetically 
 pleasing way Front End Development Building the interactive behaviors to be used by the end user
  28. 28. @usabilitycounts #uxss IxD FE FE Then: Design and Implementation
 50:1 Ratio MGR IxD IxD IxD VxD VxD CS CS RS DIR Intern Now: Design and Research
 8.5:1 Ratio
  29. 29. @usabilitycounts #uxss Change your hiring target
 Don’t hire enterprise people
  30. 30. @usabilitycounts #uxss Bring designers along for the ride
  31. 31. @usabilitycounts #uxss Adopt a usage based-culture
  32. 32. @usabilitycounts Get away from the feature checklist
  33. 33. @usabilitycounts #uxss Be patient with the journey
  34. 34. @usabilitycounts #uxss 5 Year Journey Apptio is here Been at Apptio this long Designers start “getting” it
  35. 35. @usabilitycounts #uxss Blaze trails.
  36. 36. @usabilitycounts #uxss How do designers conquer enterprise User Experience?
  37. 37. @usabilitycounts #uxss Listen
  38. 38. @usabilitycounts #uxss • Internet Postage • Consumer Escrow • Prescription Drug Price Comparison Engine • Human Capital Management • Advertising Technology • Information Technology Spend
  39. 39. @usabilitycounts #uxss Fall in love with the domain
  40. 40. @usabilitycounts Go Fisher Price.
  41. 41. @usabilitycounts #uxss Bring the company along for the ride
  42. 42. @usabilitycounts #uxss
  43. 43. @usabilitycounts #uxss Pick your spots
  44. 44. @usabilitycounts #uxss Think small
  45. 45. @usabilitycounts Interview the users, and
 then aim for a “different” one
  46. 46. @usabilitycounts #uxss Measure, measure, measure
  47. 47. @usabilitycounts #uxss Remember, we’re all “Consumers”
  48. 48. Patrick Neeman, Director of Product Design, Apptio @usabilitycounts | Thank you!