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http://www.video.credit-help.us. Financial Education Services helps you restore your life. Restore your credit.

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Ultra score

  1. 1. Your Credit Analyzer Enroll today!
  2. 2.  Most consumers (50%) rate their credit knowledge of credit reports as “fair” or “poor”  “Many Americans lack essential knowledge about credit reports and scores.” (Consumer Federal of America, 2003)
  3. 3.  UltraScore™ provides the tools necessary to help you understand the credit scoring system and how it impacts your financial health and freedom
  4. 4.  Comprehensive analysis of the positive and negative items impacting your credit score  Personalized action plan to improve your credit file for your immediate and long- term goals  Customized recommendations to build and maintain good credit
  5. 5.  Your buying and bill paying habits  The length of your credit history  The amount of debt you owe versus available credit  How much new credit you are applying for  Recommendations on past due accounts
  6. 6.  Understand your credit file  Understand how your credit score is calculated  Effectively manage your finances  Understand the negative impact of low credit sores  See how your credit score affects interest rates on credit cards and mortgages  Project new home or re-finance interest rates  Prepare and maintain a monthly budget  Develop an action plan to reduce debt  And much, much more!
  7. 7.  A credit score is the most important number in your financial life as well as the most influential one.The higher your credit score, the more financial opportunities you will have. A higher credit score will bring: • Better rates on mortgages and re-finances • No or low interest on credit cards • Lower rates on car loans • Better rates on insurance • Positive results for job screenings
  8. 8.  Learn more about the hottest topics in the credit industry by gaining access to our extensive library of credit education • Identity fraud • Bankruptcy • How to protect yourself online • And much, much more!
  9. 9.  Gain access to our user-friendly online Resource Center • Mortgage, college fun and insurance calculators • Downloadable worksheets to budget daily expenses, special events and holidays • Other fun worksheets and calculators
  10. 10.  “I’ve found UltraScore™ to be an excellent product. It has provided me with valuable information that will help me take the necessary steps to get my credit score back on track. I will definitely recommend it to my clients” Patricia Frisco,Texas
  11. 11.  “I am writing to express sincere gratitude to UltraScore™.You have helped my client’s house dreams become a reality.We are consistently putting good people on the right track and providing correct long-term plans.You have provided step-by-step instructions regarding new credit and eliminating countless errors. People simply don’t have the time to get this done without help.This month alone we are doing three re-finance loans and a purchase that would not have happened without your company. congratulations for doing business the right way for the right reasons.” Matthew Duffield Vice President, Quicken Loans
  12. 12.  UltraScore™ offers several years of combined experience developing personalized solutions for clients adversely affected by low credit scores. UltraScore™ has set the industry standard as a cutting edge company offering outstanding customer service at a superb price, with unparalleled performance and customer dedication. By providing a comprehensive analysis of each credit file, UltraScore™ enables our clients to understand their credit file, effectively manage their credit, and understand the negative impact of a low credit score and how it affects the decision-making process used by lenders. UltraScore™ offers a wide variety of expertise and credit education services to help clients determined to take the steps necessary to improve their credit.