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Startup Essentials for Sponsors - #SEBootcamp (English)


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Startup Essentials is the ultimate startup experience. We care about one thing: startups only matter if they make money from real customers. Participants in Startup Essentials Bootcamp will create new startups, issue and sell shares, find investors and take the company to the public markets.

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Startup Essentials for Sponsors - #SEBootcamp (English)

  1. 1. #SEBootcamp (English Version)
  2. 2. A Very Real Entrepreneurship Simulation $0 – Customer/Problem – Solutions/$ales – IPO
  3. 3. Satisfied Customers Net Promoter Score (NPS) “98% of our Customers Say They Recommend Us To Their Contacts Or Other Customers” ”Throughout my life, I’ve had 2 big philosophy life changing milestones and Startup Essentials is 1 of them… …I am 41 years old, 31 as entrepreneur. This was what I was missing. Nothing can stop me now.” – Héctor Cancino ”I didn’t know this program was funded by Corfo (a Chilean Government Institution), I am really happy with how my taxes are being spent." – Roger Nuñez
  4. 4. Avant-Garde Entrepreneurs
  5. 5. Impact
  6. 6. #SEB_Sponsor 1x 3 1 3 ~60,000
  7. 7. International Presence and Experience
  8. 8. Press & Media
  9. 9. TV VIDEO BLOG The Sea of Entrepreneurship (Nov. ’13) Alternate Source:
  10. 10. Social Media
  11. 11. Video Experience Startup Fase 0 – La Serena University (ULS) 1º Round #sebULS #SECoquimbo Startup Fase 0 – CODESSER 2º Round #sebCODESSER #SECoquimbo
  12. 12. Avant-Garde Entrepreneurs
  13. 13. Some of Our Customers & Partners
  14. 14. “We not only start up, we change lives”
  15. 15. Sponsorships
  16. 16. Sponsorships Benefits Shared Exclusive (4 spots) (1 spot) Logo in Blog X X Social Media Impacts & Mentions X X Logo & Mentions in Emailing X X Logo in Videos X X Logo in Visual Content X X Logo in Presentations X X Name in Bootcamp Hashtag #sebSPONSOR X Public Mentions X 30 minutes time to Present during the Bootcamp X Time and Space to Teach Teams on How to Integrate Sponsor’s Products/Services in Their Solutions X
  17. 17. Case Study
  18. 18. #sebPayPal!
  19. 19. Customer Enchantment!
  20. 20. Great Projection & Public Follow-Up!
  21. 21. Video Documentary!
  22. 22. “It’s Time to Support Entrepreneurs & Boost Entrepreneurship”
  23. 23. ¿What are you waiting for? Give that next step, ¡NOW!
  24. 24. Together We Can Boost Global Entrepreneurship!