Marketing with Facebook Training


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Presentation I did to the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce on how small business owners can use Facebook in their marketing.

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Marketing with Facebook Training

  1. 1. Marketing With Facebook Urvi Mehta PR Easy Copyright 2010 LLC
  2. 2. A Little Bit About Me Copyright 2010 LLC
  3. 3. Agenda What is Facebook Why it’s important Setting Up Personal Profile Page Creating Events Creating a Fan Page (Business Profile) Copyright 2010 LLC
  4. 4. What is Facebook? Social Networking Site Started as a tool for colleges and schools Opened to public in late 2006 Allows users to connect with friends Send messages, photos, videos, update status, etc Allows businesses to create “fans” and market to users Copyright 2010 LLC
  5. 5. Why Facebook Over 350 million active users #1 Social Media Site 2nd Most Trafficked Site on the Web after Google Users primarily in US, Canada and UK Ability to find and interact with current and potential customers Highly targeted advertising The Fastest growing demographic on the site is Women age 55 and older (Up 175% Sept 2008) Copyright 2010 LLC
  6. 6. Why Facebook Avg. Time Spent On: Facebook: 169 Mins per month Vs. Google News: 13 Mins per month Source: ComScore Copyright 2010 LLC
  7. 7. Getting Started Copyright 2010 LLC
  8. 8. Copyright 2010 LLC
  9. 9. Build Your Personal Profile Photo Bio Company/Education Information Interests, Hobbies Applications Copyright 2010 LLC
  10. 10. Personal Profile Copyright 2010 LLC
  11. 11. Personal Profile Copyright 2010 LLC
  12. 12. Personal Profile Copyright 2010 LLC
  13. 13. Personal Profile Copyright 2010 LLC
  14. 14. Personal Profile – Info Tab Copyright 2010 LLC
  15. 15. Personal Profile – Info Tab Copyright 2010 LLC
  16. 16. Personal Profile – Info Tab Copyright 2010 LLC
  17. 17. What Not To Do… Copyright 2010 LLC
  18. 18. Adding Friends Copyright 2010 LLC
  19. 19. Privacy Settings Copyright 2010 LLC
  20. 20. News Feed (Homepage) Viral Nature of Facebook Collections of your activity along with your friends activity on Facebook First thing you see when you log in Your personal updates will also show up on your wall Engage users Copyright 2010 LLC
  21. 21. Homepage (News Feed) Copyright 2010 LLC
  22. 22. Creating Events Live Seminars or Workshops Teleseminars Webinars Sales Grand Opening Copyright 2010 LLC
  23. 23. Create An Event Copyright 2010 LLC
  24. 24. Inviting Friends to Event Copyright 2010 LLC
  25. 25. Copyright 2010 LLC
  26. 26. Facebook Fan Pages Share Information about business, service, products Allows separation between personal and professional image Engage with people to bring attention to business Started in late 2007 Copyright 2010 LLC
  27. 27. Facebook Pages Create “Fans” on this page Can have unlimited # of fans Post Status Updates Add Events Personalized Tabs and Sections using Static FBML application Copyright 2010 LLC
  28. 28. Create Your Facebook Page Copyright 2010 LLC
  29. 29. Types of Pages President Obama has most # of Fans on Facebook Page Copyright 2010 LLC
  30. 30. What To Put On Your Page Blog feeds Twitter feeds NOTE: When choosing Pictures, videos, Your Page Name choose the title of your page, screenshots etc. ideally including your key words or phrases for SEO Bios purposes. Your title is the ONLY feature you cannot Links change (at this point) Custom apps Copyright 2010 LLC
  31. 31. Page Etiquette Do NOT build a page and wait for people to come to you. Invite friends to become fans, get your fans to invite their friends Network with relevant user groups Link to your Facebook page from your blog or website Make sure your content is fresh Copyright 2010 LLC
  32. 32. Starbucks Page Example Copyright 2010 LLC
  33. 33. Oprah’s Fan Page Copyright 2010 LLC
  34. 34. Social Media Michigan Copyright 2010 LLC
  35. 35. My Fan Page Copyright 2010 LLC
  36. 36. Pages vs. Profiles Pages Profiles Facebook Pages are visible to Can only be seen by the everyone friends and others in your Facebook Pages can have an networks unlimited number of fans Anyone can become a Fan 5,000 friends Limit Pages are the perfect solution Need to Send Friend for businesses, bands, films, Request sports teams, and other Profiles are perfect for organizations seeking to reach personal interaction Facebook’s audience Copyright 2010 LLC
  37. 37. How To Promote Your Page Create an Engaging Page Start Discussions Upload Videos and Photos Utilize Your Own Network Facebook Ads Talk about it on Twitter Put it in your email signature Get Your Own Username Copyright 2010 LLC
  38. 38. Take Away Facebook is about communicating Be a part of the experience Create your profile and Fan Page Listen, learn and be ready to make mistakes ☺ Copyright 2010 LLC
  39. 39. Social Media Michigan Meetings on 3rd Thursday of each month Located in Livonia at EMU Campus Time: 6PM to 9PM First Meeting is Free ☺ February’s Topic: Power of Widgets Copyright 2010 LLC
  40. 40. Let’s Connect… Urvi Mehta Facebook: Facebook Fan Page: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blog: PREasy: Social Media Michigan: Copyright 2010 LLC
  41. 41. Copyright 2010 LLC