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How to create raving fans on Facebook using Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

  1. 1. Facebook Pages: How To Create Raving Fans Urvi Mehta Social Media Marketing PR Easy @urvimehta Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  2. 2. In This Session Why Facebook What are Facebook Pages Benefits of Facebook Pages Tips for Promoting Pages Facebook Social Ads Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  3. 3. Marketing Triangle Have a Clear Message Know Your Market • A Message that • Market’s pain connects with market • What’s keeping •Consistent across all them awake media • Demographics Online Media Offline Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  4. 4. Why Facebook Over 200 million active users Most trafficked Social Media Site Users primarily in US, Canada and UK Ability to find and interact with current and potential customers Highly targeted advertising and social interaction The Fastest growing demographic on the site is Women age 55 and older (Up 175% Sept 2008) Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  5. 5. Why Facebook Avg. Time Spent On: Facebook: 169 Mins per month Vs. Google News: 13 Mins per month Source: ComScore Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  6. 6. What is a Page? Share Information about business, service, products Allows separation between personal and professional image Engage with people to bring attention to business Started in late 2007 Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  7. 7. Facebook Pages Great for Businesses, Public Figures… Brand Presence RSS Feeds from Blog Pictures Videos Company Bio Discussion Boards Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  8. 8. Facebook Pages Create “Fans” on this page Can have unlimited # of fans Post Status Updates Add Events Personalized Apps using Static FBML application Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  9. 9. Why Pages? Create Brand Awareness Generate Leads Introduce Products/Services Improve Reputation Run Promotions, Polls and Send Updates to Fans Watch Dialogue with customers Low Cost Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  10. 10. Users Who Become Fans Supporters Endorsement Behind your Brand Ambassadors Read and post on your page Engage with your community Missionaries Constant Engagement with discussions Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  11. 11. Page Pros Stronger Interaction with Fans Viral by Nature More Ways to Communicate Specify Landing Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  12. 12. Page Tip Update more frequently Facebook is geared to highlight new information and recent changes. The more often you add new content, the more often people will come back to your Facebook Page. You can also send Updates to your fans to announce in- store events, special promotions, new products, concerts, screenings, or other news. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  13. 13. Applications For Pages Pre-Installed Apps: Photos Events Video Links Applications appropriate for your business You can even build your own applications. The more useful your applications are to your customers, the faster your fan base will grow. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  14. 14. Pages vs. Profiles Pages Profiles Facebook Pages are visible Can only be seen by the to everyone friends and others in your networks Facebook Pages can have an unlimited number of fans 5,000 friends Limit Anyone can become a Fan Need to Send Friend Request Pages are the perfect solution for businesses, Profiles are perfect for bands, films, sports teams, personal interaction and other organizations seeking to reach Facebook’s audience Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  15. 15. Moving Over to Pages Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  16. 16. Pages vs. Groups Pages Groups Facebook Pages are Message Members up visible to everyone to 5000 Great for SEO Based around interest; increase stickiness Send Message all fans (updates section) Discussion Boards Add Applications 3 Types: Open, Closed, Secret Add Opt-in Box Cannot customize Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  17. 17. 5 Tips for Promoting Your Page Create an Engaging Page Go Viral Utilize Your Own Network Optimize for Search Advertise Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  18. 18. Create An Engaging Page “Profile Picture” Events Videos Discussions Photos Blog Articles Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  19. 19. Oprah’s Fan Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  20. 20. Go Viral Update Your Status News Feed!!! Automate Status Updates Twitter Application Ping.fm Social Bookmarking Delicious StumbleUpon Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  21. 21. Utilize Your Own Network Email your opt-in list Email Signature Blog about your Facebook page Post a link or badge on your website or blog Twitter Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  22. 22. Optimize For Search Facebook Search Utilize Keywords Public Search Check Your Settings Create a memorable Web Address http://apps.facebook.com/webaddress/ Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  23. 23. Public Profile Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  24. 24. Public Search on Profiles Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  25. 25. Advertise Facebook Ads allow you to reach exactly the audience you want and bring them to your Page Demographics: Age, gender, geography, educational status, relationship status, and precise interests or keywords. Your ads can be socialized so that users’ interactions are reflected in the ads their friends see, increasingly the virality of your Page. You can run ads both in traditional locations and in the News Feed. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  26. 26. Create an Ad Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  27. 27. Getting Started with Ads “Social actions are powerful because they act as trusted referrals and reinforce the fact that people influence people,” said Zuckerberg. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  28. 28. Target the Ad Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  29. 29. Set up Campaign Recommend CPC because the click through on Facebook is Low Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  30. 30. Review and Go Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  31. 31. Create Your Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/advertising/?pages Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  32. 32. Create Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  33. 33. Types of Pages President Obama has most # of Fans on Facebook Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  34. 34. What To Put On Your Page Blog feeds Twitter feeds NOTE: When choosing Pictures, videos, Your Page Name choose the title of your page, screenshots etc. ideally including your key words or phrases for SEO Bios purposes. Your title is the ONLY feature you cannot Links change (at this point) Custom apps Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  35. 35. Starbucks Page Example Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  36. 36. Adding Fans Suggestions: Invite Friends: Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  37. 37. Page Marketing Do NOT build a page and wait for people to come to you. Invite friends to become fans, get your fans to invite their friends Network with relevant user groups Link to your Facebook page from your blog or website Make sure your content is fresh Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  38. 38. Whole Foods Market Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  39. 39. Benefits of Facebook Pages Discussion Boards Engagement Opt-in Members Don’t have to be Friends Message Fans Brand Awareness Humanize Your Brand, Product Traffic Generation Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  40. 40. Traffic Generation Facebook Pages are public Visible in Search Engines Place keywords in Title of Page Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  41. 41. How to Make Your Page Visible Engage Fans Create Contests, Polls and Discussions Allow people to upload pictures and video to your page Create Events within the Page Post messages in related groups about your page Ask people to become Fans Facebook Social Ads Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  42. 42. Take Action ☺ Create Your Page Today And Start Building Your Community Of Raving Fans! Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  43. 43. Social Media Marketing For Business Training How To Create More Leads, More Sales and More Profits Using the Power of Social Media For Your Business Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  44. 44. Here’s What You’ll Receive… Step By Step Training Total Of 6 Hours Information Rich Video Tutorials Four Modules …And Some Bonuses Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  45. 45. Module 1: Twitter Made Easy Twitter Basics Twitter Etiquettes What To Tweet Strategies To Grow Your Followers How To Create Better Profiles Advanced Twitter Applications How To Be Effective Twitter Marketer Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  46. 46. Module 2: Facebook Made Easy Facebook Basics Facebook Profile Etiquette Facebook Page (For Your Business) How To Use Groups & Events Effective use of Walls and Feeds Facebook Applications How to Advertise on Facebook (I know but it’s good way to brand) How To Effectively Market on Facebook Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  47. 47. Module 3: LinkedIn Made Easy LinkedIn Basics How to Grow LinkedIn Connections How to use Questions/Answers for Building Authority in Your Niche Using LinkedIn Events to Get More Clients LinkedIn Applications for Effective Marketing Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  48. 48. Module 4: How To Grow Your Business Synchronizing Content on All 3 Platforms Build Your Presence on Other Social Networks How To Get Qualified Leads for Your Business Step By Step Blueprint on building Authority, Create Branding and being Google-icious Blueprint To effectively manage your Social Media Marketing in Less than 15 Minutes/Day Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  49. 49. …absolutely priceless… I just wanted to say that The Social Media Michigan Meetings that you guys put together is really great information. I invited one of my business partners to the last meeting since he had just signed up on Twitter but did not have a clue what do you with it. The information was absolutely priceless and took his understanding to a whole new level! I have learned many Social Media Secrets and I am expanding my business with it. The networking with like minded people is an added bonus as well. Keep up the good work! Jeff Dameron, Clinton Township, Michigan Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  50. 50. …battle the recession… Thank you Urvi for your educational information on Social Media Marketing. My husband and I are small business owners, trying to battle the recession and keep up with the times by learning all the new techniques of internet and Social Media Marketing. After the two webinar training's you gave to us, one on Twitter applications and how to use them, and the other about Social Media sites available, I applied several of the suggestions that you made about our profiles and the way that we use the media. It didn't take long (almost instant) for our Twitter rankings to go thru the roof. I also felt that I better understood how to make Twitter and Social Media Marketing work for me immediately. Thank you for providing an excellent service. Annmarie Stanesa, Brighton, Michigan Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  51. 51. Social Media For Business Training Twitter Made Easy Value $197 Facebook Made Easy Value $197 LinkedIn Made Easy Value $197 How to Grow Your Business Value $197 Total Value of all 4 Session On Social Media For Business Value $788 Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  52. 52. Bonuses Leveraging Twitter Applications For Effective Marketing (Value $197) This 75 Minute Webinar has jam packed information on how to use advanced Twitter applications to be more effective Twitter Marketer. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  53. 53. Bonuses 60 Day Email Support (Value Priceless!) You will be able to Ask Me Any Questions Related To Social Media Marketing via My Personal Email. Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  54. 54. Bonuses 30 Minutes 1:1 SM Blueprint Session with Urvi Mehta (Value $297) This is where you will be able to pick my brain and ask me any question regarding Social Media Marketing for your business Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  55. 55. Social Media for Business Training Social Media for Business Training $788 Leveraging Twitter Applications For Effective Marketing Webinar Recording $197 1:1 SM Blueprint Strategy session $297 60 Day Email Support Priceless Total Value Over $1282
  56. 56. For The First 7 People… Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  57. 57. Fast Action Taker’s Bonus… I’ll Set Up Your Profiles On Facebook, LinkedIn And Twitter For You Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  58. 58. Social Media for Business Training Social Media for Business Training $788 Leveraging Twitter Applications For Effective Marketing Webinar Recording $197 Profile Setup on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn $297 1:1 SM Blueprint Strategy session $297 60 Day Email Support Priceless Total Value Over $1579
  59. 59. …simple and direct… I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on internet marketing workshops and materials and was pleasantly surprised to see Urvi's training as a breath of fresh air. Urvi's techniques were simple and direct making it easy for the newcomer as well as a seasoned internet marketer to pick up invaluable information. If you really want to take your business to the next level and want to get a jump start in your social media marketing efforts then I strongly suggest working with Urvi if you get the chance! Marco Carbajo, Howell, Michigan Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  60. 60. No Hassle Guarantee Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  61. 61. For Tonight Only: $497 Single Pay Option: $297 Or Two Pay Option: 2 Payments of $167 each www.preasy.com/socialmediaworkshop
  62. 62. …shifted my thinking… I truly see Urvi Mehta as a power leader on the social media scene today! She has captured the skill of how one can be extremely successful in using social media as a tool to market their business. She has a great teaching ability, so that when you hear her you get it, it’s practical so you can immediately apply it to your business. I have learned how to use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn in greater degrees than I ever would have alone, because she shifted the way I thought about these networks when it comes to business. Her knowledge is outstanding! I promise that you will not leave disappointed once you sit in the presence of this Social Media Queen! Aremanda A. Mason, Canton, Michigan Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  63. 63. For Tonight Only: $497 Single Pay Option: $297 Or Two Pay Option: 2 Payments of $167 each www.preasy.com/socialmediaworkshop
  64. 64. What Social Media Allows Me To Do… Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC
  65. 65. Connect With Me Here are my links Twitter: http://twitter.com/UrviMehta Facebook: http://profile.to/urvimehta LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/urvimehta Blog: http://www.UrviMehta.com www.preasy.com/socialmediaworkshop Copyright 2009 PREasy.com LLC