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Developing a Serious Game for PSS


Published on

22 Sept.2015 IGBC

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Developing a Serious Game for PSS

  1. 1. Pangiotis Petridis, Victoria Uren, Andrew Harrison Developing a Serious Game for PSS
  2. 2. Business models Costs Income Costs Income Traditional Manufacturer PSS
  3. 3. Design for Service Improve: Efficiency Reliability Ease of Servicing Production costs may rise to reduce whole life costs …this is counter intuitive for many designers …but essential for economic viability of PSS.
  4. 4. History Developed by Rolls-Royce Used in scheduled Design for Service training sessions in the company Also used at Cranfield University Language of participants shifts towards PSS rather than manufacturing focus First steps in cultural change Engaging and memorable
  5. 5. Scenario The game concerns the design and servicing of washing machines for a customer who runs a chain of laundrettes. Teams each represent competitors in the washing machine market and the aim is to maximise profits.
  6. 6. Round 1 3 design choices from catalogue of parts Low cost options typically chosen Feedback provided as Analyst’s report produced using Monte Carlo simulation Learning point – understanding the requirement is key
  7. 7. Round 2 Interview a service engineer remake 3 design choices considering component lifetime and cost per year Learning point – a little service information goes a long way
  8. 8. Round 3 Only 2 design choices available Players must be more selective and focus efforts on KPIs Learning point – service costs aren’t linear, a few key drivers are key
  9. 9. Round 4 Only 1 design choice available No longer constrained by the catalogue – facilitator applies cost & lifetime based on the catalogue Learning point – innovation is a major opportunity
  10. 10. Limitations of the Face to Face game Only suitable for scheduled training Not usable for on-boarding Not usable remotely, e.g. as part of a MOOC Need to redesign the game as a self-contained virtual learning environment.
  11. 11. Requirements 1. Taught elements to be embedded within the game environment. 2. Interview with the service engineer to be delivered virtually, e.g. using an avatar. 3. Illusion of competition to be maintained even in a single player game.
  12. 12. Proposed Architecture Drives the simulation, provides & interprets each step of the game Stores scenarios and game data Renders the game environment in Unity 3D, generates end-of-round reports, handles interactions between player & NPC Abstracts the logic to access data, interacts with offline services e.g. caching
  13. 13. Summary Serious games present opportunities to change working culture and mind sets to enable business transformation Moving from paper games to virtual gaming environments enables more flexible training delivery