Exergy Consortium- The first Handshake


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Here\'s an introduction of our company, Exergy.

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Exergy Consortium- The first Handshake

  2. 2. Exergy Core Team Core Team Business Strategy & Development: Ravindra Dubey, BTech- IIT Kanpur (1980) & MBA-FMS (1992) has over 25 yrs of work exp in various aspects esp. in Energy sector. He leads Exergy as MD on Business Development and Strategy Front. Carbon Clean Tech Carbon Advisory Carbon Finance Carbon Branding Chief: Rituraj Misra, Chief: Rajat Sethi, Chief: Tarun Kumar, Chief: Brijendra Yadav, holds MTech & BTech holds MTech & BTech holds MBA from IIM holds MBA from IIM (IIT Kharagpur) in (IIT Kharagpur) in Bangalore & BTech, Lucknow and has 8 Environment Engg. Computer Science IIT Kharagpur and has yrs work experience and has worked with and has worked with worked with Fluent for with Wipro, Philips, IBM Global for 2 yrs. Intel & Schlumberger. 2 years. ICICI. Clients: Indian Clients: Instrument Clients: Environment & Clients: Various 5 star Railways, IIL, TATA India Ltd., Hydel energy sector project hotels, retail chains, Steel, ACC etc. Projects of 50MW funding of 150 Crores. Commonwealth Game. Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  3. 3. Carbon Clean Technology Technology Innovation • New Product Development • Value Addition to Existing Technology • Research & Development • Technology Evaluation & Comparison • Solar, Wind, HVAC & Lighting Products, Fuel Catalysts, etc. Technology Transfer • Innovation Commercialization • Advanced Technology and Product Marketing & Selling • Professional Training • Certification Technology Implementation • Technology Selection • Technology Implementation • Product Comparison & Evaluation Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  4. 4. Carbon Advisory Services First step in evolving an appropriate GHG It provides a means of Carbon management strategy. communicating the social, Footprinting economic and environmental performance of a company to its stakeholders. Sustainability Life Cycle Reporting Assessment To optimize the environmental performance of a single product or of a entire company. Supply chain is usually a hidden source of emissions that go unreported. Effective quantification is therefore essential to reduce the Green Supply GHG Key tool that provides metrics that are essential emission accountability of your Chain Accounting to crafting a long-term organization. emissions reduction strategy. Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  5. 5. CDM Facilitation Services Project Voluntary Market CDM Facilitation Conceptualization Services • Project Evaluation • Baseline Studies • Emission Abatement Studies • Project Comparison • PDD Documentation • Carbon Foot Printing • Risk-Return Analysis • Host Country Approval • Documentation • Cost Analysis Facilitation • Validation & Verification of • CER generating potential • Registration Process Project Based on Different analysis Facilitation Voluntary Standards • Project Technology • Preparation of Monitoring • Community Climate & Bio- Identification, Analysis & Report Diversity (CCB) Selection • Project Verification & CER • VER Sales Facilitation in • Suppliers Identification issuance Facilitation International Market • Creation of Full Project Plan • New Baseline Methodologies Development Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  6. 6. Carbon Finance Financial Valuation Project/Equity Financing • 99% accurate risk-return analysis of • Help our clients to get finance from- CDM projects – Banks •Project feasibility analysis –Annexure-1 Institutional investors •Eliminate risks of wrong investments –Domestic investors –Bonds & Equity financing Investment Advisory Carbon Trading & Management •Project Selection advisory •Trading in leading exchanges •Risk diversification by investment in •Spot, Plan Forward and Froward with large number of projects Advance Payment Trading •Securities investment advisory •Identification for high quality buyers •Settling CER/VER selling deals for price optimization •Negotiation with CDM Project •Bonds & equity issuance with Developers CER/VER as underlying asset Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  7. 7. Carbon Finance (Sectors) Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  8. 8. Carbon Branding Green Development Green Marketing Assistance to bring small Communicate Green changes in business efforts in the most procedures to reduce efficient, effective and carbon footprints economical way •Green Building •Website Management •Green Transport •Media Planning •Green Supply Chain •Media Management •Waste Management •Green Certification •E-Waste Management •Managing Promotional •Paperless Procedures Activities Implementation •Other Branding Efforts Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  9. 9. Carbon Branding Green Business Development Strategic Carbon Management LCA and Carbon footprint reduction–  Departmental Assessment of CSR reduces the environmental impact of activities, to align your company’s CSR producing the product, shipping it, use objectives with your core business by the consumer and reclamation and strategy. recycling by evaluating carbon trade-offs through the manufacturing, distribution  Mapping cost of your key drivers to and transportation processes. stakeholders and your company’s CSR initiatives. Packaging design – packaging that minimizes waste and makes package materials lighter and easier to recycle. Defining Leadership for Sustainability.
  10. 10. Thank You.
  11. 11. Visit Us: www.exergy.in Contact Us: info@exergy.in Branch Office: Pan Exergy Pvt. Ltd. E/148-A, Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi – 110019, INDIA Tel: +91 (11) 22715 684 Mobile: +91 (0) 98681 56866 +91 (0) 93105 48070