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Building global pharmaceutical brand


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Building global pharmaceutical brand

  1. 1. Building Global Pharmaceutical Brand
  2. 2. Indian Pharmaceticaul Industry • A highly organized sector • The Indian Pharma Industry in India ranks very high in Third World countries • Globally the Indian pharmaceutical industry ranks  4th in terms of volume (with an 8% share in global sales)  13th in terms of value (with a share of 1% in global sales) • It produces 20% to 24% of the world’s generic drugs (in terms of value). • The Indian pharmaceutical sector is highly fragmented. • Outsourcing Opportunities Indian pharmaceutical industry has tremendous potential to grow from the current levels
  3. 3. Emcure – The Brand • Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was founded by Mr. Satish Mehta in 1983. • Emcure is recognized for its world class R&D center. • Preferred outsourcing partner for some of the largest MNCs both in India and Global markets. • Today, the Emcure brand stands for quality, competitiveness and transparency. These values have stood us in good stead to carve our image in the industry and build long-term sustainable relationships with our partners.
  4. 4. MARKETING APPROACHES Acute Medicine • Short Term • Daily change in the brands • Substitutes • Doctors & Chemist Opinion Leaders Chronic Medicine • Long term • Brand Significance • Doctors – Opinion Leaders Core Model Super Core Model
  5. 5. 3 trends in pharma branding that will impact the industry over the next five years • Branding Goes Mobile • Patient-generated content grows • The brand is the experience and marketing is a service
  6. 6. What I can bring it to the table? • Brand Strategy • Product Positioning • ‘Feeling Bond‘ between medicine & Patient • Events & PR • Xplode - Tactical Launches • Orofer – Open forums • Thematic events for other chronic medicine • Online & Digital • Xplode – Social Media, Mobile • Orofer • Brand Associations • Xplode • Orofer • Web portal for Emcure - We care for you… • Sales Support Brand Evangelism
  7. 7. What can Brand Evangelism do for you? • Create a marketing strategy for building meaningful Customer Relationships across audiences • Help identify your “brand evangelists” and provide tools for them to sing your praises • Allow you to use general advertising as a start-off point for starting a two-way, multi-pronged dialogue and “connectivity” among “brand evangelists” and “influencers” • Take advantage of online (interactive) marketing beyond a website to impact actual usage and grow market share
  8. 8. Thank you Awaiting your replies